Is Blogging Dead in 2018? (Update)

Is Blogging Dead in 2017Many people think that blogging is dead the last years because it is difficult for many beginners to get enough traffic in this way. So, it makes sense to doubt the effectiveness of blogging in 2018.

However, the experts in almost every niche blog regularly. But again many say that there is no room for new online marketers.

In my opinion, blogging is still vital for any new internet business that wants to get organic traffic and I will explain you the reasons on this post.

At the beginning, let’s see the basics.

What is Blogging?

Many beginners cannot see the difference between a blog and a website. So, there are two ways to recognize a blog.

  • Blogs add new content frequently: They are like a journal where you can read new articles every day. It is not necessary to get updated daily as there are bloggers who create new posts weekly or monthly but blogs have new posts frequently.
  • Engagement: You can leave your comment or make a question like this post. Usually, you are not able to comment on a website page.

Many websites have a blog inside them like this one. You can see my posts on the homepage. Many big websites and companies use this technique for the reasons you can see below.

Benefits of Blogging

  • It is good for SEO: Search engines like the fresh and updated content. A blog inside your site can boost your overall SEO performance. Also, you can target many different keywords that are relevant to your products or services. Every new post can target a new keyword.
  • Build Trust: If you can provide helpful information to your audience, they will come back to read your content again. This increases the trust between you and your readers. They recognize you as an expert in your niche and it is really possible to buy your recommendations.

And one Negative

  • It takes time: Many people think that blogging is too hard but it is not the case, you just need to be patient. It will take months to get ranked and start getting traffic. Also, you need to write many blogs, it will not work with 5-10 posts.

Is Blogging Dead In 2018?

No, it is not dead. If you want to get ranked on the first page of Google and get organic traffic, you have to blog.

I am aware of the reasons that people avoid blogging.

Many beginners cannot write a lengthy and interesting post, they do not have many ideas, they cannot wait for many months to get traffic etc.

Well, most successful bloggers started from scratch and faced the same problems. If you really want it, you will find a way to improve your skills and get the motivation you need to continue.

To share my personal experience, I could not write over 300 words per post the first weeks and it took me four months to make my first sale. Now, I write new posts daily and I do not focus on the length. I just want to write completed articles. Some of them are 500 words and other are over 2000.

If you are patient, you will improve your skills, get ranked on the first page of Google and you will make sales.

How To Get Started

Many people start with free platforms like Blogger and WordPress. They are fine if you want to blog for fun or train your skills before you are ready.

But for those who want to start an online business, buying their own domain is an easy decision. Also, you will need a good hosting provider and a keyword tool.

The cost to get started is almost $30 dollars. However, I would recommend getting started at Wealthy Affiliate.

It will provide you a keyword tool, hosting service and great training for $19. So, if you add the cost of the domain the total is at $30 but you have a guide to get traffic and a community to help you.

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