How To Promote Clickbank Products On Youtube

How To Promote Clickbank Products On Youtube

Youtube is popular these days. Over one billion people use it for fun and as a source of information. When there are so many visitors, many marketers look for opportunities to expand their businesses on this platform.

There are opportunities for affiliate marketers too. Some of them have built their entire business on Youtube. If you are a beginner, you can learn on this post, how to promote Clickbank products on Youtube.

It is not anything hard, even kids can create a video and uploaded it on Youtube.

Before getting started read my guide on how to find a niche in Clickbank, then come back and continue to read this article.

Keyword Research For Youtube

Keyword research is an effective way to find business opportunities on the internet. You look for what people search and you create content that helps them to solve their problems.

The process is the same on Youtube. They use the same keywords.

You can use some techniques to figure out some keywords by yourself like the alphabet soup technique but you cannot find by yourself metrics like the potential traffic and the competition.

To get over this problem, most marketers use keyword tools. I use Jaaxy, it has a free membership with a limited number of searches. The free searches are enough to find some ideas to begin.

When you have found some low competition keywords, check out the first page of Youtube for a particular keyword. If you do not see big channels, go for it and hopefully, you will get ranked after a few weeks.

Types Of Videos To Promote Your Products

You can be really creative on this step. There are many ways that video marketers use to promote a product. But I will show you 3 types of videos that convert really well:

1. Review Products: When people search for reviews on the search engines, they are a step before making their final decision and buy the product. You can tell your opinion about the product and show them what to expect when they buy it.

But it is important to be honest, if they feel that you just want to sell, they will search for another review. Do not be afraid to make a negative review or tell what you did not like.

2. How-To Videos: Make a how to video and use the product you want to sell. They will understand why they need it and it is really possible to buy it. For example, if you want to promote a website builder. Make a video on how to build a website and use the website builder you promote.

3. Best of Videos: Find the best products in your niche and present them to your audience. I am sure that everyone who wants to buy a similar product would be interested in seeing it.

If you do not want to appear in front of the camera, you do not have to. There are many ways to create a video without showing your face. You can see four of them below:

  1. Screen recording
  2. Powerpoint videos
  3. Static image videos
  4. Product demos

Investment and Potential Earnings

You will only need a microphone and a software to edit your videos. Creating a channel and uploading videos on Youtube is free.

The potential is really big but it takes time. You will not start earning money with 2-3 videos.

If you are serious about Youtube, start creating and uploading videos every day until start getting traffic and subscribers. Then create 1-2 per week.

It is possible to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing even if you get traffic only from Youtube. However, a website or at least a landing page to collect emails is highly recommended.

Thanks for reading my post. If you want to add anything or make any questions, leave your comment below.

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