goodblogs review

GoodBlogs Review: Legit Way To Get Paid To Write Articles?

goodblogs review

Welcome to my GoodBlogs review. This is a legit website that you can use to earn some extra money.

The structure of the site is unique, so in this review, you will find out how exactly it works and how much you can earn as a writer.

What Is GoodBlogs?

GoodBlogs is a writing platform for online business owners and bloggers who want to make money by writing.

The company is online in the last few years, and the owner of GoodBlogs is Jason Trout. While the homepage does not give us this information, they are available on other websites.

We can see that they offer services to both writers and business owners. The writers create content for a few websites that you can find inside.

There are four different websites in different niches. The websites use the content to increase their visitors from Google and their following on social media.

It’s quite different from a typical writing platform because you don’t get paid for every article and you are free to choose the article you want to write.

It sounds confusing, but your article must get votes from other people. If you don’t get votes, you will not earn any money.

But if people like your article, you can actually get paid. This is a legit site and not a weird scam. However, you must do a better job than the other competitors, and when that happens, you get rewarded.

If you have a niche website or a blog that needs more content, GoodBlogs promise you results. At least, they claim that they had good results in the first three months with one of the available blogs.

With this system, you don’t pay for every post that is approved by the editors of the company. But you pay only for the top posts.

So, you add content on your blog and social media for free.

In my opinion, this system can be a good thing about a website owner but not so good for the writers. I would not like to work and not getting paid for it, but it’s on each writer to decide.

How Does It Work?

As a writer, you can register for free with your Google or Facebook account.

Next, there are four websites that you can join for free as well and start creating content for them.

I created an account for one of these sites. It was on the vegan niche.

It has no requirements for the articles. You pick up one category, write a relevant article, find a nice image and submit it.

If they approve it, it will get published to the blog. However, you will not get paid yet.

You need to get some votes, and if you get ranked on the top posts, you will earn $15. If you don’t get ranked, you will not pay anything but the website will use your site to get more visitors.

The only difference on the other website are the niches, the categories and the payments that can go up to $20 per article.

You must actively participate in the process of voting. You have a few votes per day, and it’s allowed to vote yourself. But you must build relations with other writers and promote your articles to have better chances to get paid.

As you can understand, there is some competition. The only positive is that you can do your best every day. I think that you can write multiple articles per day as well.

How Much Can You Earn From GoodBlogs?

While writing is a legit way to make a full-time income on the internet, I don’t think it’s possible to achieve that on GoodBlogs.

This unique and weird structure will not help you to get paid for every article. Many times, you will work for free. However, I have seen payment proof from GoodBlogs. It’s a legit site.

That means you can create an account for free and start writing on your free time or when you have not any other available jobs.

If you are an experienced writer, you have more chances to make money than a beginner. But it’s not possible to estimate your earnings.

It pays only through PayPal in 10 business days.

Pros and Cons


1. Legit site: You can find payment proof on the internet, and writers keep publishing new articles. If you create a blog that gets ranked as a top post, you will get paid.

2. Four different niches: You can choose any of these four niches. The include many categories so it will be easy to find a few content ideas.

3. Fair payments: You don’t have to write huge articles. Most of them are 300 words long. Earnings 15-20 for a 300-word article is a fair price. Of course, you have to get approved and get votes.


1. Voting system: I do not like the voting system and it is not fair for the writers. It would be better to work for less money but get paid every time.

Also, it’s easy to cheat the system and add fake votes to your articles. It would not be a surprise if some writers already do it.

Lastly, you must promote your articles on social media if you want to get votes. And you will not get paid for any shares as well. You are a marketer and a writer at the same time for someone else’s business.

2. Earning potential: It would be a success to make $50 per month. Alternative writing platforms have better earning potential and consistency on your earnings.

3. Competition: If you check all the websites, you will discover that some of them are not so active. But still, many articles are not moved on to the top posts section. The one active website has a lot of competition.

In my opinion, you can’t avoid that competition even if you write about a topic without other recent articles.

My Final Verdict

This is not the best place for a writer to make money. If you can’t find other jobs, it’s ok to use the site for some practice. You may earn some money as well, but no one can guarantee that.

The problem is that the owners use the writers build their business but they do not give enough back.

The free articles are not the only problem. They make the writers promote the website to get votes. So, the owners get free traffic as well by other people’s effort. Then, they have added some advertisements to earn money.

This process is not fair for those who do not get on the top posts.

If you like to write, I suggest joining websites like Upwork and Fiverr. Just create an account and start looking for writing jobs.

It is not easy for beginners but it’s worth your time, and you can start a freelancing business doing that.

Writing can become super-profitable if you get experience and find clients. There are many full-time freelancers on the internet.

In the coming years, online businesses will hire even more writers because they want good content to attract visitors.

For more information, here is a FREE ebook with 200 writing niches to choose from.

Thanks for reading my review on GoodBlogs. You can leave any comments or questions below.