How To Promote Clickbank Products On Twitter In 5 Steps

How To Promote Clickbank Products On Twitter In 5 Steps

You will read a simple method on how to promote Clickbank products on Twitter. Many affiliates try to use Twitter. The problem is that most people do it wrong.

Many guides on this method are wrong or do not get the best possible results. So, stop wasting your time and follow another strategy.

In this post, I will show you how to create your account and promote your products properly. Your Twitter strategy can be a part of a complete affiliate marketing strategy. However, many people earn extra money or get traffic only from Twitter.

1. Create Your Twitter Account

You can add your email address, fill in some boxes, and create a new Twitter account. It’s easy and does not take over a few minutes.

Affiliate marketers create two types of accounts. There are personal or niche accounts. If you choose the first option, you will need to add your name and image to the profile.

If you choose the second method, you need to add a keyword instead of a name and a relevant image. Both options can work. The first method shows to people that you are a real person, so it can create more trust. The second method will get some extra traffic from searches on relevant keywords.

In both cases, you need to choose a niche. Even if you create a personal account, you must build a reputation with your followers about being good in one thing. Promoting multiple niches will be weird and will not attract a targeted following.

You can go to Clickbank, browse the categories, and choose products you like. If you don’t want to build a website or YouTube channel later to promote with your Twitter account, any niche will be fine. However, products with good gravity and recurring sales tend to work better.

2. Create Your Profile

Your profile needs two nice images, a nice bio, and a link. You can find images on stock image sites like Pexels and Pixabay. I use these two sites for most of my projects.

Another option is to use Canva, where you can edit images and create designs. All the sites above are free. The images must be relevant to your niche. If you have a personal account, you can add personal images.

Your bio needs to include a few words about you or your profile. It can also include a link in this part. For example, you can write that you help people in your niche and then suggest your affiliate program. If you choose this option, shorten your link on and then add it to your bio.

Twitter has a box for a link anyway. You don’t need to add the same link twice. If you have one link, you can add it only on the link box.

In my opinion, the best approach is to create a sales funnel that you will send your traffic to. You will pre-sell your product and get emails addresses. Then, you will promote your link through that process. You have more chances to get conversions in this way.

You can test ClickFunnels for free. It has pre-made templates that you can use on your Twitter account. There is a free trial for 14 days that you can use.

3. Write Your First Tweets

Your tweets will get some views and engagement for 15-30 minutes. This is the best you can expect because of the high volume of tweets on the platform. Most users get some much content in their feed that they lose most updates.

So, you need to post multiple tweets per day to keep getting views, engagement, and traffic. It’s that simple. I would suggest at least 30 tweets per day. You must share them at different times to get the best results.

The best strategy is to write all the tweets together and schedule to publish them in the next hours and days. It is a free tool that you can use to schedule your tweets.

You don’t have to create a new tweet every time. You can create 15 tweets that you will publish twice a day for one month. The next month, you can create new tweets.

Your job is to add value and not to post your links on every tweet. In the 30 tweets that I suggest per day, I would add 2-3 times a link for your sales funnel or your product.

The tweets must add value by sharing interesting information. You can write different facts in your niche, success stories, ideas, etc. People will follow you based on your content and want to get more followers. The more interesting your tweets, the more clicks you will get in your links as well.

4. How To Grow Your Account

There are a few simple tricks that will speed up the process:

Follow other people: Twitter allows you to follow up to 5,000 people before adding limitations to your account to prevent spamming. So, go to other accounts in your niche and follow their followers. Many of them will follow you back. If you follow 5,000 people, you will get at least 500 followers fast. Then, you can start unfollowing them to fix your followers/following rate.

Hashtags: People on Twitter use hashtags to find relevant content. If you find a few interesting hashtags in your niche and add them to your Tweets, you will get more views.

Engagement: Garry Vee created the $1,80 strategy. He added his two cents in 90 tweets in his niche. With a few words, he added a comment in 90 tweets per day. It’s a great way to get more engagement and followers. If 90 comments are too much for you, it is ok to start with 10-20 comments per day.

Twitter account example

5. How To Get More Clicks And Earn More Money

Pinned Tweets: Twitter allows you to pin one tweet at the top of your feed. This tweet will be more visible to the people that visit your profile. You can choose a Tweet with good engagement.

Direct Messages: When you get a new follower, you can thank them with a message. In this message, you can add your link and suggest it as a good resource.

Promote a better affiliate program: If you use this process, you will get some results. Your results will improve over time with repetition. A better affiliate program can increase your earnings.

Most Twitter users have no buying intent. They try to get information or have fun on the platform. If you promote a product directly, most of them will skip it. Of course, you will get some sales over time. 

A better strategy is to promote a product with a free trial. They don’t feel that they buy something and have many chances to upgrade later. If you promote products about affiliate marketing, you can use the affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate. It has a free trial and great recurring commissions.


Anyone can learn how to promote Clickbank products on Twitter. It’s a beginner-friendly process because it is easy to create some tweets per month. However, you can outsource all the parts of this business. You can find freelancers on Fiverr that write tweets, manage Twitter accounts, and build sales funnels.