Hirewriters Review

Hirewriters Review

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Welcome to my review of Hirewriters.

This is a well-known site, but I started using it recently. My interest was to hire some writers for a few projects, and I decided to share my experience with you. There are many different opinions about Hirewriters. It has many happy and unhappy customers. Hopefully, I will answer today all your questions.

What Is Hirewriters?

The best way to describe Hirewriters is as a writing service website. A community of writers and publishers. It is not a gig website but there are enough writers to help with your projects. The writers pick up projects and when they complete them projects, the publishers will review them.

It is on the publisher if he will accept a project. If they reject it, the writer cannot do anything to change that decision.

There are pros and cons to both of them (writers and clients). Hirewriters is a website that connects the writers with their clients and keeps a percentage of the payment as all the similar sites.

If you are a writer, I know you will not have an easy time finding jobs on the internet. The same applies if you are an online marketer and you are looking for writers. It is not like other gig sites where you pay for a standard service, but you choose the project, and the writer decides if he will do it. I do not say that the gigs sites are not good. Every website has pros and cons.

My point is that it is worth trying if you are an online marketer who looks for quality content or a writer who wants more jobs. Now let’s see how to get started on Hirewriters if you are a publisher, and then we will talk about the writers.

Hirewriters For Clients

When you want to outsource the writing jobs of your online business, you usually focus on three factors. At least when I buy an article, I want good readability, the content to make sense, and it must be interesting to read.Hire Writers - Article Writing Service

You may have bought content before with these issues. It is common to see guys who do not know how to write an article to ask for a job on similar websites.

Sure, it is not the fault of the website. It gives you the option to reject the article but we can agree that it is frustrating.

Well, Hirewriters do not accept writers from no native English speaking countries. So, they avoid 90% of the bad writers. This happens because some people read a post like “how to make money freelance writing” and start joining sites without any skills at all.

You can find native English speakers who are bad in writing, but at least they know the language.

Another possible issue is the difficulty of some websites to find what you are looking for. It is not going to happen here. When you create your account, you see a big button saying “Get Content Written”.

So, you can get higher-quality articles from other competitors and it is easy to start a new project. If you give specific instructions to your writers and you read the articles before approving them, you will be fine.

You can get your first article here

Hirewriters For Writers

Can you imagine a place where you do not need to have the experience, an impressive portfolio, education, certifications, and anything else that an employer asks?

In my opinion, in the future, the only proof of your skills will be to show your skills and not saying about your skills. But this is already happening on the internet.

If you know how to write, you can get paid for writing jobs on Hirewriters. Just create an account and pick up a project. When the clients are happy, they will approve your articles.

In the beginning, you will be able to choose the beginner projects, but you only need three successful jobs with a good rating to go to the next level.

There are four levels of writers. As you advance on the levels, the more money you will earn.

There two cons when you are a writer:

  1. Your reputation as a writer is only for the platform of Hirewriters.
  2. A client can reject your job for any reason he wants, and you will not be able to do anything.

I have no experience as a writer on Hirewriters because I am from Greece, and they do not accept writers from no English native countries. The information you can see on above is based on my research.

How To Create A Project

I will show you all the steps needed to buy your first article. First of all create a free account here, confirm your email and log in to your dashboard. In the image below, you can see a new account.Hire Writers - Client Members Area Home

You can click the green button or the “Order Content” on the top of the page. Next, you will choose what type of content you want.Content type - Hirewriters

I want to order an article. On the next page, you can give details of the article.Hire Writers - Order Articles and Content

Hire Writers - Order Articles and Content

As you can see, you can ask any details you want, like the length, the level of the writer, the time limit, and you can give specific instructions also.

But you have an alternative way to look for writers. You can click “search writers” on the home page, and you can search manually.

I have found some great writers on this site for many different projects. You can see details of their total jobs, experience, favorite niches, and more.Hire Writers - Search Writers

So, if you want a good article, you must hire a good writer. You can find writers in any niche and on any level. It is on you to find what you are looking for.

My Final Verdict

I will tell my final opinion for the writers and those who want to find content for their projects.

If you want to get content, it is a great place to submit your projects. You can find great writers for a few dollars. The quality and unique content is the most important factor for your rankings.

I do not spend money on backlinks anymore. I just add quality content to my sites. If you have read my articles again, you already know it.

When you have an informative and interesting article, you will get shares on social media and backlinks naturally. Just try it and save money.

It costs some money to buy articles, but it is cheaper than hiring SEO consultants and other experts.

Create Your Free Account Here And Start Your First Project

For Writers:

The truth is that the writers have less control than the other parts of this deal. The clients put their instructions, the site gets a commission, and the writer hopes that their work will be accepted.

You cannot have a lot of control when you are a freelancer. Many writers lose their progress after some unfair reviews. Many times sites ban writers without any explanation.

I will not say go the x site. No, I would recommend changing your approach. Become the client.

Let me explain:

If you can write to another person and get paid for your work, you can easily start your own site or blog.

Do you like your job as a writer?

Good, start a site where you can find more potential customers. Build your brand. Promote yourself and work.

If you like writing, but you want to be more creative, you can create a blog on any niche you want. I recommend checking Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about online marketing.

Thanks for reading my review, if you have any questions or you want to share your experience from Hirewrites, leave your comment below.

23 thoughts on “Hirewriters Review”

  1. 1* ☹ Doesn’t get any worse than this. Stay away!x
    Hire writers .com is A Terrible service
    Avoid this company , Brandon the owner does not return any balance outstanding in your account he keeps it !!!! Be warned… !!! . The writing I have had from 3 writers has been terrible, I have had to send multiple reminders and content samples of what I’m looking for . in the end I have re written the articles and wasted hours trying to get people to do it for me ..what a terrible service avoid Hire Writers. Com if you value your time and money

  2. I happened to see this page, and hope you don’t mind me popping in with a reply.

    Hirewriters is not the main company I write for, but it’s a good place for writers who want to make a little extra $. I’ve been writing for them occasionally for nearly two years.

    For individuals who want to order content, the #1 top-notch place to find it is at The Content Authority. It’s a well-established company with experienced writers and a super staff. I don’t think you’ll find any better company on the www.

    I do have to comment on iWriter, though. You can find numerous forums, writing sites, etc., all over the web where writers are fed up with iWriter. Specifically, complaints of clients rejecting work without any reason, and then going on to use the work anyway. It’s not surprising writers are suspicious of this company.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I will research your site to learn more information.

      It’s possible to work with bad clients or bad writers on any of these platforms. From my experience, on every site, you can find writers who steal content and customize it a little before submitting for approval and clients who will reject an article with no reason at all.

      Some writers are so good at stealing content that most clients do not understand it and they work as top writers on these sites. It happens sometimes.

      I hired a top writer on iWriter a few months ago and he sent me two days later a stolen but customized article. I did not understand that it was stolen and approved it.

      However, when I was preparing to publish it on my site, something was not right. I was sure that I had read something similar before. I did a Google search and I found the original article in a few minutes.

      I contacted the writer. He apologized and promised to write a new one. However, he did not write a new article. I was sending a message every few days, he asked sorry and never delivered the article. The only thing he had learned is to steal articles and make them look unique.

      Of course, these articles are not a good investment and they will never get ranked on search engines.

      Also, you can work with bad clients as you mentioned in your comment. I have worked as a writer, and I have bought content from many sites. You can find those people anywhere offline or online.

      For this reason, it is important to know what you want for your site and give the writer specific instructions. When you request specific things, you will simply disapprove those who did not deliver as requested.

      If you are a writer, these writing platforms are not the best option for you. Of course, this is only my opinion.

      You cannot build a reputation and your work counts only for the specific platform you work.

      Next, these sites tend to terminate accounts of writers after a few complaints from the clients. If that happens to you, you will lose all your hard work.

      The best way to start a freelancing career as a writer is by building a site with samples of your work and apply for jobs in places where you can prove later your experience. I would recommend Upwork, Freelancer and even Fiverr can be a better place to get started.

      Sites like iWriter and HireWriters are good to earn some money fast because you can create an account and start working after a few minutes. However, they will not help you in the long run.

  3. Hi
    I definitely love this. Sadly, am out of the region it allows writers from. Could you kindly help me register an account with them please? If you don’t mind. I love the structure of their website and their services to

    1. Ilias Kounelis

      Sorry Samuel but I don’t have access to the site. I am just a member and get some articles written. Have you tried Upwork or Fiverr for some writing jobs?

  4. Hi, thanks for your article. I had never heard of Hirewriters. It sounds like it could be a great service. I write a blog, and although I enjoy writing, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the constant demand to continually add content. Can you read samples of a writers work before you engage them on your project? I think I’m going to look further into this.

    When you get articles from Hirewriters, do you do final edits on the article?

    1. Hi Joe, I have never asked a sample before on Hirewriters but there are other services where it is recommended to see samples before you order an article. You can check Fiverr.

      When you have approved an article you do anything you want with it.

  5. hi Ilias ,
    that’s was interesting reading since I’m running two websites and sometimes I do have a little of a writers’ block, how fast the writer can deliver and beside the readable content can they be trusted as per sources they use and info they provide or do you always need to go back and check that everything is ok? what I mean is, is it more time consuming writing your own post or checking someone else’s ?

    1. Hi Stefano, when I review an article, I spend 15-30 minutes to check if the information are correct and if it makes sense.

  6. Having read some other successful online marketers about outsourcing content — most of them say around 50-60 dollars is on average what you should expect to pay for a well written article.

    I am curious as to how well written and how well the articles you get convert when they are only 1-5 dollars ?

    I know for me personally I would want a whole lot more money then around 3 dollars if I am to spend time researching and writing an article which can take up to 2-4 hours.

    Have any of the articles you gotten from there ranked or made you money?

    1. Hi Michael, when you pay 50 dollars for an article, you can hire some great writers. You do not need Hirewriters or any similar site. 

      Hirewriters is a great site for cheaper projects. I usually pay 10$ for a 1000 word article. Yes, I have made money and got ranked on the first page of Google with this type of articles.

      On this sites, there are many spammers but there are many legit writers also. Just reject the spammers.

  7. I’ve been always looking for a nice website where I could hire a writer but some quality articles instead of quantity. I’ve tried fiverr once and I would never buy from there again because the quality is terrible. They just copy and spin the articles. While hiring a writer here sounds pretty good, I would never write for such small amounts of money.

    1. You will find in every place on the internet some people who will try to scam you like those who spin articles and sell them for unique content.

      It will happen some times on Hirewriters also. Just read they delivered article carefully and reject it if you feel that something goes wrong.

      I have rejected a big number of projects before just to be sure that I get quality content.

  8. This is an area that is starting to interest me more now that I have two websites and a lot more writing to do. I read your last comment and I agree, if you are a writer why not do your own site and promote yourself? I’m dismayed at how little the writers are getting paid even before a part of that goes to Hirewriters. I know that low price is good for me as a person hiring, but I’m also a writer and like to see this skill rewarded.

    1. Sites like Hirewriters give you an opportunity to earn some money starting from scratch. But if you plan to make a career in writing, you should avoid them. You cannot prove your work outside the site or keep your clients.

  9. Hey,
    I really liked this article in the sense that I am looking to possibly go this route and hire writing out. But, I mostly liked your final verdict, because that is exactly how I feel! I’m of backlink’s and bookmarking. I want my site to get recognized for quality.

    By switching over to quality over backlinks, have you found your site gets more traffic? And has it brought in more valuable traffic thank backlinks and bookmarking?

    Thank you,
    – JD

    1. Hi James, most people want quick results. For this reason, all these backlinking services still make a lot of money.

      You can get some results in the next few months but in the long run only quality matters. If you visit my site and you cannot find what you are looking for, you will never come back no matter how many backlinks I have.

      Does these guys who are paying for backlinks make money?

      Nope, most people who try these spammy techniques do not earn a single penny. You can see them on forums, social media, Quora etc. 

      They ask why they cannot make money. But they do not ask what value they give to their audience to earn money in return.

      My advice, focus on giving to your readers what they are looking for. It works.

      Yes, I make sales and I have never made any backlinking.

  10. Hello Ilias
    Thanks so much for sharing your review on hire writers.I have never heard of the program but this is really what I need.
    I`m not very confident in English language and my blog is in English so I do need help from time to time and I feel this place can really save me from a lot of frustrations trying to do it all by myself.
    What has really surprised me is the affordable price tag.Although it can prove expensive over time if the blog is not yet making money, I feel it`s something still worth investing in, pay once and the article can make money continuously in the future.
    Really appreciate this review, has informed me of a freelance website I did not know about.

    1. Hi Roamy,

      When I started my first site, I was not a good a writer and I did not have any confidence. My advice here is to write as more as you can.

      Soon, you will improve your writing and you will be able to write great articles. 

      In my opinion, outsourcing works when it helps you and no when it replaces you. There are some people who make money by outsourcing everything but they already know what they are looking for.

      I outsource my writing tasks to be able to work in multiple projects and have more free time but still, I write daily.

  11. Good point there, my friend. If you can do it for others, then why can’t you do it in your own blog? That is exactly what I am thinking while reading your article. When people write for other people, they only get paid once. But when if they write in their own blogs, they can get paid over and over again through the sales their articles make.

    By the way, have you heard about iWriter? If you do, how do you compare that site with HireWriters? Which one is better, if a person is really interested in getting paid to write?

    1. Hi Gomer, I have bought articles from iWriter also. I prefer Hirewriters because it has better writers.

      If you are a writer, iWriter does not accept new ones after the last update. For those who have an old account, it could be a good alternative because there are more available jobs.

  12. Actually I have been thinking about outsourcing content for my website. I would love to publish articles more often and I have been researching and comparing. This is indeed the right review I need to see. Hirewriters is what I really need right now and so I will be signing up. I am into kids art. What is my chance for finding a good writer?

    1. Hi Carol,

      I am not familiar with your niche but before you add some money into your account, you can browse some writers.

      When you find some good ones in your niche, you can contact them or just make your orders. Also, if you do not like their work, do not accept it.

      For the best possible results, give as more information as possible. Sometimes, I tell them to visit my sites to see my style and how I want the articles to be written.

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