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10 HireWriters Alternatives To Hire Talents Or Get Writing Jobs

Below you will discover ten great HireWriters alternatives. While HireWriters is a decent place to find writers or finding jobs if you are a writer, there are other similar sites. I will show you some of these sites that are worth your time and money.

1. Fiverr

hirewriters alternatives - fiverr

Fiverr is a top freelance platform. It is one of the biggest websites in this category, as you can read in my Fiverr review. You can find different types of services. Writing is a popular service on Fiverr and has some great writers. However, you need to do your research and take some samples because anyone can create a gig.

Fiverr works with gigs. A gig is a package of services that the seller creates. For example, a writing gig will mention the price, the length of the articles, the niche of the writer, etc. The writer must include all the important information on the gig description, so the buyers can hire them based on these services.

The price of the gigs starts from $5. There is no limit on how high the sellers can set their gigs. You can expect better writers at higher rates. But many good writers can lower their rates to get more reviews. It can help them to get more visibility and orders later.

If you have a company that needs multiple tasks or services, Fiverr is the best HireWriters alternative. You can hire different types of freelancers in one place. Writers have the opportunity to reach a huge audience of people that are interested in their services.

2. WriterAccess


WriterAccess is a paid marketplace. You pay a small fee ($39 per month) to access the platform and three membership levels based on your preferences. The main benefit is that it’s a platform for companies that need to hire writers.

There are a few categories of writers inside, like blog writers, copywriters, and journalists. If you want to access more categories of freelancers, you need to upgrade. Then, you need to reach the writers and pay them for their work. It costs 5-10 cents per word. You can expect quality articles on average.

WriterAccess works with other popular tools and has popular integrations. So, you can get a complete blog post and not only the content. For example, there are integrations with WordPress and Hubspot that can help with the publishing process.

3. Upwork


Upwork is a big name for freelancers. It is used to be a free platform but today has both free and paid options. It has created plus memberships both for clients and freelancers with extra features. Freelancers also need to buy credits to keep applying for jobs. So, there are some challenges on this platform, but it still has a lot of members.

As a client, you have two main options. First, you can post a job and wait for writers to apply. Then, you can check their applications and choose the best. The second option is to search for the top writers on Upwork manually.

As a writer, you need to create a profile and start applying for relevant jobs. You get some credits that you can use on each job application. It is important to start with the lower rates and get some reviews that will allow you to reach more clients.

4. iWriter


It is the closest HireWriters alternative. However, iWriter has so many similarities with HireWriters that it doesn’t feel like a different site.

If you want to buy an article, you post the project and wait for a writer to start working on it. When the order is completed, you review it and decide to accept it or not. The price depends on the level of the writer, but you can start from really low rates. A 500-word article costs $3.30 at the lower writer level.

As a writer, you must start with the lower rates, get reviews, and move up through the levels. The clients decide if they will accept your job or not. You don’t have any control over their decisions. Of course, you choose projects from the members’ area of the writers. There is some competition, and you need to pick up the right articles first.

5. TextBroker

hirewriters alternatives - textbroker

TextBroker is a site similar to HireWriters, but it has better quality on the articles and higher rates. You can get articles from 1.5 cents per word, which costs $7.5 per 500 words. The same articles on HireWriters cost less than $5. TextBrokers has some samples that show you an example of what you can expect on each level.

Writers can apply on TextBroker if they are native English speakers and citizens of the USA. So, it filters out any writer from other countries automatically.

The process is similar to iWriter and HireWriters. You need to start with the lower rates, deliver niche articles, and climb on the membership levels. TextBroker is more popular than other similar sites, so you can expect more volume.

6. PeoplePerHour


It is a freelance platform with a growing reputation in the last few years. It comes to cover the gap that other popular platforms created with their new policies.

If you want to hire writers, you can create a new account and post your job. Writers will come to you, so you can evaluate your options. You can also search the platform for writers and contact them for more information. Keep in mind that PeoplePerHour is not a writing platform. You can find freelancers for many tasks if you need them for your company.

Writers need to fill in an application page once they create a new account. You need to wait for a few business days to get a response. If they accept your application, you can create a new profile and start searching for jobs.

7. SEOClerks

seoclerks content services

SEOClerks is an SEO marketplace. Articles are a part of the SEO process and are included in the website. It is also a gig-based marketplace with no limits about the minimum gigs. Sellers can put their services as low as they want to get more clients.

The truth is that you can get content at extremely low prices. However, you will risk the quality of your content. It’s on you to research the marketplace and find the best writers. But I would choose the other HireWriters alternatives. SEOClerks is a good option for projects that need a lot of volume at low prices.

As a writer, you can sell your services and set your own prices. The competition will be high with low prices. You can find better opportunities.

8. Freelancer.com

freelancer.com writing

It is a website with a similar structure as Upwork. You can post projects and wait for freelancers to apply. It was quite popular for many years as a freelance platform. Today, it has many members and freelancers, but the fees do not help us put it on the top options.

While you can post a project for free, there are fees that you must pay in the process. For example, if you want to feature your project, the fee is $9. For full-time hiring, there is a $199 fee.

Freelancers can find opportunities on the platform but have paid membership levels. The paid options give you more chances to get a job. The free membership has limited bids as well.

9. Guru

guru services

Guru is a reputable freelance platform that helps employers and freelancers for years. I like that they don’t have a paid membership for the employers yet. You can hire freelancers for free with a fee of 2.9% per transaction.

Freelancers have a harder time because there are paid membership levels for them. The paid options start from $11.95 per month and can go up to $49.95 per month. These paid options give you more bids, lower job fees, internal links, search boost, etc.

For employers, Guru is a great option. If you are a writer, you need to consider the pricing plans and compare them to other platforms.

10. ContentWriters


This is a website where you can get projects completed. You can create a free account to start getting content but have paid plans as well. When you create your account, you must share some contact details that include your phone numbers.

If you are comfortable with that, you can get started. The websites encourage you to contact them for your projects. It also has categories for agencies, publishers, and e-commerce. However, there are no options for writers. It looks like a new but promising website, so we wait to see if it adds more options in the future.


These are the best HireWriters alternatives. You can check these sites and choose the one that fits your projects. I prefer Fiverr because of the large number of writers and the review system that help me get more information.

As a writer, you can test different platforms. While most platforms have enough jobs for you, they may take some extra effort to win the competition. Finding a writing niche could help your efforts. Here you can get a list of over 200 freelance writing niches.