5 Ways To Get Referrals For ClixSense

how to get referrals for clixsense

Today I am going to show you how to get referrals for ClixSense.

ClixSense is a top GPT site and the referrals will help you to increase your earnings in the long term. You could create a source of passive income.

If you have already a ClixSense account, you can check the affiliate program to find your links and the commissions of the site. You earn 20% from the activity of your referrals and $2 bonus when they reach the $5 on earnings.

With a few words, if you have 10 active referrals, you will make two times the money you can earn by yourself with tasks and surveys. You can do the maths for 100 or 1000 active referrals. These numbers are realistic and the internet has the power to give these results.

The following ways can help you to get a lot of referrals but they take a little work. No one will give you something for nothing so you must be willing to put some effort. Also, all the ways you will read below, they could work with other sites as well.

1. Blogging

The referral programs are similar to affiliate programs. ClixSense uses the words “affiliate program,” and this is how we must treat it to get the maximum.

The best affiliate marketers create content for their audience and this is what I teach and recommend. It’s a long term strategy that can generate tons of traffic from search engines.

However, blogging it’s not about writing random things. You need a strategy and those who have the right strategy will get the best results.

Also, a blog enables you to promote more than one sites or find better alternatives in the future.

So, here is my strategy:

First of all, you need to write for a niche relevant to ClixSense. So, it should be a sub-niche of the make money online niche. If the word sounds weird, a niche is just an audience.

For example, you can write reviews on surveys sites, guides to make extra money, guides to save money, reviews on work from home opportunities or online scams, and much more. All these ideas could work fine with ClixSense but you can find many other markets.

When you choose your niche, you will need a domain name and a hosting provider. It takes some investment but it’s only a few dollars per month. I think it’s worth it.

The next step is to start writing. The more you write, the better results you will get. It will take some time to gain authority on search engines and get traffic consistently but once you start getting traffic, the results will be amazing.

When you get traffic on some posts, you can add your referral link or your banner on anywhere on the blog and get referrals.

For a domain name, website hosting, and training on this strategy, I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate (you can start for free). It’s a community with over 1 million affiliates in which you can get help and use the tools inside the platform to build your business.

2. YouTube

If you prefer to create videos than writing, it could be a good alternative. YouTube is a search engine as well because people use keywords to find videos. Some of them just search for fun videos while others want to get information.

You need to follow a similar strategy to blogging. The only difference is that you need to show instead of writing. You choose a sub-niche and start creating videos. For example, if you make reviews on survey sites, you must create accounts and show your results with different survey sites to your visitors.

You can check how other people work on YouTube to get some ideas. Also, you don’t have to use your face. Many people create videos by recording their screen to show products or services.

The are two options when you create a YouTube video. You can add your referral link below the videos. It could work but YouTube doesn’t like the affiliate links. If they see the same link on too many videos, they may ban your account or drop your rankings.

The other alternative is to create a one-page website or a landing page with your referral link and add the link for that page below the video.

It’s free to create a YouTube channel but you may have to pay a few dollars to create a simple website or get some helpful recording tools.

The strategy is simple. Create as more videos as you can and be patient until start getting traffic.

3. Paid Advertising

I think the most profitable type of advertising for ClixSense would be PPC advertising. If you are willing to risk a small budget to put some ads, you can give try Google Ads or Bing Ads.

These two advertising programs have two keyword tools with metrics on the traffic you can get from any keyword. You can create an account, do some research and find a few keywords you want to target.

There are many strategies that people use but I think you can find start with “make money” keywords. Then, you will need to create a good article on these keywords and recommend ClixSense as a way to earn extra money.

When you put a new ad, you need to test the results. You may need to adjust the audiences, the keywords or make improvements in your article. However, once you create a profitable campaign, it’s easy to scale your earnings by creating more ads.

4. Social Media

If you post consistently on social media, you can create a small or big audience. It’s easy to create a new account and take action.

I think it’s better to post things relevant to the make money online niche and ClixSense. It would be even better to create a Facebook Fan Page or group to build a more targetted audience.

It takes some time to start getting enough traffic. You must publish interesting posts consistently and be a little careful with your referral links.

If you want to create a brand new profile, the best options these days are Instagram and Facebook. The users on these platforms tend to be more active.

Also, you can use social media as a part of your strategy and not as your main strategy. If you have a blog or a YouTube channel, you can share your new content on your profile.

5. Forums

It’s an old strategy to get traffic from forums it still works. In my opinion, it’s less effective than the other options above but you can get results.

You simply create a new account on a forum about making money online or work from home opportunities and become an active member.

The plan is to help people and not to spam them. The users on forums make questions and start new threads. If you know the answer or can add value to the conversation, post your reply.

Next, you must add your referral link in your signature. Every forum has different rules about the signature links so make sure you have read them. You can also check what the top members do and follow their strategy.

The more comments and threads you make the better results you will get so you must be consistent. Over time you will get more and more traffic to your referral link.

What You Should Avoid

There are many guides on how to get referrals for ClixSense but most of them does not work. Simply, they show you tricks to get referrals fast or they are completely outdated.

They show you how to put ads on PTC sites and traffic exchanges. You will not get results from these sites. Even if you get some referrals, most of them will be inactive.

When I earned my first money on ClixSense, I invested in similar advertisements. I got over 100-200 referrals from PTC sites but no of them was active. Some of these sites use bots as well.

Anyway, you can’t invest $5-$10 dollars and start getting results. It does not work like that. When you get referrals from PTC sites and traffic exchanges, almost all of them will be inactive so you will waste your money.

However, if you get referrals with any of the ways above, you can expect a 5%-10% of your referrals to get some action. Traffic from search engines (blogging, PPC advertising) converts better than other alternatives.

All these methods work because of consistent action. You must be active regularly on your blog, channel or social media accounts. It’s not about posting a few blogs, sit back and wait to get results.

If you take action, you will love the results and enjoy the process. It should be a fun process.


If you learn how to get referrals for ClixSense, you can use the same ways for other products or services.

You will move to the next level. It’s ok to earn money on GPT sites but you can make even more money and you already know it.

Most beginners do not realize the opportunity. You can start a new blog for a few dollars per month and start building a real online business.

The results depend on your efforts. The more content you add and the more people you help with your content, the more money you will earn. However, you earn a commission from the activity of your referrals for life. So, when you get new referrals, you build on your existing income.

As you can see the potential is unlimited for those who can promote something on the internet. If you do not take action, you just leave money on the table.

For more information on how to promote any affiliate program, I highly recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the bet training program on the internet. I am an active member of this community and help people every day. I would like to see you there.

If you want to ask any questions or add any ideas on this list, you can leave your comment below.

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