3 Ways To Use ClixSense Properly And Earn Up To $500 Per Month

Learning how to use ClixSense is not hard. More specific it is the easiest site to earn some extra money and you can earn from day one.

There are three main ways to make your first dollars, you can combine them if you want but before talking about these ways, let’s see how much money you want to make and how much time you have available to be active on ClixSense.

I mention that because you will not be able to make $500/mo if you log in for 5 minutes per day. Also, making a full-time income like $2000-$3000 per month is not realistic.

If your goal is to make over $500 per month check my top recommendation or other options on this site.

For those who want some extra dollars per month or a part-time income, they can achieve that with ClixSense. But let’s see what is ClixSense for those who have tried it before.

ClixSense Overview

ClixSense is a survey and microtask site with thousands of members and an active forum. It was for many years the biggest PTC website but now you cannot earn money by clicking ads anymore.

You have three ways to earn money with ClixSense, completing surveys and offers, making tasks, or you can become an affiliate marketer to get referrals. Depending on your goals and your available time, you can choose one or more of these ways.

1. Complete Surveys And Offers In Your Free Time

If you work many hours daily, you will not have much free time to work online. Completing surveys is your best option to get started because they do not take much time.

You can log in to your account to check if there are any available surveys. Usually, you will find a survey or two per day but it is not standard for everyone.

You will usually earn $0.50-$1.50 per survey but sometimes you can earn even more. You can also check for offers, you can find available ones any time of the day.

The offers can be to download applications, play games, sign up on other sites, online shopping, and more.

People who complete surveys and offers daily can earn $30-$50 per month if they are active for one hour per day.

2. Make Micro Tasks For A Part-Time Income

They are simple and easy jobs you can make in a few seconds or minutes (it is not fixed) and you can earn a few cents or dollars on each one.

You can find a list of tasks on your ClixSense account.Complete Tasks

When you choose one task, you go to another site (CrowdFlower) where you need to create another account. You can sing up with your email or your Facebook account.Sign In CrowdFlower

Then you can start completing the tasks and the money will be added to your ClixSense account.

The tasks can be any job that cannot do a bot but they are easy and simple to be done by anyone. For this reason, there are not any requirements and you can choose any of them you want.

I have completed some of them before like finding some links, checking some comments, categorizing images, and other simple jobs. They usually do not take over a minute, for this reason, you earn a few cents for each task.

You may do not see how to earn a part-time income when you earn a few cents. Let me explain:

When you learn to complete tasks, you will be able to finish many of them fast. So, you can easily earn $3-$4 per hour, if you earn 5-6 cents per task. If you want to make $500 per month you need to work 4-5 hours per day.

Below you can see some success stories from the forum, usually from people who just complete tasks and surveys.Success Stories ClixSense

The numbers on the right sidebar of the image are replies and views of the post. You can see that it is a really active forum.

If you are serious about making money with ClixSense, you should focus on tasks and do the available surveys. Your earnings depend on your work.

3. Can You Make A Passive Income With ClixSense?

ClixSense has an interesting affiliate program, you earn a $2 bounty when your referrals earn $5 dollars and a 20% after the $5 dollar limit.ClixSense affiliate program

It is not bad if you think that some of your referrals will work on ClixSense for months or years and you will make money passively without doing anything extra. It is also a well-known site that converts well.

However, the fact that it converts well creates a problem. When you try to advertise the program you have too much competition because many affiliate marketers want to promote it also and the competition increases the price of the ads.

I have tried to advertise ClixSense to many PTC sites, traffic exchange sites, sites like AdFly, PPC, banner advertising and more.

Usually, you find many other affiliates who advertise ClixSense also and no one can get good results. Sometimes I have found some good opportunities but they were only for a few days or months.

If you can be creative and ahead of your competition, you can try it. Otherwise, stay away from the affiliate program of ClixSense.

For those who want to work for their referrals, they can build a website in a relevant niche, create a Youtube channel, a Facebook page, or anything else that helps you to find an audience. There are many ways to earn money with affiliate marketing, you can choose your path.

Last Thoughts

ClixSense is a legit website where many people make money every day. In this post, I showed you exactly what you can expect and how you can get the maximum from this site.

Tasks, surveys, and offers can be a new source of income. So, if you have not joined Clixsense yet, do it now.

Create A ClixSense Account Here

The only problem is the competition of the affiliate program so if you want a passive income, you need to search for other alternatives.

If you have made money with ClixSense and you want to share your strategy or you have any questions, leave your comment below.