how to make money using quora

How To Make Money Using Quora And A Simple Website

On this post, you will learn how to make money with Quora and a very simple website. It can be your own website or a new one. You don’t have to know anything technical. The process is easy to apply, and this is a step by step guide.

It’s a process that I have not invented, but many people already use it. I have learned it by watching how the influencers of Quora get traffic. Also, it has worked for me well until today.

Create A Quora Account

First things first, you need a Quora account. I guess that most people who read this article have already created one, but it’s ok if you are a complete beginner.

Just visit Quora and create a profile. It’s free.

A good profile can help you to increase traffic, followers, and engagement. But you do not have to do anything special. Just be yourself, write a few words about you if you feel comfortable with that and add an image.

Another idea is to check the profiles of influencers and see how they work. It’s easy to create something similar. Most influencers have links on their profiles. You can add links to your website or your social media profiles.

You do not want to spend too much time on your profile in the beginning. It’s ok to come back later and improve or remove anything you want. Also, the profile is not the main part of this strategy, but you just need one to get started.

Choose a niche

Next, you must decide the category of the questions that you want to answer. It can be anything you want. For example, I answer questions about affiliate marketing and making money online. The more you know about your niche the better, but you can always research the information you want.

Quora includes many topics. You need to start with them. Browse a few topics that you like. It’s ok to do it as you read this post. If you have already a website, you choose topics relevant to your niche. If you don’t have a website yet, just choose the topics first.

Once you choose 4-5 of them, you can go deeper on any of them that you like. For example, I have chosen almost 10-15 extra topics like blogging, keyword research, SEO, working at home, online business, etc.

Later, you will answer questions on these topics, so it’s an important step. But you can always come back and add more topics or remove what you don’t like. After that, you will have an idea about your niche. For example, if you choose the topics that I did, your niche will be affiliate marketing or making money online.

A niche can be any hobby, passion or interest. There is no wrong or right niche. Everything can work if there are enough questions for them.

Build Your Website

Until now, you have a Quora profile and selected a few topics. The next step is to create a website that is relevant to your topics. We don’t want anything fancy too. A simple website in which we can create content can do the job. If you have a website, skip this step.

Some people prefer to start for free. They start a website on a blogging service like Blogger or Wix. Instead of the standard platforms, a much better free option is to get a SiteRubix domain name. SiteRubix is the website builder of Wealthy Affiliate.

You will build a free WordPress website, there are many available domain names in comparison with services like Bloggers, and you can easily transfer your website in a few minutes on another website in the future.

If this process works for you, you should transfer your website on a premium one. It will increase your earnings, and you will be able to get traffic from other sources as well.

In the beginning, you don’t need any customization. Just choose a theme you like, delete the draft pages and on the next step, you will start creating content.

Answering Questions

When you have created a website, it’s time to go to the main part of this strategy. Our goal is to help people by answering questions and earn some money by doing that. It’s a win-win situation.

It starts by browsing a few questions. In the beginning, just choose questions with no answers yet. You don’t want a lot of competition yet. If a question has a few short answers, it’s fine as well. You don’t want to begin with questions that have many and lengthy answers. Simply, no one will read your answers if they have ten answers before them.

Next, choose one of the questions and start working on it. You want to create a complete article about it on your website. Yes, on your website first. Also, you want to write at least 1000-1200 words and explain as more details as possible.

Next, go back to Quora and answer 300-400 words and add a link to your article that you have written on your website. The answer on Quora will be a shorter version of your article.

By writing answers of 300-400 words, you will overcome most of your competitors, and you will get views. However, your answer must be super relevant to the questions.

Here is an example:

I have written an answer about a website that you can read here. The answer was almost 500 words and added a link to my website. The specific link is not about the same answer, but it’s relevant. As you can see, this answer has over 9k views, 17 upvotes, 2 shares, and 3 comments.

quora views

The link must be very specific on what they will see on the next page. I always include the title of the next page on the link. This is one of the rules of Quora, and you must follow them.

Making Money

When you get so many views from one answer, people will visit your website. However, even with fewer views, you can still get some visitors. If you follow that process, you can get 50-100 views on each answer with a new account. When you get views, you will get traffic.

Next, there is a very simple way to convert that traffic into money. You want to add a few affiliate links to your website because it’s not possible to monetize your articles directly to Quora.

Affiliate marketing is the process in which you earn money by promoting other people’s products. You can apply to the Amazon affiliate program or use Google to find relevant affiliate programs to your niche. But Amazon Associates will be fine in the beginning.

People will visit your site, read your content and some of them will click your affiliate links. When someone buys a product through your links, you earn a commission.

Advanced Strategies

You have already learned how to make money using Quora. It’s possible to leave this article right now, apply what you have read on this post, and make money. But I know that most people will not take action. Then, the ones who will take some action may quit after two-three average answers.

So, here are some tips that make a huge difference from an amateur who has a hard time to make a few cents and a pro. If you apply these tips, you will become a pro.

1. Work ethic: You want to be the guy that works more than his/her competitors. Follow this simple rule:

Answer at least one question every day. The goal is to write multiple answers each day, but start with this simple discipline, and you will do more in the future by yourself. I do not mean that you will answer one question for a week or a month. No. One answer for one year is ok to get started.

2. Quality: You will not get results with 50-word answers or 500-word articles to your website. If you want to make money, you must add more value than your competitors.

When I want to answer a question that someone has already answered with 100 words, I will write 500. But that’s just me. My articles on this website are over 1200 words, and many of them reach the 3000 words.

It is not only the length of an article. It has to be relevant and informative. But usually, more information you can find on a 1000-word article than a 100-word article on the same topic. Just follow it as a rule to write more than the average and you will get better results than the average.

3. Keep learning: If you keep learning about your niche, you will be able to write better answers and get better results. There are many sources of information on the internet. I use authority blogs, videos, podcasts and books regularly. You can find a few sources and visit them regularly.


In my opinion, the strategy is simple and easy. You create a new account, customize your profile, start answering questions, and add a link to your website. Then, you can add a few affiliate links to monetize your traffic.

If you want to get great results, you need to do the work. Repeat this process over and over again for a significant period of time and not only a week or two. The results will come as a result of your work.

As you go through that process, you will get views, upvotes, and followers. If you start building an audience, it will be much easier to continue. So, you have everything you need to make money with Quora. You don’t have to pay anything to get started. Just take action.

For any feedback or questions on that article, just leave your comment below. Thanks for reading.