How To Build Your Own Website From Scratch In 30 Seconds

website templatesMost of the beginners on online marketing avoid creating a website. They often know that is the most effective way to start earning money. However, they think that is difficult and they afraid to fail.

Ok, let me explain why creating a website for your business or for personal use is not difficult.

First of all, you do not have to know about coding or web design. It is a simple process that even students can make it. So, check how to build your own website from scratch with WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS ( content management system) for blogs and websites. CMS is a system that enables you to add content ( articles, images, videos) without any coding knowledge. Sure, you will learn new things by using it but is user-friendly and you do not have to be an expert to begin.

30 Seconds… Really?

Have you heard about SiteRubix before? Well, it is the best website builder that allows you to build a WordPress website in only 30 seconds. In the free version of SiteRubix, you build a website with a free domain name. An example of a free domain name: In the free membership included:

  • Free website hosting
  • Free website templates
  • One week access on Wealthy Affiliate

Choose Your Domain Here

When you pick up your domain name you register on Wealthy Affiliate where you can learn how to set up your website. In the premium membership, you can use your own domain and have full access to the training courses as well. Ok, watch the video below to understand how you can create your website in 30 seconds.How To Build Your Own Website From Scratch

The Next Steps

After building your website, you should set it up. If you followed the instruction of the video, you have a website and access for a week on WA. Take advantage of it. You can learn how to set up your site, make keyword research and a traffic strategy. Of course, you can learn even more as a premium member but these lessons are also important.


Well done, you have your own website and a traffic strategy. You may have your online business and you want to sell your own products or you can start a new online business using the methods of WA. Be patient and create content until you get traffic. Then you can monetize the traffic and earn money.

Are you still unsure if you can make it? Leave me a message on my profile (here is the link) and I will help you building your website step by step. For any other questions, leave me a message below.

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