How To Make Money By Helping Others – Get Started Today

How To Make Money By Helping Others

If you learn how to make money by helping others, I am sure that you would like to start right now. It makes you feel nice to give solutions to people problems.

On this post, I will not talk about ways to earn an extra income with low paying jobs while you do tasks for individuals. My goal is to show you how to create a profitable online business while you teach your audience/following things you already know.

Does it sound complicated? It is not!

Here is an example: On this website, I help people to start their own profitable businesses by giving them tips, write product reviews, find useful tools etc.

There are many marketers who generate a full-time income just by sharing their experience on topics that people are looking help on the internet.

So, here is how you will get started. You will find a niche/topic that you like and you can write or talk about. Next, I show you how to turn it into a profitable business.

How To Help Others Online

You do not need to be an expert to show people how to do anything. You just need something you already know.

Do you have a hobby that you could talk about it on a beginner? A passion? Or an experience on something that many people want to learn?

It can be really anything, let’s see some examples:

Write or tell about your favorite team, band, hobby etc. A habit like exercising, meditation, running and more. Successes you had before like quit smoking and weight loss.

I think that you already have something in mind. So, how to help others?

Just tell your opinion and your experience, many people will find it helpful. Tell and show them how you did that and find useful information or products that can solve their problems.

Build A Website

You need a place where your audience can find you. They will make questions, comments, ask your opinion on different topics and read your content.

Without a website, you make it hard for them to contact you.

That is the place where you will make your offers that add value to your readers and offer solutions to their problems. When a visitor comes to your site, it is needed to understand how you will help him.

You do not need to have your own products at the beginning. You can easily find some relevant affiliate programs, put some ads or build an email list.

The last but also important benefit is that a website helps you to build a brand name in your niche and establish yourself as an expert. It needs time to reach this level but it will happen if you help people regularly.

A great training program that teaches how to build a profitable website is Wealthy Affiliate.


You must blog on internet marketing these days. It enables you to create content consistently and you keep in contact your readers, you answer to their questions and problems and it helps to get organic traffic as you can target multiple keywords.

Many times it sounds complicated but it is a really simple process. You do not need to write huge posts from day one. Just tell your opinion on topics relevant to your niche that could help your audience. If they find what they are looking for, they will be happy and come back.

You can write about informational “what is” posts, tutorials “how to”, reviews on relevant programs, trending topics and anything else relevant to your niche.

But, what if I am not a writer.

Well, you have two options here:

  1. You start improving your skills by writing (recommended)
  2. Find a freelancer to write on your blog (it can be expensive)

Without blogging it is too difficult to SEO and get organic traffic. Most internet marketers have a blog inside their website as I have on this site.Blogging

Sell Digital Products

You can create informational products like ebooks, videos, tools and more. There are many people who are looking to buy similar staff on places like Amazon, Clickbank and JVzoo. These places have well-known affiliate programs as well where you can find similar products to promote.

This way can work by giving them valuable information at a fair price.

But do not forget to create your list or link your social media accounts because you want to grow your business and develop your brand name.

You may have seen before some of these products. Some of them are scams or they do not have any real value. Do not do the same thing, without great products you will lose your customers.

So, do not try to mislead them because they will never come back or trust you again. Be nice, give details and offer your products at a fair price.

Youtube and Video Marketing

Videos are very popular the last years and Youtube has became the second website in traffic. It could be a decent opportunity to get exposure for your website and help people by showing video tutorials.

You need some skills and some tools to get started but you do not have to be in front of the camera if you do not feel comfortable with that. Many marketers earn a lot of money on Youtube with Powerpoint or record the screen videos.

You can add your links in the description and send your visitors to your site or squeeze page. Also, many people get revenue from Youtube with direct affiliate marketing or Google Ads.

Email Marketing

You can get started with email marketing if you have already a source of traffic and you send it on a squeeze page. It helps to develop the trust with your readers and you send them offers and high-quality content.

You will need an autoresponder like Aweber and a freebie to give your subscribers in exchange for their email addresses. The freebie can be an ebook, video, tutorial or just ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. The best place to put your subscription form or your pop up page is on your website where you send targeted traffic.

You need to create content for your list regularly that answer their questions and help them to find solutions. Then, you can add your links on your emails and sometimes they will click them.

Again, they must feel that you add value, you can solve their problems and not just try to sell. People hate spam and they recognize it instantly.

Last Thoughts

When you help others, they appreciate it and they trust you. I am sure that anyone knows something that people want to learn and they are looking for it on the internet.

If you follow this rule, you can make money online. Most beginners fail because they just try to sell.

Here is what I recommend:

  1. Build your own website and create helpful content for your audience
  2. Find your audience on search engines and social media
  3. Add some relevant affiliate links or ads on the content
  4. Earn money

If you do not know how to choose your niche and get started, check out my guide on how to make money with niche sites.

You can see beginners who build profitable websites and others who try for years without any success. I often hear people on forums say that blogging is dead, SEO is dead, Youtube is not working anymore etc.

Simply, that is not true. There are many out there who build new profitable websites and grow their following.

Thanks for reading, you can leave your comments if you have any questions or anything to add.


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