How To Create a Review Website and Dominate Any Niche

How To Create a Review WebsiteWhen you are ready to build a new niche website, you may consider focusing on product reviews. I am sure you have seen many websites in every niche that make reviews consistently and there is a reason for that.

On this post, you will learn how to create a review website and why it is a good idea to start one. But let’s start with the basics.

What Is a Review Website

Review sites are the sites that the majority of their posts and pages are product reviews. It could be a board or a narrow niche and every time a visitor comes to a review site expect to see information for products in the chosen niche.

You can have other articles like lists and how to articles but they should be relevant to the products of your niche. Your goal is to make clear to your readers that they can find any information they need for the products of your niche.

The potential is big because you can find many products in almost every niche and always new products get released on the market. So, you can always add content and you never run out of ideas.

Reasons To Build a Review Website

1. Low Competition:

You can find many low competition keywords when you want to review a product. So, it is easier to get ranked on the first page of Google. Also, if you are active and you make a review when a product is just released you can be a step ahead of your competition.

Last, you can discover many niche markets without any real competition. I have seen many times Amazon products that sell well with fewer than ten reviews on the first page of Google. You just need to write an article and you will get ranked on the first page.

2. They Convert Well:

People search for reviews on search engines when they are ready to buy a product. They want to confirm their decision or they want to learn more information about the product.

If they trust your opinion, they will buy the products you recommend very often. The only way to make them trust you is by being honest on your articles.

3. Scalable Business Model:

No matter how narrow or broad your niche is, you can always find new products to review. So, if you start getting visitors and make money, you can keep adding new reviews to get even more traffic.

You need just one website to go full-time and you can dominate any niche if you keep creating reviews for the new products.

How To Create a Review Website

The process I recommend to follow is the same with any other type of website. It starts with the keyword research.

Keyword Research

You will need a keyword research tool like Jaaxy to get started.

At the beginning, search for keywords with the format “product” + review. For example, laptop reviews. Here are the Jaaxy results for this keyword:Jaaxy results

I search for this keyword because it was the first thing that came to my mind. It is just an example and not a recommendation.

Anyway, I get these results. You can see some important metrics like the average searches, estimated traffic, QSR: the number of the sites that compete for the specific keyword and the domain availability.

You want a keyword with over 300 searches and under 300 QSR.

I will choose the “gaming laptop reviews”. After that, I will check out the sites that are ranked on the first three places of Google for the exact keyword. If they are authority websites, I try another keyword but if they are small niche websites, I will buy one of the available domains and I will start building my site.

On this example, there are many authority websites for this keyword on the first page. So, I would not recommend it. I check the domain authority of a website with the DMOZ toolbar. You can download it for free on the Chrome web store.

Make the same process until you find a good niche and go to the next step.

You can find niche ideas everywhere. Check out for products you already use or search on sites like Amazon. There are too many opportunities for new marketers.

Build a Website

A WordPress website with a simple theme would be fine. Nothing fancy here, you only need a good hosting provider. I would recommend creating an account on Wealthy Affiliate but Bluehost could be a good alternative too.

Your website title should be your main keyword, “product” reviews. Also, you will need a privacy policy page and an about page where you will write why you have built this site. If you want more information about the technical parts of your site, get the free training of Wealthy Affiliate.

Write a Review

When you have created a review site, your job is to give your readers information about the products they are looking for. Before you start writing make a deep research. It would be great if you have bought the product but I know that it is not always possible.

Read other reviews, watch videos to see how people use this product and find a way to learn every detail about the product you want to review.

Next, make a template for your reviews. It will help your readers to understand what is your opinion about the product and they will find easier the information they are looking for on your articles.

Here is a simple template that I use sometimes:

  • Product overview
  • Who is it for
  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Pros and Cons
  • Verdict and rank

After writing your article, you can add your call to action and some links. For example, “Read more customer reviews on Amazon”.

How To Make Money With Review Websites

You need to wait some months to get organic traffic. It depends on the competition but usually, it takes at least three months to get visitors from search engines.

The better way to make money is by adding some affiliate links on your reviews. Make sure that you review products that participate in an affiliate program.

Add your links to the reviews and everytime someone buys a product through your links, you will earn a commission.

When you make your first sales, just add more content to earn even more money and get ranked for more keywords. I cannot estimate the money you will earn because every niche is different but if you keep adding content it is really possible to earn a full-time income with only one website.

You Can Start Right Now

As you can see above, you do not need too many tools or resources. You will need a domain name and a hosting provider. Jaaxy has a free trial and you can avoid the payment at the beginning.

It will cost you almost $30.

A better alternative is to join Wealthy Affiliate. You will get a keyword tool, hosting and training with $19 for the first month. Also, you will pay almost $10 more for the domain name.

So, you can start an online business for almost $30 dollars. Not bad if you consider that you must pay thousands of dollars for an offline business with the same or less potential.

It is a business model very profitable and beginner friendly. You do not have to be an expert to write your opinion about some products.

Join Wealthy Affiliate To Start Your Own Review Website


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