How To Find An Affiliate Program – Get The Maximum From Your Site

how to find an affiliate programOn this post, you will learn how to find an affiliate program in a few minutes. If you build a new website or want to monetize your traffic, you are in the right place.

Affiliate programs are different than advertising programs like Google AdSense because you earn a commission per sale and no per impressions or clicks. Also, they are free to join. If someone asks money for an affiliate program, it is not an affiliate marketing opportunity.

Some MLM companies use the term affiliate marketing to mislead their readers, and of course, there are some scammers as well. So, keep in mind that affiliate programs are free and you do not have to pay to promote other people’s products.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best Option

There are many different ways to monetize your website or an audience. You may want to monetize a YouTube channel, a Facebook account, your email list, etc.

Usually, affiliate marketing is the option unless you have an untargeted audience. If that happens, you can consider some other advertising programs. However, most of the times a relevant affiliate program will work better.

First of all, on affiliate marketing, you do not need a product. This is an important benefit for the beginners who want to start an online business. You can sell other people’s products and get commissions up to 75%. Also, a visitor can buy many times the same product (a service, monthly membership). What happens is that you earn repetitive commissions for life (it depends on the terms of the affiliate program).

Next, the advertising programs will pay you a few pennies per click or impressions. If you are a beginner, it may take a lot of clicks to sell an affiliate product. With a few advertisements, you will see faster some dollars to your account. But in the long run, affiliate marketing is a better option.

Most of the advertisers on Google AdSense and Bing Ads are affiliate marketers which means that even if you put ads to send traffic to your affiliate links can be profitable.

What Affiliate Products To Promote

Most affiliate marketers prefer the high paying affiliate programs. However, a higher price means fewer sales in the long run. To figure out which products will give you the maximum, you must test them for a while.

Well, we will not test all the product that we can find online. There are some criteria you can use:

  • Check the best selling products in your niche
  • Learn what products your visitors use
  • Test a product before recommending it
  • Check threads on forums and posts on social media
  • Take a look at what the other affiliates promote on their sites

These are some ways to filter out many products and create a list of good ideas. Now, you know that you have a list of programs that sell well and your audience like to use.

Next, narrow them down and choose a few ones that you will promote. You must figure out which one is the most useful for your audience. If you can find which ones will help them, you will make more sales and money than promoting any high paying program. It’s not the price or the commissions that make a good product but the value it adds to your visitors.

Top Ways To Find An Affiliate Program

1. Promote a specific product

If you have decided with the tips above which product to promote, you need to find and register for the affiliate program or network that will give you the affiliate links and pay you for the sales.

The easiest way is to Google the name of the product + affiliate program. Most of the times, the first result will send you directly to the registration page.

If you cannot find it on Google, go to the product home page and look for the affiliate page or the referral program. Some companies use different page names for their affiliate program.

The last thing you can do is to contact them by email and ask them if they have an affiliate program.

Most companies have an affiliate program if they are selling products or services online. However, some of them still do not include affiliate marketing in their strategy. Do not worry if you did not find the one you wanted. There are millions of other products to promote on the internet.

2. Affiliate Networks

The affiliate networks are big websites that include many affiliate programs and affiliate marketers. They make the process easier for everyone involved.

The vendors do not have to deal with every affiliate marketer, and the affiliate marketers do not need to join for several different affiliate programs. Every affiliate network has different terms, rules, and products. Below you can see some popular ones which are great for beginners.

Amazon Associates:

Amazon is a huge marketplace and you can promote any product from the website. It is really popular with thousands of affiliate marketers and one of the easiest to get started. There is an approval process, but you need a basic website to get approved.Amazon Associates

The commissions are not high, you earn only a 4%-10% commission per sale, but most people agree that converts better than other alternatives. In my opinion, a good strategy for the Amazon Associates is to create review websites and promote multiple products in the same niche.


It is an affiliate network of digital products. You can find ebooks, videos, courses, and guides in many different niches. A completely different program from Amazon Associates. You can earn commissions up to 75% but it does not convert so good because most of the products are not so popular. Also, there is not an approval process. Anyone can create a free account.Clickbank

While it’s easy to get started and you can earn huge commisions, your Clickbank strategy should not be just to send traffic to your links. You must find a way to build trust with your audience and then, promote a product that will help them.


You can find affiliate programs with digital and physical products. Also, the commissions depend on the affiliate program. There are low and high paying affiliate programs on ShareASale. While it sounds like a mix of Clickbank and Amazon Associates is a completely different network.ShareASale

There is not an approval process in the beginning but you need to fill in your contact details and information like your website and experience. Then, the vendors will decide if they will accept you. So, the process is not as simple as the other alternatives here.

ShareASale has many hot products in different niches and it would be a good idea to check it.

3. CPA Networks

The difference on the CPA (Cost Per Action) programs is that you are not getting paid per sale but per action. An action can be a signup, a download, a phone call or any other action that the vendor is willing to pay for it.

It has some benefits because it’s easier for a visitor to download a free ebook than buying something. It depends on your niche if it’s the best way to monetize your site.

There are many CPA networks as well but they have an approval process, and usually, they reject beginners with new websites. If you want to give it a try, you can check PeerFly and MaxBounty. These two ones accepted my request in the early days of my website.

4. Use Google Search To Find Affiliate Programs

Many companies have created their own affiliate programs. For example, you can check the affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate which is a good one for beginners.

These programs cannot be found on an affiliate network and sometimes the big names of the industry do not promote them because they can be competitive with their recommendations. If you discover some legit products with a private affiliate program, it can be a great opportunity for some easy money because many times they have not competition.

To get some ideas go to Google and type:

“keyword” + “affiliate program”Find affiliate programs with a Google search

You will find some of them on the first page. If not, go to the second page. Open a few results and start researching the products. You want to see a professional page, good support and a landing page that has good chances to convert well. Lastly, do some research about the product and try it by yourself if it’s possible.


As you can see above, there are many ways to find a good and relevant affiliate program for your audience. I would not focus on the commissions but the quality of the products. Sometimes, even one product can be enough to go full time so avoid recommending too many of them or adding distractions to your visitors.

Every affiliate program has pros and cons, different commissions, and require another strategy. So, do your research. You can join some of them for free and test your results. If you are looking for an advanced training on promoting affiliate programs, you can try Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to share your experience with an affiliate program, feel free to share it!

I would like to hear your questions too.


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