Gold Opinions Review – Another Survey Scam?

Gold Opinions ReviewGold Opinions Review

Name: Gold Opinions
Website: www.goldopinions.com
Price: $1 7-day trial, $27 monthly
Owner: Paul Parker
Make Money Bay Rank:  35 out of 100

What Is Gold Opinion

Gold Opinions is a program that promises you to make instantly a part-time or full-time income with online surveys.  When you visit their sales page you can see testimonials say how great this program. Here is a man who claims that he earned 30$ in his first day.

gold opinions testimonial

After that, you can see a calculator that shows how easily you can make some thousands per year. With a few words, it is too good to be true. If you avoid anything that sounds too good to be true you will avoid almost every online scam. Think for a moment, is possible a program that is going to give you 30$ from the first day to cost 27$ monthly?  Even the best online marketers in the world did not make 30$ their first day without any investment. Achieving that with online surveys is very difficult.

Gold Opinions is not a survey site but you pay to give you a list of FREE survey sites. As I have said before on similar product reviews, you can find these programs by yourself if you make your research.

I rank Gold Opinions on scam products because it claims unrealistic potential earnings as many other scams, you will not make 5$ per survey on average. Most surveys pay 0.50$-1$, over 5$ surveys are rare. However, they really offer a list of many survey sites on their members so it is not a total scam.


  • Lists of many surveys sites
  • Easy to set up your account
  • Beginners Friendly
  • 1$ trial


  • Unrealistic promises
  • You pay for a list of free surveys sites
  • Poor support
  • 27$ per month is too much for surveys

Are Gold Opinions For You?

This program targets on people who wants to make extra money online without too much effort or experience about the internet. It makes sense because someone experienced will not try to earn money from online surveys and he will NEVER pay for them. That’s right, there many better ways to try. If you have some skills like writing, web design, programming or you want to learn a new skill do not waste your time with surveys and this program.

Gold Opinions are for people who can not find other ways to earn money online, do not want to learn any skills, do not have enough time to start any type of online business and they do not want to make research to find surveys sites by themselves. With a few words is only for total beginners. I can not see any reason why someone who has already made money with any other way to buy this product.

What Is Inside?

When you buy and log in, you can see five pages:

Get Started: As expected, on this page you follow some instructions on how to get started. You create a PayPal account (if you do not have already one), create a new email only for surveys and many more. Eight steps in total to help with your beginning on this program.

Premium Paid Surveys: Here is a list of all the surveys sites you can sign up. You can find here over 150 survey sites. Many of them are legit and popular survey sites with thousands of members. But many of them are unknown to me. But not a reason to worry here, they are all of them free.

Paid Surveys by Countries: You can find which of these programs are available in your country. Gold Opinions support over 100 countries but if you are not from countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia you will not find too many surveys sites available.

400$ Sign Up Bonuses: A list of surveys sites with sign up bonuses. You can not cash out the bonuses without answering in surveys first. Every site has its own rules on how you will get the offered bonus. I would like to mention here that you will not get paid from Gold Opinions but from every site separately.

Contact Us: Here you can send your questions, change your password, cancel your membership etc.


You can not talk directly with someone from support but only by email. When you visit the homepage, you see that there is online live support. But again you need to email them. The same applies to the contact us page inside this program. Good support is really important on making money programs because people can wait for long when an opportunity appears. Great programs have great support. For example on my #1 ranked program, the support always contact you in the next 5-10 minutes and you can ask help from other members also on the live chat.


The good news is that you can try this program for 1$. The bad news is that 27$ per month is too much for a list that never updates. I really can not understand why there is a monthly fee and not a one time fee. Anyway, if you want to invest 27$ per month there are much better options where you can learn real skills that will help to earn REAL money. Check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate and what you can learn on this program.

My Final Thoughts On Gold Opinions

The owner of this program researched for free survey programs and created that list. Then, he created two more lists. One by country and one with surveys sites that give on the new members sign up bonuses. Comparing to other making money products, I admit that I have seen worst ones. But it does not worth it. 27$ per month for these lists are too much.

I have found also some other annoying facts about this product too. One of them are the unrealistic promises that it gives on the sales page. You will not make 5$ on average from every survey. A second one is the testimonial claims. A woman says she quitted her second job, the man above that makes 80$ per day and a third one says that is a must if you are looking for a part-time or a full-time income. Sorry, but all of these sound weird to me.

Gold Opinions promises

From Gold Opinions Homepage


I do not like the misleading information, for this reason I prefer programs that inform me straight and honesty what it offers and what I can expect.

So, avoid this program and do not pay for online surveys. There are many free survey sites you can find with a simple search on Google. I would also like to invite you to check out my #1 ranked program to make money online.


Name: Gold Opinions
Website: www.goldopinions.com
Price: $1 7-day trial, $27 monthly
Owner: Paul Parker
Make Money Bay Rank:  35 out of 100

I love to hear your opinions and questions. Have you any experience with Gold Opinions or other survey programs? Do you want to research another program? Feel free to contact me. Leave your comment below!

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