Is AD Formula A Scam Or $3000 Per Day?

Is AD Formula A Scam Or $3000 Per Day?Welcome to my AD Formula review. It’s a different program than the standard programs that you find on the internet. But it’s not different in a good way.

AD Formula is a scam and you cannot earn the promised money. This is not even a complete program but only a one-page website with some claims.

What Is AD Formula?

There are many sites and products with a similar name so on this review, you will read about the website on the domain name,

When you visit the homepage, you can see the headline with claims about $3000 per day or more. If you watch the video, there are some fake news stories, screenshots with random money numbers, testimonials, and misleading information.

It looks like another scammy program with some low-quality PDFs or videos in the members’ area.

However, on AD Formula, you cannot expect a low-quality product because there is no members’ area at all. It’s a one-page website that promotes another program. The creator of the page wants your contact details and send you to another site.

So, the money claims do not make sense because there is no program at all. The same applies about the information of the system and anything else on this presentation. I think the only accurate thing is that on the next site, you have to buy banners but that’s all.

To make you fill in an email address and a phone number, there is a lot of misleading information and scarcity. For example, the spokesperson says that there are only 50 available spots in your country. Later, he mentions that it’s not a program about online marketing which is not true as well.

We can see from the beginning that something goes wrong here. There are many red flags like the super fast earnings, “10 minutes to earn hundreds of dollars” and “it works on autopilot”. This sales page is only a trick to get your personal information and send you to another program.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

On the homepage, you can see three steps:

1. Fill in the form (name, email, phone number, password)
2. Activate your account
3. Watch your profits grow (follow the instructions and earn up to $3000)

Of course, these threes steps will not help you to earn any money. When you fill in the form, you will go to the members’ area of BannerBit. There are many negative reviews for this program.

Anyway, if you want to follow the instructions, be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars on buying ads. BannerBit sells banners.

I do not know if the owner of AD Formula is the owner of BannerBit or someone who earns commission by promoting it. However, we can be sure that AD Formula is just a funnel for this program.

The claims about $3000 per day or about a system that works on autopilot do not make sense on the new site as well. There is no system, no real training or anything that can help you to make money.

Usually, banners ads is a way to promote your products. You can create a banner, or you can get pre-made ones to promote other people’s products. Next, you must put this banner on a website with traffic. When visitors click on that banner, they visit the site you want to promote.

There are many places to buy space to put your banners, but I would not recommend BannerBit. Also, it’s not something that works on autopilot. You must do your research, test banners, test products, find low-cost opportunities and more. Banner marketing is a way to promote your products but it does not work as described in AD Formula.

Owner and Fake Testimonials

There is an image with a man on the homepage. He is supposed to be the owner, and his name is Jack Heaton. On the video, you can see his girlfriend as well. The bad news is that he is not the real owner. Just a random image from a free website.

Also, if you research for this name, there are some people with the name, Jack Heaton but no one of them seems to have any connection with this site. So, there is no way to contact the owner or find more information to confirm his results as a marketer.

Next, there are few testimonials. Many online scams use fake testimonials. AD Formula follows the fake testimonials strategy. For example, you can see below one of the testimonials on the homepage:

fake testimonial ad formula

On the next image, you can see his Fiverr:fiverr gig testimonial

All the testimonials on this site, you can be sure that they have not tested any program but they earn money to create spokesperson videos. The specific guy is a testimonial on many online scams. For example, you can find him on AZ Sniper, AZ Formula, 30 Days Success Club, Ecom Formula. One of the girls was a testimonial on Fast Cash Club as well.

My Final Verdict – Is AD Formula A Scam?

The legit programs have many members, the owners are proud of their products, and they prove their earnings.

A random name, a few fake testimonials and some random screenshots that do not make sense are not indications of a legit program. In my opinion, AD Formula is a trick to send you on another site.

We cannot say that it’s a complete scam because we do not pay anything at this site. However, when you are in the members’ area of BannerBit, they will ask you to pay a lot of money to put your banners.

You will not find a way to earn $3000 per day or a system that works on autopilot on AD Formula, so I would not recommend to fill in your email and your phone number on the homepage. You will only get a lot of spam and promotions of other scams.

How To Make Money Online

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Thanks for reading my review on AD Formula. Leave your questions or share your experience with the program below.

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