How To Install a WordPress Theme Manually

How To Install a WordPress Theme ManuallyLearning how to install a WordPress theme manually is really simple and easy. If you do the process once, you will have not any problem to repeat it as many times as you want.

There are two types of themes, the ones that you can find on the official directory and those that you must download from another site before uploading them to your website.

The easiest way is to install a theme from the official directory, you can find some good themes there. However, if you buy a premium one, you have only the second option.

There are both of free and paid themes, paid ones are recommended because they look better and improve user experience.

So, let’s see how to install a WordPress theme with these two ways.

Install a Theme From Official Directory

Go to your dashboard and follow the four steps below:

1. Move the cursor on the Appearance

2. Click “Themes”

3. Click “Add New”

WordPress Themes

4. Choose one theme you like and click install

Install theme from directory

Now the theme has been installed. You can activate and customize it. If you want to filter out some themes to make a better choice, you can use the feature filter option.

Download, Upload and Install a Theme

Again you go to the dashboard – Appearance – Themes and click “Add New” like before.

Then, you click the Upload button on the top of the page.

Upload theme

Now, you can see a “Browse” button. Find the file on your computer and click install. It will take a few seconds before you can activate and customize it.

Install the theme

As you can see, you can install a theme with only a few clicks. If you follow these ways, you will be able to install almost any theme.

However, many people still do not feel comfortable to make this process. Then, you can hire a freelancer for a few dollars to install it for you. Anyway, there is any reason to stuck on this step when you build your website.

Last, check out some nice free and premium themes on MyThemeShop. I use themes from MyThemeShop in all my websites.

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