Is Affiliate Marketing Still Profitable In 2020?

Is Affiliate Marketing Still Profitable In 2020?

Yes, affiliate marketing is still profitable in 2020, and it will be profitable for many years in the future. If people keep buying products online, affiliate marketers will keep earning money.

Of course, there are people who have doubts about this business model or fail and quit after a while. While it works, it does not mean that you can achieve it without work and good execution. So, many people fail because they do not take enough action or don’t believe that they can do it. In this article, you will read six five reasons why affiliate marketing is still profitable, and hopefully, it will help to realize that there are unlimited opportunities.

1. Affiliate Marketing Adds Value

The easiest way to determine if a business can get results is from the amount of value that adds to other people. No matter if it is an online or offline business, the ones that do not add value, they fail. Why should someone buy your products or your suggestions if they don’t really help them?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you need to go one step further because you don’t own a product. People could go directly to the sales page of a product without clicking your links. So, you can’t just spam a link on the internet.

Top affiliate marketers add tons of value. They communicate with their audience and help them to solve their problems. They create blogs, YouTube channels, followings on social media by creating helpful content. Their content shows their audience what products to use, how to use them, and why. Then, they add their affiliate links.

For example, many affiliate marketers create review sites and how-to guides. In the first case, people are already interested in an online product and want to learn if it’s worth their money. By providing honest information, you can help them to make an informed decision. After reading your review, it’s quite easy to click on your call to action that invites them to buy the product.

In the second example, how-to guides may include products and teach other people how to use them. If you create a guide on how to build something, you can add affiliate links for the tools that you use.

Affiliate marketers add value by giving tons of free information. Most users on the internet love to consume content and learn new things. If you add value, you will get a lot of traffic and commissions in the long-term.

2. Top Online Businesses Have Affiliate Programs

Most online businesses that sell products on the internet have created affiliate programs. For example, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Clickbank. The big brands are focused on long term branding. Affiliate marketing already increases their profits, but they expect even better results in the future.

If these brands have affiliate programs, you can be sure that it is not a money-making trick that used to work or a scam that will disappear soon. Affiliate marketing will be relevant for many years.

Also, there are many successful marketers who create their own businesses based on providing information and tools for affiliate marketers. For example, Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing training program with over two million members or Clickfunnels that sell funnels to affiliate marketers. If affiliate marketing did not work for them, they would change their focus or just invest their time in other niches.

3. Affiliate Marketing Is A Long-Term Business

Most people want to get results now. They want to get the rewards of their efforts. However, legit businesses do not work fast. Slow and steady wins the race. This simple quote is true for affiliate marketing.

There are many programs out there that promise results overnight. They give you a sales page, show you a site to buy traffic, and then it is on you to make a few sales. This is not a smart business model. Even if you make one-two sales, it will not work in the long run.

Top affiliate marketers know to ignore all the claims about fast growth and instant riches. They build their audience one day at a time and have the patience to keep building it for a long time before they see any results.

For an example of a good affiliate marketing plan, you can create a blog, find interesting topics in your niche, and publish one post at a time. If you repeat this process, you will see a natural growth of traffic and sales. But it can take months or over a year to get the results you want even if you do everything right.

However, many beginner affiliates try to get results in a few days by spamming their links around and frustrate other people. Also, many beginners tend to promote online scams and get-rich-quick schemes for some quick bucks. This method cannot help you to build a profitable business.

So, the right way to build an online business is by making a little progress every day. You can start a blog, build a following on social media, or make videos. Your focus should be on adding value and creating content before start getting traffic and sales. If you build an audience, you can earn revenue for many years, even from one source of traffic.

4. People Still Buy Products Online In 2020

There are many studies that show growth in ecommerce sales every single year. At the same time, more and more businesses go online and hope to expand their audience in 2020.

Affiliate marketing is a part of the process of an online sale. People search for information about a product or a topic, and the affiliate marketers provide information and suggest relevant products. If online sales increase, affiliate marketing sales will increase as well.

Of course, affiliate marketers need to see the big picture. There is an abundance of traffic, unlimited affiliate programs, and unlimited products to promote. The problem is that most beginners have not done the work yet, so they don’t get results. However, once you start getting traffic, it’s easy to keep doing the same thing over and over again.

5. There Is Too Much Opportunity

The good news is that there too many niches to choose from and many ways to get traffic. Usually, people try to figure out a low-competition niche or the right platform to promote their products.

However, things are simpler than you think. There are full-time affiliate marketers in most niches, and most online platforms can give you enough traffic in any niche you want. There are guides on how to get traffic from search engines, social media, YouTube, paid advertising, forums, etc. Everything can work if you do the work.

There are many guys out there that say about things that don’t work. In most cases, they are not good enough to make it work. The bottom line is that SEO works, YouTube works, social media marketing works, and your niche works. You just need to choose one of all these ideas and master it.

6. It’s About The Execution

People keep buying products and searching for information in your niche. Also, you can find internet marketers who get traffic in various ways. But there are some people who can’t get results.

The one element that makes all the difference is how they execute. There are tons of ideas on the internet. You can get advice from people who suggest blogging or others who suggest social media marketing. Both of these business models can work. It is your execution that will determine your results.

Affiliate marketing is still profitable in 2020 if you take action and apply the right things. There are many programs, blogs, and videos that teach different methods. If you choose one, follow the right advice, and stick to it, the chances are that you will get results. While there are no guarantees, if something works for another person, it can work for you as well.


I believe that affiliate marketing is still profitable in 2020, and it’s the right time to get started. It will keep growing for years, and there are many opportunities for affiliate marketers. There are many untapped niches for everyone. However, you need to take action. While there are tons of ideas on the internet, the execution makes all the difference.

If you get into the most competitive niche, but you are willing to do a good job, you will be fine. Without doing a good job, you will not get results no matter your niche or your audience.

The only thing that can give you a competitive edge over your competition is a community. When I got started with affiliate marketing, I was lucky to join Wealthy Affiliate.

When you are a beginner, it is ok to make mistakes. However, you need someone to show you the way and tell you when you do something wrong. Getting feedback from experienced marketers and communicating with other fellow affiliates is essential to your chances for success. Wealthy Affiliate offered me all these things and top training that helped me to build my business.