How to make money selling clothes online – 5 Simple Ways to Get Started

How to make money selling clothes onlineIf you have a closet full of clothes and don’t know what to do with them, then it’s time to make some money. Selling clothes online is one of the biggest driver’s of the economy today, and its simplicity has attracted more people on a daily basis. Today, the industry is estimated to be worth over $16 billion, and you could get a portion this. So how do you do it? Read on, this guide on How to make money selling clothes online will answer the question.

Sell on eBay

Well, eBay remains the biggest player particularly if you are dealing with used clothes. With over 165 million users, eBay gives you a chance to showcase your clothes to a large customer base. There are a few reasons why you should choose eBay: Firstly, you don’t have to market your clothes, as long as you have a high-quality product, the price is fair and your listing done properly, you are sure to sell. Secondly, if you have a rare collection and are not sure how to price it, eBay gives you a chance to auction it and sell to the highest bidder. Lastly, eBay is a trusted brand among customers; hence it is easy to sell.

So how do you get started?

Setting up an eBay account is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Simply click register and set up your account, key in your username, password, phone number and specify your payment method. Next, set a price for your clothes. This step can be a challenge especially if you are not in the fashion industry, but a good way to maneuver is to scan through eBay and see the price of similar items. With a price in mind, prepare your clothes for a photo shoot, remember, you only have one chance to create a first impression, thus make your pictures unique, quality and can stand-out. With this, you are ready to list your clothes, simply download the app and upload the details and start watching your money grow.

Start your own website

Whereas eBay remains one of the best ways on How to make money selling clothes online, it has its disadvantages. Firstly, they take a 10% commission on your clothes, you are limited in terms of the type and number of clothes you can sell, and you have to compete with thousands of other sellers. Thus, an alternative is starting your own website.

Start by designing a good website which is easily navigable and highly user-friendly. There are dozens of software’s that promise to help you create a website even if you have no experience in it, but take my word for this, forget it. If you are serious about your business, employ a good web-designer and have your website created by a professional. The last thing you want is a website full of bugs.

Ensure your website is customized to reflect your style and brand, and this is why you need a professional. Assuming you decide to specialize in kids wear, the website layout, design, and content should reflect that. Further, keep it simple and make it easy for customers to browse around. If a customer is going to spend 5 minutes looking for a product, chances of that customer buying from you are minimal. Also, remember your website is not just a store but a marketing tool, thus keep it highly optimize using various SEO techniques.

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Sell on Shopify

Starting your own website is nerve-wracking. You have to think about hosting, security, content, and marketing among others. However, securing your information and that of your customers is going to be the biggest hurdle. Remember, you are dealing with an online store where customers pay via credit cards and you need to keep their credit card information secure and confidential. If this seems like a lot of work, then Shopify is a good option for you.

You don’t have to worry about hosting, security, marketing, and all the details. All you need is your clothes and a name and Shopify will give you a platform to set up your online store.

How does it differ from eBay? One, you get to own your own store, but on a Shopify platform. Secondly, you don’t need to pay 10% commission like on eBay, thus after paying the initial fee, you don’t incur any additional expenses. Further, Shopify has a feature that allows you to share and sell your clothes on social media platforms. There is a huge potential on social media particularly Facebook and Instagram, thus if you use them properly, you can make a difference in your business. The process of setting up your store is simple and easy, you can have your store in less than 5 minutes.

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Sell on

Among the ways on How to make money selling clothes online, this is the simplest. If you don’t want to deal with hustles of pricing, taking photos, ironing, or listing your clothes, this is the ideal option for you. Once you sign up on their site, sends you a clean bag. All you have to do is fill it up with clothes that you no longer need, and they will do the sorting, pricing, listing and actual selling for you. The charges are huge since you get to keep 40% of the price of the items, but its simplicity makes it worth it. Thus, if you have to shift places, and don’t have the time to dispose of your old clothes, this is a perfect solution for you.

This online store is another good option for selling old clothes. All you need is your mobile phone, take a few photos of the clothes, post them and you can sell within an hour. takes a 20% commission on the sale. However, this covers for shipping, processing payments, customer service and all other details necessary while making e-commerce transaction. Thus, all you have to do is sell, and will take care of the rest.

These are just some of the ways on How to make money selling clothes online, there are many others. Regardless of the option that you pick, you must stick to some principles if you want to succeed.

Principles From Leading Online Marketers:

  • Ensure you pick a shop name that is unique, relevant and stands out. This is particularly important if you are starting your own website or setting up a store on Shopify.
  • Your brand should stand-out. Give customers a reason to pick your brands, since the competition is intense.
  • Your pricing should be within the industry average range. Excessively high price can discourage some customers, while a low price can be taken to imply low quality.
  • Keep your store tidy and well categorized. If you sell a range of items like dresses and t-shirts, the customers should be able to click on an icon for dresses or t-shirts easily.
  • Keep your product descriptions brief, factual and accurate. If there is a stain on a dress, ensure to include it in your product description as this depicts your honesty.
  • Your photography should be top-notch. Good lighting organized displays, and perfect shots should be your priority. If possible, hire a professional.
  • Ensure your shipping prices are reasonable, or even better included in the price of the clothes.
  • Have an option for “return” in the event that a customer is dissatisfied. Hopefully, none will return the clothes, but having it shows that you care about your customer’s satisfaction.


With these options and tips, you should be ready to start making money online selling clothes. Remember, you don’t have to sell old clothes only if you can find a good supplier, you can set up a store for selling new clothes.

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