How To Make Money With Google AdWords

How To Make Money With Google AdWordsGoogle is a major traffic source for many online businesses. Many profitable websites get the biggest part of their traffic from Google. There is the organic traffic which happens when you are placed on the first place of Google for many keywords and the paid traffic which is the topic of this post.

So, I will show you how to make money with Google AdWords, the advertising program of Google. It is not easy to create a specific business model that works for every product or service. For this reason, I focus on the basic and my plan is to give you a good understanding of how it works.

Next, you will be able to use some guidelines, tools, and resources to create your own strategy.

Google AdWords Overview

Many people agree that is the best advertising program on the internet. It does not mean that it’s easy to be profitable with it. While it takes only a few minutes to set up and launch your first campaign, it needs skills and effort on testing campaigns and keywords to get the best results.

Google is a competitive environment for advertisers. If you live in a country like USA or Canada, you see almost always advertisements on your results on Google. They pay a specific amount of money for every click they get. Every keyword has a different value (it can cost from a few cents to some dollars).

The advertisers pay to put their ads on your Google results for specific keywords. They bid for these keywords, and the highest bid gets the first position of the advertisements. It makes sense that your position depends on your bid and sometimes, your ad will not be shown at all if the bid it’s too low.

To create a profitable online campaign you want to earn more money than what you have paid on Google AdWords. It’s easy to understand the main concept of PPC marketing but not so easy to apply it. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be more confident in getting started.

To participate in Google AdWords, you need a Google account. You can use the same account as your email if you have one. Next, you will need a website or a landing page with good content. Other advertising programs do not care about the value of the content. However, you will not even be approved with poor content here.

If you have not a website, I do not think that Google AdWords is the best way to get started. In my opinion, you need to know the basics of website and content creation. You will see later on this post some training programs that can help you with that.

Is Google AdWords The Best Option For You?

If you have a business and you need traffic, we can assume that there are relevant keywords to target.

It does not have to be an online business. If you want to expand your offline business and you can invest some money, it would be a nice idea to find some new customer on Google.

However, it could be a bad idea if you are looking for a cheap solution. In my opinion, you need an available budget large enough to test different keywords and landing pages, make changes when you figure out a problem and repeat that process until you get a profit.

Starting on a very low budget, I do not see how it could work. You just hope to be lucky.

How To Get Started

Launching your first campaign on Google AdWords is an easy and fast process. I will create a new one below and you can follow the steps. So, if you have a Google account click to the link above, sign in, and follow the first instructions. When you are on the platform you just click create a new campaign.AdWords - Create a new campaign

Next, you choose the type of the campaign. For this example, I will choose the search ads to send some traffic to my site.Select a campaign

It will ask you the link to your site and some other simple information. Now you select the basic settings of your campaign. I do not know what your country or your city is. For my site, I select some Engish speaking countries, set my maximum budget and I prefer manual bidding. On the next screen, you can create your first ad group. You will set the default bid (I like to start with a low one) and you choose some keywords. AdWords - ad group

Many people add as many keywords as possible. I prefer to choose only 5-10 keywords super relevant to my landing page. My landing page can be my homepage or one of my articles. You can use the keyword suggestions of Google but I use Jaaxy to get all more ideas.

Lastly, you create the ad. I am specific and want the title to be relevant to the keyword and the landing page. On the example below, you can see three ads for the same keyword. The keyword was “affiliate network”.

From the three ads, we can expect more clicks and conversions on the second which include the keyword in the title and it’s a well know affiliate network. The other two ads are not completely irrelevant and can be profitable but you will get the best results with the higher relevancy.

When you create your ads, you can expect your campaigns to be live. If this is the first time, Google AdWords will review your campaign for a lot of hours. Through time they will approve your campaigns faster.active campaign adwords

How To Get Approved For Google AdWords

A common issue for many marketers is the approval process of Google AdWords.

Every advertising program has different rules which you must follow. To make it super simple, check the landing pages of other advertisements. Usually, you will see a home page of a site or an article.

You need to do the same thing. I do not say to copy these guys but you need to create your own site. It must be a real site that adds some value. Google AdWords will not approve poor sites and landing pages.

If you want to send traffic to an article targeting a specific keyword, you need to make sure that there are enough words, at least 1000 word length, it’s a good piece of content (unique, informative, no grammar mistakes), and you do not want to add too many affiliate links.

With a few words, focus on creating informative and interesting content for your readers. This is what Google and your audience are looking for.

If you want to promote an affiliate marketing program with Google AdWords but you do not have a website, you can check my guide about affiliate marketing. It’s highly recommended to start with a free source of traffic and make some sales before starting with paid advertising.

Keep Track Of Your Results and Scale Your Campaigns

If you send targeted traffic to a relevant landing page, you will see sooner or later conversions. That’s it. I assume that you know how to create a good landing page or a good blog post.

You need relevant content, some nice images, and a call to action. There is a learning curve but you can check the recommended training programs below to learn how to create a landing page by yourself.

When you make a sale, you have discovered a keyword that converts. Congratulations! You want to find more of these keywords and remove the ones that do not work. It makes sense and it’s easy to do it.

Start by adding more ad groups with new keywords. For every new group of keywords, you will need a different super relevant ad. Soon, you will see that there is no limit on the profitable keywords that you can find.

How to keep track of your results? There is a page inside the Google AdWords with step by step instructions. Also, you can check this page on Google support.

How Much You Can Earn With Google AdWords

If you learn how to create profitable campaigns, there is no limit on how much you can earn.

Keep in mind that this is an advertising program which you use to promote your business. So, you need a business. I do not agree with the guys who create spammy pages only for Google AdWords.

So, if you have your own product, service, a website, an affiliate offer, a drop shipping store and anything else that needs traffic or customers, Google AdWords can be an unlimited and profitable source of traffic.

While my recommendation is to start slow, you can scale it as much as you want. It’s your business.

Many people have gone full time only with traffic from Google AdWords. You can achieve that as well.

Helpful Resources

You can use the tools that offered on Google AdWords. For example, the Keyword Planner and the tracking system are good enough to get started.

However, I will show you below some more effective alternatives. You can test them and decide if they can help you.

Keyword Tools:

Jaaxy: This is the tool that I use. It finds and suggests similar keyword to use for your campaigns. Also, the Alphabet Soup feature can discover hundreds of keyword ideas. Learn more here.

Long Tail Pro: Many successful online marketers use that tool as well. Similarly to Jaaxy, you will get hundreds of keywords ideas. Learn more here.

Both keywords have a free trial.

Website Builders:

Most online marketers use WordPress. This is what I recommend too. Below you can see a free and a paid option.

SiteRubix: You can get two free websites and access to a training program. With the two websites, you can test some landing pages and campaigns. Get your two sites here.

Bluehost: A popular and legit hosting provider. You can build your first site at a low price. Join Here.

Training Programs:

wealthy affiliateWealthy Affiliate: I am an active member of Wealthy Affiliate and there are some great lessons about PPC marketing and Google AdWords. While it has a free membership, the PPC training is available only for the premium members. One of the owners have built a big part of his business with PPC and created some great video lessons.

Super Affiliate System: This program is an upsell of Internet Jetset by John Crestani. Internet Jetset includes training for free ways to get traffic and the Super Affiliate Program includes training about different advertising programs. It’s expensive to get that upsell but it has many good lessons on video format.

Stack That Money Forum: A forum dedicated to the paid advertising methods. I do not like some of their methods and you can read why on my review. It is not focused on Google AdWords but you can get help if you ask for it.

Alternative Advertising Programs

Google is the site with the most visitors on the internet and you can use it to get tons of traffic to your site.

But there are other alternatives as well. If you struggle with the rules or you want cheaper traffic, there are other options too.

Facebook Ads:

The third site on traffic on the internet below Google and YouTube. You can create high-quality campaigns using photos, videos, links, or text. The traffic is targetted as well and converts if you create some good campaigns.

Bing Ads:

The second search engine in the world. It has the 30% of the people who look for information on search engines. So, you can get again quality traffic. The only problem is that some keyword has not enough volume and you need to target the more competitive ones. On average, you can get traffic cheaper than Google AdWords.

Last Thoughts

You can make Google AdWords work for you and it can be a permanent source of traffic, customers, and sales. Of course, you need to be ready to risk a budget for your first campaigns.

When you start finding profitable keywords, you will be fine. You can reinvest your earnings and scale your campaigns.

If you do not know how to create landing pages, do keyword research, or anything else you can use my resources. It is not anything difficult but you need some guidance in the beginning.

For the guys who do not have a budget and still want to start an online business, there is a solution. Instead of investing your money, you need to invest your time.

Check my article on how you can make $100 a day online!Start a business banner

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