Internet Jetset Review – Is it A Scam Or A Great Opportunity?

Every day, we are bombarded with talks left, right and center on the need to have an extra income stream. Nearly everyone now appreciates the fact that when it comes to making money online, there is simply no limit to what one can achieve.

It is against this backdrop that various systems and programs have been designed to try and help people get the most of it while they are at it. One such system is the Internet Jetset and in this article, we shall seek to understand exactly how this system works so read through this Internet Jetset Review and discover the opportunities that await you in the world of online work.

But What Is It?

Internet Jetset is a system designed to help people make money online real quick. All you need is a Facebook account, an access to Amazon and a PayPal account where you would receive your money.

It is argued that the program can help you make up to $3000 depending on your resilience and hard work. Even better you do not need to be on a computer all day to make the money as an average of 2 hours a day is enough to help you reap the benefits of this program.

About The Creator

john crestaniThe creator of this program is John Crestani and he appears to be a living proof that the system can work, having started off with virtually nothing and then gradually moved to making more than 5 figure amounts per month. He is a living proof that the program indeed works as he has used it to acquire massive wealth using Amazon, most of the times making a solid six-figure amount per year.

John also believes that the key to success using the program lies in the number of people you pass the knowledge to once it is working for you. He also states that the program does not need complex websites; neither do you require a huge capital investment to do so. As the idea is the same and the competition is minimal, the program can be used to set up a successful campaign on any of the renowned ecommerce sites.

How Does The System Work?

Internet Jetset is a form of affiliate marketing that works by measuring clicks and the conversion rates of the number of people who buy the product from In the end, you will receive commissions based on the number of conversions. Perhaps one of the most attractive points of using the system is that the costs are relatively low as you do not need to set up any physical business, and instead just require a computer and an internet connection. Considering that you will be making way more than what you would be making at your regular job, the system therefore remains one of the most successful ecommerce programs ever designed.

Having worked with a company that involved pay-per-click advertising the designer of this program knows all too well the pitfalls associated with this form of advertising and as such, he made sure the system was not designed to work under the same principles. He also factored in the flexibility of online work and ensured he designed a system that is not time-intensive so you can simply stay on your computer for a few hours a day, make plenty of cash and then proceed to pursue your other equally worthy pursuits.

The program comes in training videos that basically include quizzes, homework questions and much more that are meant to help you understand the system better. Once you have mastered the basics, you will then need to target your clients according to their age, location, gender among many other variables in order to become successful and as we all know, this type of niche marketing has proven to be quite successful in the past. As an affiliate marketer using this program, there will be no limit to how much money you can make per month as long as you are affiliated with a world class e-commerce site such as


  • internet jetset reviewThe program does not rely on incent advertising – Incent advertising is a subjective form of advertising that requires users to play a game or a contest and ultimately, it is not one of the most successful forms of advertising. This is why this program does not rely on it. This also means you do not require heightened skills such as the ones needed for a YouTube advertising so basically, you make more money while giving little effort.
  • It is Legit – Ever since the program was designed, there have been very many user reviews and so far, there have not been any complaints whatsoever. This means the program enjoys high confidence among users, unlike many similar systems that ended up as scams started to fleece unsuspecting people.
  • Compatible with mobile phones – Advertisements on mobile phones is a growing trend and Internet Jetset also relies on this. This is a bonus to you as the affiliate marketer as you do not need any programming background to set up your email campaigns. All you may require is basic knowledge of HTML which is not even mandatory.
  • Flexibility – The system offers flexibility in many ways. First, the more you use it, the more benefits you stand to get from it. Additionally, it allows you to make an email list where you can send newsletters to all the people in this list. Even better, you can also target your audience based on specific considerations of age, location and their individual interests. Lastly, there is an internet forum where you can go and share ideas as well as interact with your potential clients in order to learn a thing or two from them in a bid to boost your service delivery.


  • Joining fee – With all it offers, the system is not entirely free as there is a joining fee, a fee that is apparently used to support the system so as to make it work.
  • Only Available Digitally – The system is only accessible on the internet so one has to have an access to a computer and a stable internet connection, something that many people still consider a luxury.


There are various such systems that have been designed but the Internet Jetset stands out, owing to its effectiveness and relative ease of use. The fact that it is a system easy to master means it is accessible to people regardless of their knowledge in programming. The huge benefits are real, at least if user reviews are anything to go by so for these and many other reasons, it is indeed recommendable.

Make Money Bay Rank: 87 out of 100


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