Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery Legit? - A Review On Stefan James Course

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery Legit? – A Review On Stefan James Course

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery Legit? - A Review On Stefan James CourseWelcome to my Affiliate Marketing Mastery review, a training program by Stefan James. On this review, you will read if this is a legit course and my opinion about the training and the price.

It is not an easy decision to invest $1997 for most beginners to affiliate marketing. So, I will present you all the facts and some alternative options. Hopefully, I will help you to take an informed decision.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a course and a training program by Stefan James. The purpose of the course is to help people who want to make money online or help beginner marketers to improve their skills.

It is a program focused on building a real online business. You will build a website and focus on free ways to get traffic like SEO, YouTube, and social media marketing.

From my experience, the ways that are recommended in the program work. Most successful marketers use on at least one free source of traffic. For example, my main source of traffic is SEO. SEO is the best long-term investment you can do for an online business. Also, YouTube works well for affiliate marketers in the last few years.

So, the program teaches some good ways to get started. Also, there are tons of information inside, and you are going to learn from a top marketer.

Who Is Stefan James?

Stefan James has created many online programs and ebooks. I have written a review on another program, Kindle Money Mastery. Also, he blogs on his site, Project Life Mastery.

Kindle Money Mastery is a legit course on Kindle publishing. However, it has many upsells and the basic program is not great, so you have to buy some of the upsells.

Anyway, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a different program. Here you will not see any upsells but you must pay at once $1997.

The benefit of the program is that you are going to learn from a real millionaire who applies what he teaches in his real life. It’s a much better option from courses that are created by people who have never made money with affiliate marketing.

Who Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery For?

I cannot even think that someone can give almost 2000 dollars without taking real action.

This is the first group of people that can buy the program. People who are willing to make money online or start an online business, and they are ready to take action.

Next, it would be a great course for affiliate marketers and bloggers who have some experience (they have already earned some money online) and want to expand their knowledge or change their strategy for better results. Most beginner affiliate marketers can learn a lot of new things in this course.

The secret on affiliate marketing is to be aware of what you can expect. Affiliate marketing works in the long run for those who create content and improve their skills. This is what you will learn from this course and any other legit affiliate marketing program.

It is not for people who expect to make money overnight or for those who are not willing to take action and put in some effort.

What Is Inside?

The training includes seven modules that you can read them below and on the homepage of the program as well.

Module 1: Strategy and Mindset

There is an introduction and then, an overview of the strategy which includes four parts. You are going to build a blog, start a YouTube channel, create social media accounts and build an email list. On the other modules, you will learn how to grow your audience on all these platforms.

About the mindset, there is some basic but important training about developing a take action and never give up attitude.

Module 2: Niche Selection

This module is about finding your niche and understanding your audience. You will get an idea about keywords, competition, and available products to promote as an affiliate.

Module 3: Creating Your Online Brand And Presence

You will learn about WordPress, domain names, hosting, design, plugins and you will create accounts on YouTube and social media.

WordPress is the easier way to build a website or a blog if you do not know about coding or any technical stuff. Even the experts use WordPress because it’s too easy to build and customize a website.

Module 4: Quality Content Creation

To get traffic, you must offer your visitors quality content. There are many types of content, and you are going to learn all of them here.

After that module, you will know how to create content for your blogs, YouTube channel and social media.

Module 5: Marketing Strategies

Here you will learn how to promote your content. You will learn SEO for your blogs, YouTube, and social media strategies as well.

You are going to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kindle publishing and you will build your email list.

Module 6: Earning Revenue & Monetizing Your Traffic

When you get traffic, it’s the time to make some money. This is the goal of a business. You will promote products on your blog, YouTube channel and social media.

Module 7: Performance And Analytics

Most online marketers use tools like Google Analytics to check their stats and find ways to improve their results. You will also learn to use YouTube analytics, email analytics and anything else that can help you to collect data. Next, you will use these stats to improve your results and earnings.

About The Support

I respect Stephan James for his work, and there is some quality training on this program. However, you could hire a personal coach for $2000.

Yes, there is some support, a Facebook group and it’s active, but I would expect something more than a Facebook group.

Also, there is an available email to send on the support of the program. You will get a response sooner or later, but it is not about the speed. It’s about the guidance and support that an expensive business program should offer.

How Much Does It Cost?

I have already mentioned that Affiliate Marketing Mastery costs $1997. If the price was not high, it would be an easy recommendation.

However, at $1997 I expect something more than good training.

I will be honest. You will receive quality training on a business model that works. But you can find quality training elsewhere as well.

The program is overpriced. You pay the reputation of the owner. Stefan James is a top marketer and a millionaire from his work.

But he is not the only millionaire who creates a course on affiliate marketing. It’s on you to decide if you want to learn by Stefan James. I will show you two alternatives, and you can take your decision. In my opinion, they offer a lot of value as well but at a lower price.

1. Wealthy Affiliate: An affiliate marketing program with a huge community with over 1 million members. The owners of the program have trained thousands of successful affiliates, and you can get quality support.

It has a free membership with basic information and a premium training that costs $49!

2. Super Affiliate System: A high priced training program by John Crestani but still, at a better price than Affiliate Marketing Mastery. John Crestani is a millionaire affiliate marketer and he hosts weekly webinars that take a lot of hours.

The course is based on affiliate marketing with paid advertising but you can find training on free traffic too.

Pros and Cons Of Affiliate Marketing Mastery


1. Quality training: Stefan James provides a lot of information to build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

2. The reputation of the owner: You may have heard Stefan James from his other programs or his website. He is a blogger, YouTuber, and author with many followers.

3. Testimonials: On the homepage of the program, you can see some testimonials. I do not know them personally, but their stories make sense. They are real people who have tried the program and shared their experience.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery testimonials


4. 30-day money back guarantee: For those who have bought the program, but they did not like it, they can ask for their back in 30 days.


1. Price: This is the main negative of the program. You can make one payment for $1997 or three payments for $767.

2. No tools: You will need a domain name, hosting, and an autoresponder. Some marketers use writing tools to create their content or recording tools for videos. Affiliate Marketing Mastery does not provide any of these tools so they will cost you extra money.

My Final Opinion – Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery Legit?

With a few words, yes it’s a legit course.

On this review, I have analyzed the pros and cons, what you can learn from the training and there are mentioned two good alternatives.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model but you need to apply it properly. Stefan James shows you how to create a business that increases its value through time.

Starting a blog, a YouTube channel and running social media accounts are long-term investments. It will not work for you overnight, but it takes work and patience.

Are you ready to do what it takes to build a profitable business?

If the answer is yes, Affiliate Marketing Mastery can help you to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Thanks for reading my review on Stefan James’s course. Feel free to share your experience with the program below or ask any questions.



4 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery Legit? – A Review On Stefan James Course”

  1. Thanks for the detailed review. The Stefan James course sounds like a lot of what you get with Wealthy Affiliate, but at WA you get hosting too, and it’s a lot cheaper. It would take about 6 years at WA to get to $2k I think!
    Is the Stefan James course online? Is it live or self paced? Just curious!

    1. Affiliate Marketing Mastery includes top training at a price. The owner of the program feels that this is a fair price so it’s on the visitor to decide to buy it or not. Wealthy Affiliate is a different program with top training as well but different structure, information, and monthly payments instead of a big one-time payment.

  2. It is good to know there are some other Affiliate marketing programs that are legit other than Wealthy Affiliate like Affiliate Marketing Mastery and Super Affiliate System.

    But I think Wealthy Affiliate is best for a tight budget and it is all inclusive with all tools needed like top notch hosting.

    If I use Wealthy Affiliate a while, am not such a newbie anymore and make some money do you think these high-priced programs are worth trying to really step it up later on or can I learn everything I need to know from WA?

    1. Hi Alexander and thanks for the question.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a top program to learn about keyword research, SEO, WordPress and of course affiliate marketing. It is based on free ways to get traffic. You can find information for YouTube and social media marketing too.

      Also, you get a hosting package for 25 sites as a premium member and access to their keyword tool, a really good keyword tool. As you can see, there is a lot of value for the $49 monthly membership.

      Affiliate Marketing Mastery and Super Affiliate System have a one time fee to share their information. You pay to learn from their owners. You pay for their reputation.

      If you make money with Wealthy Affiliate (it’s absolutely possible), It means that you know how to work online. Just scale your business, add more content and expand to other platforms. There is no reason to join Affiliate Marketing Mastery when you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Super Affiliate System is a completely different program. You will learn about paid advertising (PPC, native ads, YouTube ads). So, you can learn something new here. 

      I highly recommend to anyone to stick on only one program, strategy or mentor. All these legit programs can work. But you must focus on one of them and apply everything you learn.

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