How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Mentor

How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Mentor And Go To The Next Level

Mentors, authorities, experts, coaches, gurus, pros, super affiliates…

If you are have tried to learn about affiliate marketing before, I am sure you have heard many people introduce themselves with one of the terms above.

But are they so good? If yes, how can you find an affiliate marketing mentor?

In the real world, when people hear about gurus are really cautious and the same should apply on the internet. However, it is true that you will save a lot of time if you have guidance instead of learning everything by yourself.

There are some people who will help you to start an online business but I would not call them mentors or gurus. They usually have built a profitable online business before and they share their experiences (usually at a price).

Before showing you where to find those people, let’s see what a mentor should provide you.

What You Should Ask From A Mentor

When you want to get started with a new business model and you are ready to spend some money to learn about it, you should ask two things:

1. A blueprint: There is not any reason to join a mentor or a training program if you do not know what you are going to learn. Are going to learn about SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, or another way to promote your products?

I have seen many times people who spend money with just a promise of a great system that will make them rich without asking for more information. Almost every time, they lose their money.

An honest person or a legit online program will show you a sample of their work or they will explain to you what you are going to see inside and what business model they follow.

2. Support: Even the best strategy can fail if you do not have support when you need it. When you try something at the very first time, it is natural to make mistakes. For this reason, a mentor should be available every time you need him.

Without good support, you have not many chances to build a profitable business when you are a beginner.

Many mentors and training programs give you some guides and they never contact you again. This way is not going to work.

What To Avoid When You Are Looking For A Mentor

There are three main problems that you may face when you choose a mentor:

1. You will pay too much money

2. There is a chance to get scammed

3. You see later that you do not like the specific business model.

In my opinion, you will not face those problems if you avoid the three things below:

1. Unreasonable prices: Even well-known marketers and legit programs ask too much money. An example is the Chris Farrell Membership. It is a legit program but it has an upsell that costs $997. There are no secrets and magic tricks on online marketing and I cannot see a reason to give so much money for a mentor.

2. Unrealistic promises: Quick rich schemes, make money fast, make money on autopilot, etc. When they promise you easy ways to earn money or too much money in a short time, they are usually scammers and you will lose your money.

3. Join without a free trial: Most legit programs will give you a free trial. It will help you to see if you like their way, you will avoid many scammers and you can easily decide if it is worth your money and time.

Before getting started with Wealthy Affiliate where I learned almost everything I know about online marketing, I had tried many other similar programs for free. After joining a few training programs was easier to choose the one that fits to me.

My Top Recommendation

Many top affiliate marketers have created their own training programs and they have thousands of members. You can find individuals also but again you should ask for a free sample or proof that they can help you.

My top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. I started my online business with their help and I am still a member. I explain the reasons below:

  • A Blueprint that works: It works for me and many other successful members. There are 13 classrooms where you can learn about any type of online marketing but in the beginning, it focuses on SEO and social media marketing.
  • Resources: Training, web host, keyword tool, website builder, and other tools to build your first website.
  • Support: You have access to a huge community of affiliate marketers. When you make a question, you get help from many other members. You can send a personal message to any member of Wealthy Affiliate inside the platform and you can contact the owners by leaving a message on their profile.
  • Price: There is a free membership to try the platform and the premium one costs $49/month. There is a huge discount for the first month (61%).

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that every member can help you. Kyle and Carson (owners) and the top members of the community answer many questions daily. With this way, every member has many mentors.

I will help you to build your business too. I always reply to any questions that other members make on my profile or with a personal message. If you join through my link below, I will contact you in one hour.

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