Learn Right Now How to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

How to Avoid Affiliate Marketing ScamsIf you have been a full-time affiliate marketer for some time now, you can agree with me that it is such a legitimate industry with piles of money to be made. The affiliate marketing sector is enormous, and still, continues to grow. As more and more individuals transfer their spendings online, the more and more others become aware and are looking for affiliate marketing training help/programs/software.

However, just like any other online business, there are lots of scams doing the rounds in the affiliate marketing world. Unfortunately, scammers always try to find crooked ways of making money off the innocent members. The question now becomes, how do you avoid affiliate marketing scams?

Don’t get me wrong; there exist very many legitimate brands, companies, and people within the industry as well. There is actually high-quality affiliate marketing networks out there which include;

Clickbank.com.• Shareasale.com.• Ebay affiliate network and• Amazon associates.

In fact, we’ve witnessed many people fall prey to these affiliate marketing scams. The article aims to explain how to avoid becoming a victim of affiliate marketing scams including fake or false affiliate marketing training, become-rich-quick offers, and pay-to-join programs among other related scams.

6. The Upsell Funnels.

Most affiliate Marketer spammers, reason among themselves that is standard and worth offering upsells to individuals within their programs. However, the issue with this is that, even though you are receiving a percentage of the puzzle, it is not the entire amount of it. Also, for you to build the whole puzzle, you must keep spending more and more cash. An upsell so as to get another program you don’t need, an upsell to get hosting/websites or tools and an upsell to access some support.

Why can’t all these stuff be included in the products’ actual price itself? Instead of making one high-quality product that has everything, you find folks selling four to five low-quality goods and services which make up something good if you are willing to purchase everything.

This is one of the most prevalent affiliate marketing scams currently. If you are paying for a product and the first thing you are asked to do is paying for another product, please save yourself and run for the hills.

5. Firms Selling your Information to Solicitors.

If you didn’t know, individual biggest name companies have been found doing this. You buy a product from one person/company; maybe this could be a lower ticket purchase.

The next thing the company does is to hand your details over to an agency, charged with soliciting mentorship programs to you, frequently for several thousands of US dollars, and lure you into purchasing them.

The primary owner of the initial product is given a cut. The same happens to the company that received your information and sold the mentoring program to you, usually on a fifty/fifty split.

Be cautious and careful, and know that this happens. So if you receive any call from a company aiming to sell you a mentoring or any other related service, kindly do yourself a favor and hang up!

4. Ask Google.

Yes, believe it or not, we still have companies that will offer an affiliate program, allowing you to make the sales and when the time is ripe for you to be paid, the payment never happens. Always ensure that you know and keep a track record of the company before being involved with its services.

The quickest way of judging the legitimacy of a particular affiliate program is by Googling it. If it is a scam that is well documented, definitely you’ll see the reports concerning it. If you are unable to tell by just Googling the name, search for variations as well, including the affiliate program name reviews.

3. Products with no tangible product.

Numerous programs claim to offer affiliate marketing opportunities, when in reality their products are based on promoting the very same products, without any actual services involved.

This pyramid-like affair is designed around making the early adopters and founders abnormally productive, and depend on other individuals losing their money for the system to work.

If you join an affiliate marketing for the principal purpose of promoting a product, and you find out that the people you intend to promote the product to, are doing the same thing, just know that you are part and parcel of a dangerous’ program that operates in the shape of a triangle.

If you are involved in an affiliate program which relies on you purchasing it, upgrading to tiers that are more expensive, then promoting the same program to the others, please run away from it.

2. The website of the company.

If in any case Google alone does not yield much helpful information, go straight to the official company of the site. It is evident that legitimate enterprises in the world of affiliate marketing usually have websites that are professional and reputable. If you find out that this is not the case, it must have raised the red flag for you.

1. Appealing commission percentages.

When something is too good to be true, you are always better off being suspicious about the offer. Be wary of natural schemes of money, unrealistic promises and offers plus any businesses that claim to offer something decent out of the blue.

Put your common sense to the task, and you’ll have nothing to worry. There are thousands of active and legitimate approaches to making money as an affiliate.

The Bottom Line.

Where there is cash to be generated, there are always individuals trying to take advantage of innocent business-oriented people. This is the most unfortunate part of the affiliate marketing. However, there are also lots of shining stars within the same sector, who strive to push the industry in a positive manner. Do your due diligence, research extensively before joining any particular program. Follow these tips and avoid any affiliate marketing scam.

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For any questions, leave your comments below. If you have found any suspicious making money product, share it with us and we will find more information as soon as possible.


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