How To Make Money With Swagbucks

How To Make Money With Swagbucks

In this post, you will learn how to make money with Swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a GPT (Get Paid To) website in which you get rewards by completing simple tasks. The GPT sites are not any great opportunities that will change your life but many people join them to earn some extra money. Swagbucks is the most popular site in this category.

Now let’s see what task you can do:

8 Ways To Make Money With Swagbucks

There are seven different types of tasks on the platform and the referral program. Every task has a different reward and the time they take to be completed is not always the same. For this reason, you need to choose what is the best option for you considering these two factors (time and reward).

Also, you do not earn money directly but Swagbucks that you can convert into money.

1 Swagbuck = 1 cent

For example, when you see an available survey in the members’ area, you can also see what the reward is in SB (Swagbucks). Here are the tasks you can do to earn money:

1. Surveys

Completing online surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. You just answer questions about the products or services you already use. The rewards depend on the surveys they usually take 10-30 minutes for 50-100 Swagbucks

2. Shop and earn

This way is about getting a cashback when you buy something from specific stores. If you already want to buy something, why not to check if you can do through Swagbucks?

3. Watch videos

There are some available videos in the members’ area to watch. Usually, you earn 2-3 SB for a few minute videos.

4. Search

Most people search for things on Google daily. You can use the search bar of Swagbucks to earn some Swagbucks instead of Google.

5. Play games

Do you like to play games on your mobile phone? Log in on your Swagbucks account, play the same games, and earn a few cents per game!

6. Answer the daily poll

You can earn 1 SB per day by answering questions with multiple choices.

7. Daily Crave

Visit a few websites and earn 1 SB.

8. Referrals

You can help your friends or other people to join Swagbucks if they are not already members. For every referral, you earn %10 of his/her rewards. If you refer many active members, you can generate passive income! Lastly, depending on your activity you can earn some daily bonuses.

Can You Make Real Money With Swagbucks?

On the tasks above, I mention how many Swagbucks you earn. Then, you can exchange the Swagbucks for PayPal gift cards. There are PayPal gift cards of $5 to $100. The other option is to get gift cards for online stores like Amazon and Walmart. You can use them to buy anything you want.

How Do You Earn The Most Swagbucks?

This is a common question about Swagbucks. People join this site to earn money without effort. But they also want to earn more than a few cents for their time. So, if you log in to your Swagbucks account for a limited hour per day, you must find the most profitable tasks.

Usually, the best opportunities are on surveys and the cashback offers. On the cashback offers, you actually save money. If you want to buy something, you can earn a few Swagbucks and convert them later into money.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You will get some money back, the Swagbucks will earn a commission and the sellers expand their audience and find new clients on this platform. Sometimes, there are cashback opportunities in which you get $20-$30 back. Of course, it applies to products that cost $50-$100 or more.

Next, I would focus on the paid surveys but not all of them. Each survey has a different reward. You need to estimate the time and reward to figure out which one is the best for you. For example, when you see a 10-minute survey with reward 50 Swagbucks vs a 20-minute survey with a 75 Swagbucks reward, it would be better to go for the first one.

Many people ask here:

Is it worth to earn 50 Swagbucks = $0.50 for ten minutes work? I would not work for $3 per hour or $0.50 per ten minutes but it is better to complete surveys than wasting your time on social media.

But yes, do not replace your work time with online surveys. Another way to earn Swagbucks could be the search bar. If you use Google, just make a habit of using the search bar and earning some Swagbucks. I think these are the best ways to earn Swagbucks and I would definitely avoid the tasks that give you 1-2 cents for your time.

How Much Money Can You Make With Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a great GPT site and you can easily earn some extra money. However, if you expect more earnings than a few dollars per day, you will be disappointed.

Many people make unrealistic claims for this program. So, make sure you have the right expectation. If you do not have many referrals, you can expect $1-$2 on average per hour in which you are active. This amount is not standard and it heavily depends on the tasks you choose but it’s a realistic expectation.

People who can send targetted traffic and get enough referrals, usually from a blog or a YouTube channel, they can earn a full-time income passively.

How To Sign up

Before getting started, you need to know that Swagbucks is not available worldwide but only in the following countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • India

If you live in any of these countries, click the link below:

Final Thoughts

Swagbucks is a legit site to make money online by completing simple tasks. You can start right now for free. Just make sure that your expectations are realistic. You can log in one-two hours per day in your free time and earn some extra dollars.

I know there are people on forums and social media who promise $100 per day or more but this is not going to happen without referrals. However, if you want to earn a full time online and you are willing to put in some effort, you can read about how I make money online!

Thanks for reading my post about Swagbucks. If you want to share your experience with the website, you can leave your comment below. I would like to answer any questions too!