how to make money online writing reviews

How To Make Money Online Writing Reviews

On this post, you will learn how to make money online writing reviews.

This guide includes some simple steps that will help you to build a review website and become an authority in your niche.

I am quite sure that everyone can follow that process with a computer and an internet connection.

But first, here is why I suggest a review website and no other ways to write reviews on the internet.

Do You Want To Earn Dollars Or Pennies?

There are many websites and companies out there that will give you a product, you will write a few words about it and earn some money.

This is one way to write reviews on the internet. But it does not pay well. You will earn a few cents or dollars per product.

The other way is to do the same thing but start a business doing that. This is how real money is made.

On the online world, you have these two options all the time. Will you make dollars or pennies?

The reason why most people choose the pennies is that they can write a few words about a product and earn their pennies now.

If you start your own business, there are no guaranteed results and it takes time. But the benefits are extremely high.

Many online marketers just write reviews on their sites and make thousands of dollars per month with a few hours of work per day.

This is what I do to make money as well. In some products, I had made thousands of dollars from only one review.

If you are interested to go for the dollars, below you can read the first step.

Step 1: Choose Your Niche

On the specific business model, your niche is the type of products that you review.

There are many categories and types of products. For example, you may choose to write about digital products, physical products, services, ebooks, etc.

Next, you can choose a category of products based on your interests.

For example, I write reviews on the MMO (Make Money Online) niche. So, you can read on my site about online business programs, survey sites, GPT sites, tools, and more.

But I was already researching this type of sites before getting started with my site.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to check on your interests.

  • What products do you use in your daily life?
  • What are your hobbies and passions?

For example, if you love running, there are many types of products on the running niche like shoes, belts, programs, accessories, etc.

Once you have a few ideas on things you like, you can visit some big online marketplace for more information.

The first place to go is Amazon. Just visit Amazon Best Sellers. Then, you will see a list on the left sidebar. Just choose any of them.

Then, for every category, you can see a lot of subcategories with hundreds of products like the electronic category.

electronics best sellers

Any of the subcategories can be your niche, and if you click on them, you can find even more subniches.

For other places to search for your niche is Clickbank. It’s a marketplace with digital products in different niches.

Also, you can search on other online retailers or affiliate networks like Walmart, eBay, CJ Affiliate, etc.

The bottom line is that there are thousands of niches with untapped potential. Usually, most marketers recommend getting into high traffic niches like make money online, weight loss, and dating.

I do not agree with that opinion. There are plenty of opportunities to make types of products.

Step 2: Build A Website

Building a website is a simple process these days. There is no reason to worry about this part.

There are two ways to build your first website:The first thing you will need is a domain name. It costs almost $15 per year.


In my opinion, the best option is to get your domain name on the same place you will host your website.

I have all my websites on Wealthy Affiliate. Here is the process:

First, you create a free account.

On the next page, you just fill in your email address and some details. Now, you have a new account.

In the first hour, you will receive one message from me that I will invite you to follow the training. Also, I will offer you a discount.

However, if you read this post, you can go directly to buy your domain name and build your website. This process will take less than a few minutes.

If you upgrade to premium, you can get hosting for 25 websites and you can buy your domain name inside the platform:

Click Websites (on the left sidebar) ==> SiteDomains


Then, you can search for the domain name you want. It would be helpful to include some words of your niche. For example, if you get into the running niche, you can search for a domain like

domain example

If a name is not available, check for alternatives and synonyms. But you want to stick on the .com.

If you are not sure about your domain, you can always contact me with a personal message on my profile. I would be happy to help you.

When you buy your domain name, you can build your website in a few steps:

Again, you click websites ==> SiteManager ==> Build a website

You will click On a domain I own, fill in the domain (from the previous step) and the name of the site and choose a theme (any theme). In less than one minute your website will be ready.


I suggest using Wealthy Affiliate because you can top training on this online business model, quality support with your websites, help from other experienced members, and a keyword tool that we will use below.


The most common way that people use to build a website is through a hosting provider.

From all the alternatives, I prefer Bluehost.

We want to build a WordPress site so you must find the plan about WordPress web hosting.

The process will be the same. You will choose a domain name, and then you can build your first website in a few steps.

Create The Stucture Of Your Website

If you have built your site on Wealthy Affiliate, you can find on the training some of these first steps.

When you create your site, there are some standard pages as examples. So, the first thing is to delete all these pages.

In the beginning, you do not have to create a static homepage. When you publish a new post, it will be shown on the blogroll like my homepage.

We have created a review website so we must write these reviews.

But before getting started, I think it’s a good idea to create a structure for your reviews. You can skip this step but this is what I do. It may help.

When I say a structure, I mean that you want to create all the reviews in a similar way.

For example, here is my structure but keep in mind that I review websites and digital products.

  • Intro (50-100 words)
  • What is (description of the product)
  • How does it work (business model, training, members area)
  • Who is it for (beginners, experts, affiliate marketers, survey seekers, etc)
  • How much does it cost
  • Any extra features or anything that must be mentioned
  • Pros and cons
  • My final verdict

When I write a new article, I create a paragraph for these questions.

I do not use all these parts on every review but I follow specific steps to create my content.

It will be helpful for your readers to understand your content and if you want to hire any writers, they can work based on that structure.

Before creating the structure of your reviews, just check other websites in your niche and how they create their content to get ideas. Then, just create a basic structure. It’s ok to change it or improve it in the future.

Find Products To Review

With a brand new website, you must start from zero.

The first step is to find the best products on your niche. You can start with places like Amazon Best Sellers or Clickbank.

These top products will be your first recommendations. For example, on my website, you can see on the right sidebar a few top programs.

Finding the top products in a niche is easy. They are the ones with the most sales and people talk about them on social media or you can find other bloggers to promote them as well.

Next, you must find plenty of other products because this is a long term business and not a thin website with ten posts. When you get into a new niche, you want to create one of the best websites out there.

You can achieve that by finding more products from others and creating better content from them.

Every niche is different but here are some tips:

  • Find a few vendors and product creators of your niche. Join their lists. They will create or promote many similar products in the future.
  • Visit online marketplaces like Amazon and Clickbank for new products.
  • Create a list of your competitors. Visit their sites regularly to read their new reviews.
  • Find Facebook groups in your niche and join to learn about new products.
  • Find products on relevant forums

There are unlimited products out there in every niche. You will never run out of ideas if you are active in your niche.

Also, you want to do a better job than your competitors. If they publish one review per week, you want to publish three times per week. If they publish three times, you can go for five reviews.

It depends on your niche but there is no reason to worry. You can start slow with one article per week and develop your strategy later.

When I created my first website, I could not write more than one article per fifteen days. And it was not good enough but started from that point and build my site.

Find The Best Keywords For Your Review

Now, we will focus on how to attract visitors from search engines.

There are many guides out there about SEO. Many gurus who talk about backlinks, social sharers, branding, epic content, etc.

Just relax. It is not so hard.

With a new website, you have not any authority and trust from search engines. So, you can’t compete with older websites anyway.

It’s fine because, in this business model, you don’t target competitive terms.

If you follow the instructions above and get on vendors’ lists, search for new products on the big marketplaces and check the competition, you will be the first who will write about these products. So, you will get ranked on the first page sooner or later.

However, it takes some time for a new website to reach the first page even without competition. Simply, Google drops on the rankings the new websites.

But if you are patient and stay to the plan, you will be rewarded.

Here is my strategy that will get you traffic from search engines:

When you find a new product, just search on Google:

product + review

If there are only a few reviews from competitors or no reviews at all, just go for this keyword. Chances are that you will get a place on the first page soon.

When I find a product with competition and many review articles on the first page, I use Jaaxy. It’s the keyword tool Wealthy Affiliate. It is created for this type of keywords. I will show you how it works:

For example, I will search for reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a popular program and many people have written reviews about it. So, here are the results on the first page.

google results

Just creating one more review, it will not work for obvious reasons.

The good news is that there are plenty of alternative keywords that people search about Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy will give us a specific metrics and ideas.

Some examples of other product keywords

is your product legit
is your product a scam
your product complaints
does your product really work
is your product worth the money

We can assume for most products that there will be some traffic on the review keyword. But we cannot be sure for the rest of them.

If I run one of these keywords on Jaaxy, I get the following results:

jaaxy wa test

From these results we can see that the keyword “does wealthy affiliate really work” has 97 searches per month on average, you can get 17 of them if you get the first position and you must compete for 38 websites (QSR = competition)

It has some traffic, the competition is ok (under 100 QSR is fine) so we can go for it.

Keep in mind that when you review new products, there will not be any results on Jaaxy because you are ahead of the keyword tool.

But you will need for products that are already out there. Jaaxy will help you to compare keywords and find low competition opportunities.

As you can see, there are many other results on our search with metrics and ideas on the right sidebar. If you create an account on Wealthy Affiliate, this tool will be free. Use it!

Write The Reviews

Until now, you have a new website, products to review, and keywords with without competition. Now, it’s time to write the reviews.

The key is to write helpful reviews. Your business is to help people to find more information about the products they are interested in buying. If you help your visitors, you will get traffic and earn a lot of money.


The first part of writing your reviews is the research.

The best scenario is to get a copy or a sample of the product. But most of the times, this is not possible and will cost a lot of money to buy each product.

So, here are some places to find more information:

  • Visit the sales page of the product and find as more information as possible
  • Watch videos about the product
  • Read comments on social media and forums
  • Read other reviews

Usually, there are enough comments on the internet. For example, if you want to write a review about an Amazon product, you can find on Amazon enough information.

The sellers write all the details on their product page and the buyers mention all the pros and cons of the comments below. You just need to gather the information and create a nice article.

When I review digital products, I scan plenty of forums and discussions on social media.

But keep in mind that you don’t want to copy someone else’s content. Simply, it will not work. Your work must be unique to get results.

Also, you do not want to listen to only one person. Many people are wrong or write misleading information. You must confirm any information. If two or more people write about the same thing, you can use this information.


Once you have the information, you can start with the actual writing.

You want your content to be readable and follow some on-SEO rules. For example, you want the keyword on the headline, first paragraph, meta title and meta description.

After that, just write the content naturally with the focus on your reader.

When I write my reviews, I just try to do a better job than my competitors. Writing lengthier content is a good idea but a better job means a more accurate, readable and interesting content as well.

Add Your Affiliate Links

Writing reviews is your business. If you add value, you will get traffic.

The next step is to monetize that traffic.

When you have written a nice review, you can show your readers where to buy the product with your affiliate link.

It’s much easier to click a link and visit a product page than typing the product name or searching it on Google.

So, this is an extra way to help your visitors.

However, if you add too many links, your review will look spammy and your visitors will get frustrated.

It’s ok to create more than one exit points on each review with your links but keep a balance. I do not have a rule for that.

Next, if you review products from Amazon, Clickbank and other big marketplaces, you can easily apply for their affiliate programs.

If you have a website that is created as explained above, you will get approved in most affiliate programs.

Writing Negative Reviews

I want to help my readers. And when I discover a low-quality product, I just write for it. Many people will read it and save their money.

There are good and bad products out there in every niche. I believe that it’s fine to warn people about bad places on the internet and show them better alternatives.

If you want to make only positive results, it’s fine as well.

However, writing positive reviews about low-quality products just to make a few quick sales is not a legit strategy.

In the long-term, it will destroy your business, and your readers will stop trusting you.

With two words, be honest.

Helping people and being honest is the best marketing strategy out there.

Examples Of Review Websites

There are many categories of review websites. Below, you can see three good examples:

10Mango: This is a nice website with multiple buyer guides and top ten lists on different products.

The articles are lengthy and include reviews of multiple products on each one. The reviews are honest with a lot of information.

The goal of this strategy is to get ranked for multiple keywords for each article and aim high traffic keywords.

Masticating Juicer Reviews: I created this website two-three years but I decided to focus on other projects after a while. However, it makes money consistently with Amazon Affiliate (40-50 dollars per month).

I know this is not great but it includes only 10-12 articles and I have not updated since them. My strategy was to get ranked for very low competition keywords (product + review).

MakeMoneyBay: This is an example of a review website as well. While I include many types of articles, there are a lot of reviews. Also, there are multiple ways to monetize my traffic like Google AdSense and many affiliate programs.

The strategy is to build an authority website with a lot of articles and content.


You can make money online writing product reviews. It’s a simple business model that has worked for many people who started from zero.

You will need to choose your niche, build a website and start writing reviews. If you follow the steps above, nothing is complicated.

The only extra tip I can give is the following:

Focus on the long-term.

Some marketers write reviews for years. You cannot expect to write a few reviews and get better results.

However, if you keep building and reviewing new products, soon you will get good rankings, your readers will come back to your site and you will make sales.

The process is simple. You just need a domain name and website hosting to get started. I suggest Wealthy Affiliate.

With your premium membership, you will get hosting for 25 websites, keyword tools and support. Use these resources and build your business.

If you want to ask any questions or more information about anything that is discussed on this guide, just leave me a comment below.