How To Make Money From Your Photos Online

how to make money from your photosDo you like to take photos all the time? Or are you looking for a way to make extra money? Anyway, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to sell your photos. The online world gives you more opportunities as there is a large demand for images these days. Well, let’s see how this works and how to make money from your photos online.

Who Can Make Money By Selling Photos

First of all, I don’t say that everyone should start taking snaps of everything he sees around and then he would be able to sell it. This way fits on people that already love to take photos. If you aren’t one of them, don’t worry as there are many other ways to make money online.

Are you the person that loves to capture the moment?

Why This Way Works

You probably have noticed that the most webmasters like to include images to their websites. A website with images usually looks better than one that has only text. Search engines also love them and as you already know a picture worths a thousand words.

Most of the website owners have full time jobs. They create content, promote their websites and many of them run multiple websites the same time. So, paying for simple tasks is a good way for them to save time and focus on other equally important aspects of their websites.

Where To Sell Your Photos

There are many websites where you could start selling your photos. Before writing this article, I was using some of these websites to find images for my own websites and social media pages. However, I made my research and in my opinion, these are two of the best websites to sell your photos.

  • Deposit photos is a rapidly growing website for stock photos. There are five levels for contributors and as you advance in levels, you make more money for every sale. It’s a great place to begin and you can also expect to start making money from the beginning.
  • Dreamstime: Dreamstime is one of the biggest names in this category. There are over 200.000 photographers trying to sell their photos on this site. When your images have more downloads your earning percentage is raising.

You could try to sell your images in both of these sites. It’s free to try so you will figure what works better for you.

How Much You Can Earn

If you are a beginner you should have patience. The most images you upload the most money you can earn. However, you shouldn’t expect a full time or part time job soon. In the beginning, you are going to make about 0.30$ per download of your images. As you understand, you need thousands of downloads to generate 1000$.

Competition is another problem you are going to have as beginner. There are millions of images to choose from on these websites. This is the reason why you should love taking images before you decide to make money by this way. If you already love photography, then it would be nice to make some extra money with your hobby.

Beware Of The Scams

When I was researching for relevant websites and possible online jobs for photographers, I saw many money making programs promising thousands of dollars per month from the beginning and they were requiring money to offer you a job. You should avoid this type of programs. You can start selling your photos without paying a thing.


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My Opinion

Selling your photos is a tough way to make money but it can work if you really want it. You can expect a very slow start and hard work before you earn money.

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