Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? – Learn the Truth Right Now

is affiliate marketing deadIs affiliate marketing dead? Are you ready to give up because whatever you do, it does not work?

Affiliate marketing is not dead for sure and as the people who use internet increase, more opportunities are available for online marketers. If you have tried for some months without any profit or you consider starting an effort, it makes sense to have doubts about it.

I do not think that a proof is needed if there are people who earn money online. All of us, we have read success stories about people who started a website in their room or garage for a few dollars and they became rich.

If you have ever bought anything online, someone received a commission except if you visited Amazon or the website where you bought the product without any research before. So, some people earn money online and yes, affiliate marketing is still working.

However, many people who have tried, they failed or they did not have the results they were expecting. Below you can read some of the reasons why people fail in affiliate marketing.

Too Many Do It Wrong

Are you avoiding to create content? If the answer is yes, you may do it wrong too. Many people when they learn how affiliate links work, sign up on Clickbank, get their links and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube comments, forums, blog post comments and much more. How many times have you bought something after clicking a spam link without any research?

Most of the people avoid clicking spam links and when they do it, even if they are interested in the product you showed them they will not buy it without any more information. They will make their research as you do when you buy a product. You need more than a comment like ”check out how I lost 15 pounds in ten days” and a fancy sale page because the buyer wants to learn more. He is going to look for some reviews and opinions from people he trusts.

How are you going to make people trust you? The easiest way is by helping them. Let’s see an example. You have a Facebook page in weight loss niche. If your posts are giving helpful information to you readers, they will think that you know what you are doing and they will wait for your next post. Later when you will post your affiliate link, they will think that the product you recommended is going to help them. It is important to recommend legit products that work to keep building the trust with your audience.

The same applies if you have a website, an email list or participate in a forum. Build trust by helping your readers.

Do Not Give Up Too Soon

When you are interested to get started online you see too many promises. They say ”look how I make 7000$ per week” or ”with my way this guy earned 300$ in 24 hours”. Then you try this way and you expect to earn 300$ in 24 hours.

Well, it does not work like this. If you could make so much money after a week or a month, then everyone would have quitted their jobs and would be making tons of money online.

Affiliate marketing is a type of business and as any other business needs time to be successful. Sure, everyone can build a profitable website, a big following on social media and an email list but it will not happen overnight. Keep helping people in your niche and your business will grow up slowly and naturally. Be patient.build your online business

Do You Have The Right Mindset?

Do not worry if you do not. You can fix it if you really want to be successful. There too many things to learn if you are a beginner and so much work to do but no one can help you if you have not the right attitude. Many beginners think that they will make money without doing anything and this is so wrong. How many hours per hours per day/week you work it is your decision but someone who works 3 hours per will get better results from someone who works 1 hour per day.

Learning is important too but make sure that you are learning the right things and you do not waste your time.

Bad Affiliate Marketing Training And Scams

You will find on the internet outdated or misleading information many times. They may want to take advantage of the beginners. Other times they do not know that their recommendation it does not work. Last, you can also find some very helpful articles and videos. There are both of good and bad information. My advice is to choose your training very carefully. At the beginning, try only reputable programs like Wealthy Affiliate because learning the wrong thing is worse than learning nothing at all.

Have you ever tried and get scammed? Well, most people give up when this happens. But if you get over your disappointment, you will see that you have learned something. You will not get scammed again, at least in the same way. I have been scammed before and tried ways that did not work. It happens. As I said above, choose your training and who you trust wisely before making a new start.

For my training and support, I am a paid member of Wealthy Affiliate. I chose WA because I think that is the best training program for affiliate marketers on the internet. Click the link below to read my review.

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Are You Adaptable?

If you were making money online but now you can not earn over a few dollars per month it does not mean that affiliate marketing is dead. Simply, your way it does not work anymore or you are behind your competition. Internet changes all the time and the online businesses have to adapt if they want to survive.

These years the content creation and the social media marketing are more important than before. You can not get ranked on Google with just buying some backlinks. Gray hat or black hat strategies do not work anymore and sometimes hurt your website. Also, you can find people and websites that recommend or sell outdated techniques. This means that they have readers and customers who are not informed of these changes.

How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

On this website, I write for many products or ways to start online. But at the top of my list is to build an authority website. It may sound difficult but it is much easier than your 9-5 job. You choose your niche (something you are interested in) and create content. Simply you write your opinion about something you like or know.

The secret is to be consistent, write 2-3 articles per week and share them on the social media. With the time, your following and your list will increase and you will get visitors from search engines. It needs work and time but you have to pay your dues. You can not build a profitable business without work.

If you have not built a website before, check out my favorite training program for affiliate marketers here.

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