How To Make Money With Clickbank And Fiverr

How To Make Money With Clickbank And Fiverr – 3 Creative Ways

Today I will share with you some ideas on how to make money with Clickbank and Fiverr. While I am not a big fan of the following ways, sometimes they can be profitable.

Before getting deeper into products and gigs, I will explain the basics of this way to earn money. The idea is that you find a legit and high-selling Clickbank product (products from other affiliate programs could work too) and you find a gig to send targeted or semi-targeted traffic on the product sales page through your affiliate link.  After that, you wait some days to see if you have any sales.  It sounds simple but let’s see how to follow all the steps that needed to get profitable results.

How To Choose A Product

First of all, you need to create a Clickbank account. When you have created one, start searching for a good product. We want a product with a great sales page and a high conversion rate. The simpler way to find a high conversion rate product is by checking out the gravity. Go to the marketplace, select one category of your choice, and now you can see the products of this category. On the bottom of every product, there are some metrics one of them is gravity as you can see in the image below.Clickbank gravity

The higher gravity a product has, the more affiliates earned a commission by selling this product in the last twelve weeks.

When you find some high-gravity products visit the sales page of every product. Select one that looks more professional or one you like. There is not any secret here.

The next step is to get your affiliate link. Click on the “PROMOTE” button next to the product, save your link, and let’s go to find a gig on Fiverr.

Clickbank Product

Find A Fiverr Gig  To Promote Your Affiliate Link

Fiverr is a huge marketplace for online marketers where you can find anything you may want. So, you can find many gigs that are happy to promote your link for 5$ on their audience. Before getting in more detail create a Fiverr account if you do not have already one. Now, there are three common ways to share your links. Tweets and posts on social media, banners on other websites, and guest posts.

Social Media Gigs

People with huge social accounts on places like Tweeter and Facebook will share your message with your affiliate links to their following. Here is an example:

twitter gig

You may think that 87000 is a big enough following to make sales. However, if you want to make sales online you need targeted traffic. By sending random traffic to your links nothing is going to happen. Another problem with social media is that not all of the followers will see your message. Only a small percent of them will be on the computer at the time of the tweet.
I recommend avoiding this type of gigs unless you find an account with a targeted following relative with your product or an influencer on the product niche. But in these cases, it will cost more than 5$ to send your message.

Banner Marketing Gigs

With banner marketing gigs you pay to put your banner on one website. The advantage here is that you can find targeted traffic if your product is relative to the visitors of the particular website.

banner gig

Above is an example of a banner marketing gig. As you see, this gig costs more than 5$ as many others on this category of gigs. It may worth it and be profitable for you to put a banner on his website. The only way to figure out this is by contacting the owner. Ask proof for the traffic and where it comes from. You are looking for websites with organic traffic because traffic is the most targeted.
You can find on Fiverr a gig to create a banner for you if you do not know how to do it by yourself. Also, some Clickbank products have banners on their affiliate page that you can use by adding your affiliate link.

Guest Blog Gigs

In my opinion, this is the most effective and profitable way to apply this strategy. You write an article or you hire a writer to do the job for you and you put your affiliate link on the content. guest blog post gig
Again you must contact the owner and ask a proof about the traffic. You do not want to pay for a blog with no traffic that makes guest posts for SEO purposes. Many gigs will ask more than 5$ for authority websites, it is up to you to decide if they worth it.
If you want to publish a post on a fashion blog then you must find a relative Clickbank product to promote. You will not make sales with a making money product on a fashion blog. Keep in mind that your post may get ranked on Google. That will help you to make more sales for a long time.
You can hire a writer on Fiverr but I recommend you hire one on iWriter. I recommend this site because if you do not like the article, you do not buy it. I have disappointed many times from 5$ writers on Fiverr but there are some good ones too.
Now, ask the writer a relative article for your product. If you want to promote a diet program, ask from your writer an article about ways to lose weight and add your affiliate link at the end of the article as a recommendation. Targeted traffic and relativity are the most important factors to make money with this strategy.

Send The Targeted Traffic To Your Website

The most profitable way to promote your Clickbank products is by building a niche website and/or creating a list. Let’s think for a moment about the guest post-gig. If you send traffic to your website where you have a review of the product you want to promote, do you think that you could make more or fewer sales? You will make more sales because you warm up the visitors about the product and you inform how it works and why it will help them.

Many of visitors that go directly to a product sales page, later they look for product reviews on search engines and more information on social media.

Also, a backlink from an authority site it could help you to climb higher on search engines ranking. How many sales can you make if you get ranked on the first page of Google for a review on the product that you promote? It depends on the traffic of the keyword but you can expect much better results than sending the traffic directly to the product sales page.

While you can make money with the Clickbank and Fiverr without a website, I highly recommend using these gigs to send traffic to your website where you will have your affiliate links or a subscription form to collect emails.

Last Thoughts

I have shown you three ways you can use Fiverr to send traffic directly or indirectly to a Clickbank product. If you do not know how to build a website, try the free membership of Wealthy Affiliate. It will give you two free websites and includes training inside the program.

Sending traffic directly to the product sales page still can work but not so effectively. Avoid the social media gig in both cases and try to find a website relative to your product to put your banner or your guest post. However, it may not work from the first gig. Try different gigs and products until finding a profitable formula.

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Have you tried to make money with any of these ways? Have you any questions about this post? Feel free to leave your comment below.