How To Make Money Doing What You Love

How To Make Money Doing What You Love (5 Steps To Begin)

In this post, you will discover how to make money doing what you love. It takes only a few steps. This goal is achievable and realistic but not easy. When you turn what you like into a job or a business, life becomes easier. Most people have many interests and things they like that could help them to make more money.

Why Doing What You Love For A Living Is A Good Idea

Doing what you live to earn money sounds like a scenario from a beautiful movie where the main character finds the purpose of his life. In real life, it is not so dramatic or obvious. Usually, we test different things before we find something we like doing, and there is a process until reaching a point that we love an activity.

The first benefit of doing what you love is higher levels of motivation. Most great athletes, artists, and people in business have a passion for what they do. It is unlikely to find a high-performer that hates the activity. I can’t think of an all-star NBA player to hate basketball.

When you love what you do, it takes less effort to work on it. You can work more than anyone else in your job without getting tired as they do. Those who don’t like the activity they tend to overthink, procrastinate, and put the minimum effort. They are exhausted before they begin.

Lastly, people who love what they do tend to learn more about it. They learn new trends first and apply them to their projects. Learning is vital if you want to be ahead of the competition in the long-term.

Of course, it is not always as expected. It does not mean that every day will be easy or your life will be like you are on holiday. There are ups and downs like everything else in life.

Is It A Realistic Expectation?

For some people, doing what they love for a living is not a realistic expectation for several reasons. It’s a common problem not to know what they like because many people use their interests as an escape from reality. In this case, you get a distraction and turn it into a job or a business. It will create more problems than the ones it solves in the long-term.

When people really love doing an activity, the most common issue is that they can’t monetize it. For example, you may enjoy eating burgers, but no one will pay you for doing that. The chances are that you will pay for your burgers. Many activities and interests can’t be monetized at all.

There are many courses, gurus, and motivational speakers that suggest turning your passion into a business. Usually, they sell a guide on how to achieve that and tells you to start a blog, a store, a YouTube channel, write an ebook, etc.

However, it’s quite different to love listening to music than creating a blog about music. Your passion is to listen to music and not to write, create videos, or sell products about it. The bad news is that listening to music can’t be monetized.

Doing what you like is not an escape from work as well. Whether you like what you do or not, you must work on it if you want to earn money. You will be more motivated and happy to work, but you can’t avoid doing the required activities.

How To Find Things That You Like

The problem is that most people don’t like doing things that could be monetized. If you were good at something and could sell it, it would be easy to figure out your next steps. If you don’t like anything, you must start from zero. When we learn something, we suck at it. Loving something or developing a passion requires action.

For example, my writing was bad when I started blogging. It took some time to improve my skills and earn my first money before I like this activity. So, you just need to start with something and take action. If you want a few ideas, you can check these ways to make money online.

Some people know what they love but have doubts because of their environment, other people, and low self-trust. If you already know you like an activity that can bring you money, you should start with it. You probably have some reasons why you have not started yet, but it’s time to move forward. It does not mean taking huge risks but just take a few steps in the right direction.

5 Steps To Make Money Doing What You Love

1. Find Other People That Already Doing It

Whether you want to build a business or find a job that will allow you to do what you love, other people are already doing it. We assume that you like something that people could pay for it. For example, there are people who love to play video games. They can build a YouTube channel with their games, live stream on Twitch, become video game testers, etc. The first step is to find people with good results in these methods and check what they do.

While there are some legit courses and training programs on the internet like the ones you can read on my recommendations page, you must avoid fake gurus and people who pretend to be successful. You can figure out if they are what they say from their stats online and from their work. For example, a successful YouTuber has millions of subscribers. A successful musician can prove it with his music.

Once you find someone who already makes money, you can copy his strategy. Usually, the internet has all the information you need for everything you may want to start. Then, you just need to stick to this strategy until you get results.

2. Create A Plan

There are no guarantees that it will work. If you do all the right things, you will get some results sooner or later at whatever you do. But you don’t know how much time it will take and how much you will earn.

It’s important to have a plan that will allow you to work on your new project and have a source of income like your job. Great things do not happen overnight, and doing what you love for a living is a big achievement. Even if you want to search for a different job that you like, you may keep the old one until finding a new one.

3. Be Prepared To Learn New Things and Become An Expert

In this part, you will understand why you need a source of income and a plan. I mentioned above that if you start something new, you suck at it. If you already know what you love, you are probably average.

For example, if you like to play basketball, it does not mean that you will get paid for it. You need some skills to become a pro. The same applies to every skill or business. Many people build websites, apps, become writers, create videos, etc. However, most of them give up early without earning anything or just don’t care to earn from that.

Everyone can become an expert at anything if they take action and do what it takes. There are some limitations in sports because of age and body, but most marketable skills are available to anyone.

People become experts by doing the activity over and over again. After a period of time that it can take from a few months to a few years, they will have the skills to monetize their interest. It takes practice and patience, but it’s worth developing your skills.

4. Accept That You Will Do Things You Don’t Like To Do

If you do a job or have a business, you will do tasks you don’t like. You may love the main activity, but there are many other things that must be done. If you like to write and decide to write a book, there is a whole process after the writing part and before you publish the book.

For example, you need to edit it, create a cover, publish it online or offline, promote it, and more. These tasks have nothing to do with writing but are required to complete this process. If you try to avoid them, your project will not work as expected for you.

5. Accept The Risk Of Hating The Activity

Whatever you decide to do, you must take action repeatedly for a long period of time. The repetition will help you to improve your skills but can be boring or unpleasant over time.

If you have a hobby that you enjoy doing, you may hate it through the process. It happens when a project fails or doesn’t get the expected results. You can always find new hobbies, but it’s a decision you must take before you begin.


It’s possible to make money doing what you love, but it still takes work like anything else. The biggest benefit is that you will have an easier time doing the work and improve your skills because you like it.