How To Make Money With iWriter

IWriter is a website where many website owners buy content for their websites when they do not have enough time to update them by themselves. It’s an interesting site with thousands of members both writers and buyers. So, let’s see how to make money with iWriter.

How Does iWriter Work?

If you need content for your website, you fill in a form with the necessary information (price, keyword, words, other instructions). When you submit the form a new project for writing is created, then you wait for a writer to pick it up and start working on your project.

When the article is ready, you review it and you have three options. Buy, reject, and asking rewrite by the same writer. If you reject it, you wait until another writer picks up your project. As you see, it’s an easy process for both writers and buyers and iWriter is a user-friendly website.

IWriter Pricing And Membership Levels

First of all, iWriter has 4 levels of membership:

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Elite
  • Elite Plus

When you write an article, the client reviews your work and rate it from 1-5 stars. Under 4 stars average rating, you are a basic member. As your average rating increase, you climb the membership levels.

The price of the project depends on two factors. Words of the article and the writer’s membership level. For example, if you write a 500-word article as a basic member you get 3$ but if you are an elite member you get 10$.

Is iWriter A Scam?

Both clients and writers often complain about different things, however, it isn’t a scam. It’s like Fiverr for writers only. Ok, let’s see some of the complaints.

Many times writers complain about unfair rejections. You may have worked hard on a project and the client rejects it without any explanation. Well, you can’t do anything to change his decision. The only tip I can give you is to pick up projects from clients with a high approval rate.

If you want to buy content for your website or your blog, you should be aware that the most you pay the better articles you will get. For quality articles, you should hire premium members. Write your instructions if you want something specific and review every article carefully. If you receive any spun article, report it immediately. When you are happy with the writer’s work, add him to the favorites for future projects.

After explaining the basics, I’m going to show you three different ways to make money with iWriter.

Make Money By Writing Articles

As you expected, the first way is by writing articles. If you like writing, you can definitely earn some money. Of course, it isn’t an easy job but you can start for free and choose your projects. The money you can make depend on how fast you can write. How can you learn to write fast? Start practicing.

In the beginning, you will write articles as a basic member. Your goal is to write quickly 30 articles and get positive reviews to become as soon as possible a premium member. I have some tips for you:

  • Pick up projects with 400 words or less if possible. By choosing articles with many words, you will spend much time to get enough reviews to advance levels.
  • Look for clients with high approval rate (over 70%)
  • Read the instructions carefully. Avoid any unusual request.
  • Be patient.
how to make money with iWriter

As you advance in levels and write faster you can earn more money. Some guys earn a full-time income on iWriter (over 2oo$ per day).

Make Money By Reselling Articles

I’m not a fan of this way, however, I have seen some guys recommend it. They create a seller account on Fiverr and when they have an order, buy an article from iWriter and resell it for a higher price.  Anyway, I don’t recommend this way because you can’t resell high-quality articles for a profit. These guys usually resell articles that buy from basic members, sometimes you can find good articles there but most of the time it doesn’t worth it.

Get Content For Your Blog

It’s expensive but you can build a blog or a website with high-quality content on every niche. If you know the basics of SEO and keyword research you can find some great writers on iWriter to create content for the targeted keywords you have chosen. Then you can make money with Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

The negative of this way is that you should spend a lot of money before start earning. For a new website, you need 20-25 posts or pages. If you get content from premium members with an average of 700 words per article, it costs over 150$.

You can also buy a website that already generates revenue and just update it or expand it with projects from iWriter. I recommend using iWriter for these types of businesses because it is a cheap way to get content.

For those who don’t know how to run or build a website, I would recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate. WA is the best training program for online marketers.


If you want to make money as a freelancer or by building your own online business without effort iWriter is a great place to get paid for writing or to get content for your website. I have tried other similar services in the past but they were more expensive for the same or worst quality.

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