How To Find Your Niche In A Few Minutes

How To Find Your NicheIf I show you how to find your niche in this post, will you start building your business?

It may be a site, a blog, an online store or any offline business.

No matter what type of business you want to start, finding a niche is the easiest thing to do.

I have written before about different types of online businesses, like review sites, affiliate marketing niche sites, Clickbank sites and more.

The first step in these articles is to find your niche. There are many ways to do this step, but today I will talk about only one way. This method is the easiest one, but no one mentions it.

They tell you, go to Amazon, make keyword research, find products, check the traffic, etc.


I remember the days when I wanted to build a website, but I did not know how to start. I was so confused with these guides on the internet, and I had spent weeks on thinking this one simple thing: how to find my niche.

So, here is the one question you need to answer if you want to find your niche:

How Can You Help Another Person?

If you can answer this question, you have a niche and a business.

Keep in mind that people give money to buy products or visit blogs when these products and blogs can solve their problems. Yes, they will spend their money or their time only if you can help them.

Why do you read this post?

You are looking for an answer, and you want to see if this post can help you.

If it makes sense, you must find other people’s problems and just solve them. Close your keyword tool, the Amazon or any other place you think you will find your niche and start helping people.

You can do it online or offline.

Does any of your friends’ have a problem with anything? Good, solve that problem and here is your niche!

Go to a Q&A website like Quora. Can you answer any questions?

Good, you just found your niche!

No Excuses!

Usually two problems people have when they get this advice:

1. I cannot solve any problems


You visited your friend, you heard his problem, and you cannot help him. How much time were you thinking the solution? Five minutes?

You will not get into any business by solving small and easy problems. You need to research, read, develop new skills to be able to help people.

Let’s see some examples:

  • Your friend wants to build a website: Then learn to create websites
  • Your friend has a problem with his girlfriend: Well, this is a difficult one but make any possible action. The most difficult the problems¬†you solve, the more money you will make.
  • Your friend wants to lose weight: Help him to lose weight.

If you can help someone to solve a problem expect more people to have the same problem, other people will need your help also.

Obviously, I do not say to ask money for your friends. Just get ideas and do some training in solving problems.

On the internet, it is not the same. You will find thousands of questions, but you can just describe the answer. But again, if you know the answers people will follow, and they will make more questions.

2. I cannot make money with that:

If you can build beautiful websites, you can make a lot of money. The same applies if you can solve dating problems or you can help others to lose weight.

Let’s see another example:

I visit Quora, and I type the word “coffee” because it is the first I can think. (Yes, I drink a cup of coffee.)

Here are the first two questions:

  • What are the good and bad health effects of coffee?
  • Is coffee good for your health?Search - coffee - Quora

To answer these questions, you need hours of research, but if you want to start a business, you must do research and learn well your niche.

But can I make money when I answer questions about coffee? You can build a blog or a site; sure you will find much more questions about coffee.

These two questions have in total 185 answers. People love coffee; you will have enough audience if you can learn the answers.

So, if you make a good work in answering questions and giving information about coffee, sure you can make a lot of money.

What About The Competition?

Many people do not make even one sale when they build a blog or a site. Also, many businesses fail after a few months.

The truth is that if you give the 68th answer to the question above, only a few will read it and they probably will not give too much attention to what you have to say.

How can you solve this problem?

Well, this is my job.

Two things you can do:

  1. Give the best answer
  2. Answer the difficult questions that only a few can.

If you can do one of the two things above, you will probably earn a lot of money in any niche. To achieve that you need to spend many hours on learning your niche and your audience. Yes, hard work but guess what:

You will not make money if you cannot help people.

Do Not Overthink This Step

With a few words:

When you find a problem do not look for another one, it is a common mistake.

When you find a problem, you solve it, and you have your first business. If you really tried and you cannot solve it, now you can check for another problem.

But do not look for problems many hours per day and just thinking what you can solve.

Also, many people when trying to start a site, they think for weeks the domain name, the theme, the logo and many other not so important things.

When real people visit your site, they only care about your content and if you can help them. So, focus on the content or the product, it depends on the type of business you want to start.

Should You Follow Your Passion?

You can see people who have built huge businesses to disagree on that topic.

I have not created websites to follow my passions. But I have goals that give me enough passion for continuing until all the goals are achieved. However, if it is vital for you to follow your passion, just go with it.

But remember that you must solve a problem that helps real people. If you cannot help anyone, you will not make money no matter if you follow your passion or not.

So, the process is the same. However, you must be sure that your hobby or your passion has enough audience. Many people do what they love only to see later that there are not many people in their niche.

And lastly, it depends on the passion. If your passion is to play basketball, you cannot create a business where you will play basketball. Sorry, but selling basketball balls or writing about basketball is not your passion yet…

Start Right Now

If you have read until now, congratulations!

You know how to find your niche in a few minutes.

The biggest mistake you can do now is not to take action. You can keep reading posts about 87 ways to find your niche, or the alternative is to find a question and answer it or find a problem and solve it.

If you do not know how to set up your business, I would recommend taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. It has helped many people to get started online, and it has a free membership.

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