Is AZ Formula A Scam Or A Legit Program? – An Unbiased Review

Is AZ Formula A Scam Or A Legit Program? - An Unbiased ReviewWelcome to my AZ Formula review. I can tell you right now that AZ Formula is just another scam. Save your money and stay away from it.

On this review, you are going to read what this program is all about and how it is supposed to work. However, you will be disappointed.

Before getting started, I will show some similar scams that claim to reveal you secret systems that work on autopilot. You can read about AZ Code (even similar name), Profit Genesis 2.0, Five Minute Profit Sites, Easy Insta Profits, Profit With Alex and more.

All of these products make similar claims and use the same marketing strategies like unrealistic claims, fake testimonials, and fake owners. So, this is not just a bad program, but it’s a series of worthless products about online marketing strategies.

Reading reviews about online programs and sites that promise thousands of dollars is always a good idea. They help to figure out the scams and find better alternatives. So, let’s start with AZ Formula.

What Is AZ Formula?

On the homepage of the program, you can watch a lengthy video presentation. Most people when they watch a video about a specific program, they expect to learn more about the product and what is inside.

But it is not so easy here. Firstly you are going to listen to the different claims about this secret system that is going to make you rich in a few minutes. Also, you will watch some people talk about their earnings with AZ Formula, and it is mentioned that the product has nothing to do with Bitcoin.

With a few words, even if you watch all the video, you have no idea what you are going to buy.

However, the spokesperson mentions a marketplace and the phrase “affiliate profit system”. While you wait to learn more about this affiliate marketing program, he tells about the potential of e-commerce and shows a screenshot as a proof from an Amazon seller.Screenshots AZ Formula

It does not matter which one is true. They do not even know what is AZ Formula all about. They just want to make you buy this program. Affiliate marketing and selling on Amazon are two completely different business models. It does not make sense. However, now we can ask the right questions.

Can you earn 2000 starting today with any of these businesses?

Can you make 10,000 after one month on autopilot as an affiliate or as an Amazon seller?

The answer is no in both questions. To start a real online business, it takes work and time. You cannot earn thousands of dollars by pushing a button.

About the owner:

There is a photo of someone Steven Cook. He is presented as the founder and CEO of AZ Formula.

Sorry guys, but this is not a real name or a real image. If you search for this image on Google, you can find it on many different websites. You can download it for free on a site with free stock photos. Also, you cannot find any information about him or another person who works for AZ Formula.

Are you tired of the online scams? Read about a legit program to get started online!

Unrealistic Claims and Fake Testimonials

The first thing you see when you visit the homepage of AZ Formula is that you can earn 2,000 or more starting today. Hopefully, you already know that there is no legit way to achieve that when you start from zero.AZ Formula homepage

When there are mentioned two ways, affiliate marketing and selling on Amazon, you cannot even set up your site or your store in one day.

From my experience as an affiliate marketer, you cannot even get approved for most affiliate programs in 24 hours. Also, for those who want to start without an investment, it may take months to establish a free way to get traffic and make sales consistently.

Of course, affiliate marketing is a legit business model. Selling on Amazon is legit as well. But they do not work as it is claimed on this program and for this reason, there is no value to buy it.

I will not talk about the story of the sales page with the secret system or the other ridiculous claims. You cannot trust this guy.

Do you still have doubts?

Then, check the fake testimonials:

On the image below, you can see a testimonial of AZ Formula. He says how great this program is and how it helped him to make money.AZ Formula fake testimonial

On the next image, you can see his Fiverr gig.fiverr gig testimonial

You can hire him for $5. The same guy is a fake testimonial on KDL Sniper and Ecom Formula. Two other scams with similar claims, homepage, testimonials, and marketing strategy. Many people suspect that these products are created by the same owner. Even the names of the programs are similar.

Anyway, the owner and the fake testimonials do not earn money as affiliates or Amazon sellers. They make money by creating scammy products like this one.

How Much Does It Cost?

Somehow, most of the scammy products that you can see on the listings of Clickbank cost $37.

It is not an expensive program but there is no real value. Most people who buy similar programs ask for a refund as soon as possible, and they realize there is the same information for free in other places of the internet like a blog or YouTube video.

While some people expect everything you read above, they may do not expect the massive upsells. On the JV page of AZ Formula (for those who want to promote the product), you can see that the total cost of the product is over $500.AZ Formula upsells

Even if you decide to pay for the main product, do not buy any of the upsells. It will not change anything. You will get another more expensive scam.

Also, there are some affiliate links for other scammy products or high ticket business programs. Before joining any of them feel free to ask a question below about these programs. I can research and tell you if they are legit.

For those who have already bought AZ Formula:

There is a 60-day money back guarantee which is 100% legit. It is provided by Clickbank to reduce the complaints about the low-quality products like this one. You can get your money back. However, they do not guarantee any upsells.

My Final Opinion – Is AZ Formula A Scam?

The fake testimonials, the copy-pasted scams, and the fake owner should be enough to make you stay away from this program.

All the similar products I have shown you include some outdated PDF ebooks or worthless software. This is the case here as well. It’s not going to help you to earn money or start an online business.

Some people say that these are not scams but low-quality products. You can name it as you want. The fact is that they will not help you and they do not deliver what they promise.

Most of the times, the money you spend on them it is not the worst part. Many beginners believe they cannot make money online or the internet marketers are a few scammers after falling for products like this one.

Do not give up any of your goals or dreams because of these scams. Just like the offline world, you must be careful about who listen to. Find people who earn money online, they can prove it and work in the way they teach.

I do not ask you to listen to me but I show you the facts. Based on all the facts, I recommend you to stay away from this program and look for other alternatives.

Here Is Something That Really Works:

The good news is that you do not have to waste your time and money on worthless products. You can build a profitable online business, and you can start right now.

As I mentioned above, it takes work and time. This is the only requirement. I am not going to ask you to pay for something. Just take a look at my strategy, and it’s on you to get started or look for something else.

Click here to read about my strategy to earn money online!

Thanks for reading my review on AZ Formula. It was not a positive a review. However, there is a 60-money back guarantee to claim your money if you do not like the product. For any questions, leave your comment below.


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