Make Your First Sale As An Affiliate In 1 Day

How Long Does It Take To Make Your First Sale As An Affiliate?Do you feel that it takes too long for your first sale?

When someone gets into a new business, his/her first important goal should be the first sale. When that happens you have a proof that your system works and you can earn money from it.

So, I totally understand why people are frustrated when they do not see their first sale for weeks or months. You want to get some results from your hard work.

On this post, you will read when and how I made my first sale, when new marketers start earning revenue consistently and a trick to make your first sale quickly.

My First Sale

My first website was in a health niche, I had decided to create a website after reading an ebook.

I built the website with instructions from that ebook and I added content. The first days, I was not confident with my writing skills. As you can guess, I ordered some articles from a freelance writer on a gig website.

I was waiting for a few weeks but nothing happened. No traffic and no sales.

After watching some Youtube videos and reading some articles about social media marketing, I created a Twitter account and I shared my articles.

I was getting a few clicks per day and after three weeks I made my first sale through an Amazon affiliate link. My earnings were only 2$ but I was really excited and confident for the future.

Even if my first site never worked consistently for me because it was a poor work, the first sale motivated me to learn more about online marketing. Soon, I joined a training program and later, I built this website.

How To Make Your First Sale Quickly

Here is an easy strategy I learned when I was watching a John Crestani training. I had joined Internet Jetset to review the program and write an article about my experience.

So, the strategy is simple. Find an Amazon book you have read recently and you liked it. Next, sign up as an Amazon affiliate.

Last, write a review of the book on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and add your affiliate link at the end of your review. Just be honest, write what you liked and your opinion about the book.

It is similar to the way I made my first sale but you will send traffic directly to Amazon. If you have some friends and followers with the same interests, it is really possible to earn your first money as an affiliate.

Even if it does not work, you will see the next day that some people clicked your link.

How To Make Money Consistently

Many people say that you need just one sale. Then, you repeat the process and you scale it.

However, if you made your first sale with the previous way, I would not suggest to repeat it. It was only to prove you that affiliate marketing works and you can make sales.

But if you create a Facebook page in a specific niche, you can write as many reviews as you want because people follow your page to see your reviews. The same applies if you create a Youtube channel or a website.

This is the process, you create content and people who are interested in your niche will start visiting your content. Then, you just repeat the process.

The more content you create the most traffic you will get. More traffic means more sales. There is no limitation on how much you can earn. You can always, increase your followers, subscribers and target new keywords for your website.

Help People To Solve Their Problems

The affiliate marketing can work only if you help people to solve their problems and you are answering their questions. If you are not helping anyone with your content, no one will read it.

The example with the first sale can work because if you have friends with similar interests, they will learn that there is a good book that they may want to read.

If they already know about the book but they have not bought it yet, your review will help them to make a better decision by reading the parts you liked.

So, helping is crucial to be successful in affiliate marketing. If you can help people, you can make money.

Thanks for reading, if want to add anything or you have any questions about affiliate marketing you can leave your comment below.


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