5k formula system review

Is 5k Formula System A Scam Or Instant Commissions?

On this review of 5k Formula System, you will find out if this product is another online scam or a legit program to make money on autopilot as the owner claims on the homepage. You can expect to see the typical marketing tricks of the internet money making programs and a members’ area with many upsells.

What Is 5k Formula System?

The creator of the program is Matthew Neer. If you have never heard about him, he is an internet marketer who has created many similar products. He is a well-known name to the marketers of Clickbank and ZVZoo.

I have written a review on some of his previous products. You can read about Speed Wealth and Income League. Also, many times he participates as a partner on product launches of other people.

This system is similar to his previous products. With a few words, he sells a system that is based on a funnel and a few resources from other websites. All the other information and this video presentation, it’s only to make you buy it.

The claims on the headline are inaccurate. First of all, it’s not a free program and it’s recommended by the owner to get paid traffic.

Next, it includes a case study in which he buys solo ads. It’s a profitable campaign but the results are not even close to $5,000.

The video on the sales page is about lifestyle. He tries to sell the myth of the overnight success. You are supposed to buy the product (and some upsells), create a few accounts, and sit back to earn commissions.

Many Clickbank products sell a funnel or a website that works without any work from you. But internet marketing takes work. Even the guys who sell the autopilot systems create new products regularly to earn money. They don’t sit back to make money on autopilot.

On the member’s area, you will get a product that I will analyze below. However, you cannot expect all these things that are mentioned on the sales page.

Some people talk about Matthew Neer and 5k Formula System at the bottom of the page. They create money-making products too. For example, Jamie Lewis launched Profit Injector a few days ago and he has partnered Matthew Neer before.

How Does It Work?

All the program is about sending traffic to a specific funnel and hopefully, you will make a few sales to get your money back. Here are your first steps in the members’ area:

  1. New accounts: You need a Clickbank account to promote the program (free) and a GetResponse account (paid).
  2. Upload code: Connect your GetResponse account with 5k Formula System
  3. Funnel link: It’s only a link for a pre-made landing page
  4. Click tracking: You must join another paid website to get the required service.
  5. Traffic Stream: It’s an upsell that is included on the set up of the system. So, you need it and price keeps going up. With this upsells, the owner will send you 100 clicks per month. 100 clicks do not guarantee a sale or anything like that.

That’s all. The system is a pre-made landing page. The other steps are about other external tools and one upsell which send traffic to the landing page.

About the traffic:

You can’t earn money without traffic. If you have quality traffic, you can make money with almost any funnels you can find on the internet even the free ones. However, without traffic, you will never make a sale.

But you will not find training on getting traffic here. There are two links to get free traffic from other sites. But the recommended traffic by the owner is solo ads. He has added a few links to services that sell these ads. Also, there is a page with some instructions to put classified ads.

You are supposed to buy a system. But I would not say that it’s a system. There 60 pre-written emails to add to your autoresponder as well.

The bottom line is that you have a landing page, a few links to buy solo ads, and 60 emails.

How Much Does It Cost?

The starting price of the product is at $39.99. You already know that there are many upsells on the members’ area. The owner says that the upsells is a good thing. I think it’s a good thing for him.

The idea is to buy the product and then, you will promote it. So, you are supposed to earn more money with the upsells because your visitors have more chances to buy something extra in the members’ area.

However, you must become a buyer before you become a seller. When you pay the $39.99, you move on the upsell with the 100 clicks and there is an upsell about the landing pages (funnels). Then, it’s a big $495 promotion. The total cost is over $600. If you make sales, you are going to earn a 75% commission from anything that your referrals buy.

5k Formula System pricing

Also, you must buy a few tools that are not estimated to the total price and you must pay for your traffic. It makes sense that the cost goes up as you keep sending traffic. The tools have a monthly fee and you will buy traffic more than once.

When you are in the members’ area, you are alone. It’s something common on this type of programs. If you need extra help, there are few upsells. Many people pay extra money for webinars and support. One of the upsells includes webinars on 5k Formula too.

It can be a problem for you if you are a beginner without any experience. Even if it’s nothing complicated on setting up an autoresponder and buying a few ads, you may need a hand if it’s the first time you are doing that.

My Final Verdict – Is 5k Formula System A Scam?

5k Formula System includes a case study in which the owner shows earnings of a few hundred dollars from paid traffic. The paid traffic has a cost and sometimes it can be expensive.

My point is that the system is not a scam. But it does not work as you expect from the presentation on the sales page. Even some reviews on the internet misrepresent the product.

You must pay $39.99 to get started, create accounts for an autoresponder and click tracking tool, and buy some solo ads. The tools have a free trial but if you want to stick to the program, you will need at least $100 to test it and check the results.

Usually, I do not like the programs with the pre-made resources. There is not anything special and that’s the case here. Anyone can create a landing page like this one and write or customize a few emails.

I would not pay that money to buy a funnel. Of course, the program sells the money-making opportunity. In my opinion, there are no systems that work on autopilot or magic funnels. So, it’s better to learn how to build an online business by yourself.

It’s a much better product than the online scams with the fake testimonials. But for all the reasons you can read above, I do not recommend 5k Formula.

How To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer?

There are many ways to get into affiliate marketing. Some guys try to make commission by promising overnight success but there are many other business models on the internet.

When you realize, there is no such thing on the online or offline world as an overnight success, you are ready to go to the next step. That step is about getting into action, expand your comfort zone, and start your own business.

The top online marketers create content to help their audience. Some of them publish content on a blog, others on a YouTube channel or social media. When they build an audience, it’s easy to make money by recommending a few helpful products.

I can show you how exactly how I work online and if you like it you can join me.

The first step is to choose a niche (market/audience) that you like. It can be about something you know, your passion, a hobby or something you want to learn.

Then, you want to find what the people on your niche search on the internet. It takes less than five minutes with a keyword tool.

Lastly, you create helpful content and recommend quality products. If you do that process, it only a matter of time to get traffic and earn money. It’s easy to scale it by adding more content or outsourcing your tasks if this is what you want.

In the beginning, you must learn how it works and master the process. Then, you can go forward in any way you want. For more information about my strategy, check the link below.

Thanks for reading my review on 5k Formula System. You can leave your questions and your comments below.