How To Make Money With Shopify (2018 Update)

Shopify logoThere are many ways to make money online. Most beginners when they want to get started consider drop shipping. It’s a good idea, but drop shipping has many strategies and techniques too.

On this post, you can learn how to make money with Shopify by applying one of these strategies.

What Is Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows small business owners to build their own online stores. It was founded in 2004, and now it’s the top e-commerce platform on the internet.

As a beginner store owner, you can expect to be able to set up, customize, and add products to your store without learning code or any other technical details. Also, you can find guides, resources, and tools that you can use to build and promote your products.

Why do I recommend it?

Because you can find everything you need for your store in one place. Also, it has many themes and applications, and great support.

It enables you to focus on your marketing efforts as you can build your store fast and start adding products.

If you prefer another alternative for a drop shipping store, or you want to create your own website, it’s fine. You can use the same steps and make them work.

However, if you are not sure how to get started, I recommend Shopify. It has a 14-trial as well for those who want to test some methods before investing any money.

It’s possible to have a profit in 14 days if you get traffic from paid advertising.

button shopify

How This Business Model Works

Drop shipping is the simplest e-commerce model. You can start right away without products or a budget. You list other people’s products in your store and if you sell them, the original seller ships them for you. This is the reason why it’s so attractive to beginners.

Simple does not mean easy. You still need to spend the time to research your niche and the products you are going to sell. Of course, you need some marketing skills too.

You can learn how to do that through time. In the beginning, we will need some excitement and a take action attitude.

Here is how the process works:

You can create an online store in any niche you want. I would start with a niche that I know. For example, if you have a hobby and you know the best products that people use on that hobby, you can start with that because you have already an advantage over your competitors.

If you don’t want to turn something you like into a business, it’s fine. I will show you how to do research. Some people choose their niche and later, they find products. Others do the opposite. Find some products they want to promote and then, create a store to sell them.

I have seen guides with both of these techniques, and I prefer the first one.

Once, you have chosen a niche, you need a drop shipper. A good idea would be to stick with the recommendation of Shopify.

Shopify recommends AliExpress and Oberlo to get started. They are beginner friendly drop shippers but there are a few complaints about these companies.

Again, if you have any other supplier that you trust, it’s okay to use it. There is no reason to stick with a company or a product. Your focus must be on finding the best products for your buyers and make sure that the supplier will ship what he promises on time.

How To Find Products For Your Store

Usually, people look for the best selling products or the hot product of a niche.

It makes sense that when people want to buy a product, you have more chances to sell it. So, you can start finding the best products.

To give you an example, I will go to AliExpress and type a relevant keyword in the search box.AliExpress search

Usually, the first results are the ones with the most sales and the best reviews. You can check the comments of other buyers and shipping details (make sure that they do drop shopping) products

Try to think like a customer here. If you wanted to buy a product like the one you consider to sell, would you buy it or not?

If there are good reviews and you believe that you can sell it at a higher price, go ahead and list it in your store.

In my opinion, finding the best selling products is a good strategy for a beginner but through time, you need to focus on products that help your audience because these products will be the most profitable.

Other ways to find a product is by visiting other online stores and see what your competitors sell or search Google for good alternatives.

How To Get Traffic To Your New Shopify Store

Getting traffic to a new online store is not easy but without traffic, you will not make sales.

There are many ways to get free traffic but it takes time. For fast results, you need paid and targeted traffic.

The most popular advertising programs are the Facebook Ads, Google AdSense, and Bing Ads. In the beginning, I would start with the Facebook Ads:

1. Facebook Ads

Well, I am sure that many other people suggest the Facebook advertising program. The fact is that there some benefits that you cannot ignore.

It is cheaper than other advertising alternatives and can be a part of a long-term Facebook strategy. Keep in mind that you have to build a Facebook fan page before launching your first campaign.

You will get clicks on your site, likes, shares, and comments if a campaign is successful. These people can see your next updates as well if they like your page. So, you can create an audience.

Ok, I know that you want to see sales. There are many guides on Facebook advertising, and you can check a good one here. Shopify also has some helpful guides too.

My tip is to think a long-term Facebook strategy. Also, make sure that you can afford to lose some dollars because advertising is a risky investment.

Next, you can start with two huge free traffic sources. Choose the one you prefer and make it work.

2. Create a YouTube Channel

There is not a better way to sell some products than showing to your audience how nice or useful they are. You can do it in every niche. A few minutes video about your experience with a product would be a great start.

Later, you can compare it with other alternatives, show them how they can use it, make reviews of other products and more.

Everyone can create a video these days and upload it. The only skill you need is to communicate with other people in your niche.

If you create a video per day, in less than a year you will have enough subscribers to make sales and hopefully, go full-time.

Many people do not feel comfortable with being in front of the camera. If this is a problem for you, there are many other alternatives to make a video like PowerPoint presentations or recording the screen. Be creative and take action!

3. Start Your Own Blog

A blog has more potential traffic than YouTube in any niche. People will be able to subscribe to your email lists, share your posts on social media and get tons of targeted traffic from Google.

You will need to learn some basic SEO and keyword research strategies. However, if you want to keep it simple, write some how-to guides, answer questions that people ask on forums, and write some products reviews.

If you write 2-3 posts per week, in a year you will get tons of traffic and you will be able to send that traffic to your Shopify store. Also, you will discover even more ways to use that traffic like affiliate marketing, advertising programs, sponsored posts, etc.

A blog can be your main source of income and it’s recommended from Shopify too. If you want a guide on how to start a blog, you can check Wealthy Affiliate.

Final Thoughts

The easiest way to start a drop shipping business model is with a Shopify store. Why do you want to spend hours on all the technical staff when you can build a store in a few minutes?

The steps are simple, and anyone can take them. People from different countries, ages, languages, and education have built profitable online built businesses. You can do that too!button shopify

Thanks for reading my post. If you have any questions, feedback or observations, you can leave your comment below.


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