Is Attracta A Scam

Is Attracta A Scam?

Attracta is a program that claims on the homepage that is the world’s most popular SEO company. So, is Attracta a scam or a popular company?

Attracta Services And Prices

Before talking about the quality of the services, let’s see what they offer:

Seo Basics

  • Reviews management software: Tool that helps you to get reviews with the purpose to resolve your reputation issues with Google and customers for 99$ per month.
  • Link Blast: This service is about creating backlinks for 59.95$ one-time fee.
  • Local SEO: 4 packages start at 149$, and the most expensive costs 549$. These packages include citation audits, local directory listings, social media submissions, youtube submissions, geotagged photos, and more.
  • Press Releases: They write and distribute an article for 149$
  • Guest Posts:  You pay for one guest post on a 10+ domain authority site 100$, on a 20+ DA 150$ and a 30+ DA 200$
  • Attracta Blitz: 5 sidebar homepage backlinks from websites with 15+ DA 250$, 10 backlinks 500$, 20 backlinks 1000$
  • Attracta Blogger: They write articles for your website. One article costs 80$ and three articles 200$

Managed SEO

Three packages from 99$ – 549$ per month that include SEO audit, article links, campaign optimized for keywords, and more.

The Mega Seo

Three packages will cost from 1000$ to 4000$ and include a mix of the services above like guest posts, press releases, and Attracta Blitz package.

Some of the products are outdated, and most of them are overpriced. For example, an article costs 80$, and a guest post costs $100 for a 10 domain authority website. It does not worth it. You can find an opportunity for a guest post on Fiverr for 5$, and you can buy a great unique article from a freelancer for 10$.

Does Attracta Really Work?

First of all, I would not expect any great results because these days, search engines focus on high-quality content, and Attracta’s more services are about backlinks. Probably, this is why they have so many unhappy customers.

Is Attracta a scam?
From Warrior Forum

Sometimes we hear about products that do not work but in this case, his website has fewer visitors than before. So, I do not think that I have to get into more details. A client paid 1700$, he did not see any results and there is not anyone to give his money back. Sadly, I have found many similar stories for this website in my research.


Yes, they promise a 60-day money-back guarantee as many other programs. But in most scammy programs there is not anyone to contact after the payment. There are some cases where Attracta’s support replied (1-2 weeks later) but they did not give any money back to the unhappy customers.

Attracta customer


Well, these are only two of the many complaints I found on the internet about this program. I have made again reviews for products that I do not recommend, but most of them had one or two positive things to talk about. This is not happening with Attracta. I can not find anything positive.

Make Money Bay Rank: 0 out 100

If you want to share your experience with Attracta or you have any questions, leave your comment below.