gift hunter club review - scam or legit?

Gift Hunter Club Review: Scam Or Legit Way To Get Prizes?

Welcome to an honest review of Gift Hunter Club. It’s an interesting site in which you can get prizes by completing simple offers and tasks. In this review, you will read if this is a scam or a legit site and how you can earn these prizes.

What Is Gift Hunter Club?

Gift Hunter Club is a GPT (get paid to) site. The members of the site can find many different types of offers. For every offer they complete, they earn a small reward. All the rewards are paid in cents. As a member of the site, you click on the ads of third-party sites in which you complete the requested offers, but the reward will be credited to your Gift Hunter Club account.

While it’s available worldwide, the available opportunities for surveys and offers depend on your demographics. In some countries, you will not find enough offers to reach the payout limit. However, in countries like the USA and Canada, there are many offers.

The site is completely free, but you may need to share your details with some of the third-party sites, and for some offers, you must join on other sites that require a payment. However, most of the available ways to earn money on the site are free. This is a common process on many GPT sites. For some other popular examples, you can read about Swagbucks and ySense.

The advantage on the GPT sites is that you can earn some quick bucks in your free time. The big disadvantage is that you cannot earn more than a few bucks. The rewards depend on the offer. The lowest ones will pay one-two cents but the highest offers pay over $1

How To Make Money With Gift Hunter Club

When you create a new account, you earn 75 cents as a signup bonus. The next step is to complete your profile to unlock more surveys, and then, you are ready to browse a few offers.

Offerwalls: They are multiple third-party providers that you can find on many GPT sites. When you choose one of the available options, you can see the offers.

They include many types of offers. You can watch videos, click ads, sign up on other sites, download apps, complete surveys, play games, etc. Many of the third-party sites will ask for your personal details like name, email, and phone. They will use them to send you more offers and promotional material.

The rewards depend on the tasks. Watching videos or downloading apps are low earners 1-2 cents per task, but there are some good opportunities as well, like surveys and cashback offers.

Surveys: You complete the surveys on third-party sites as well. So, they are not unique.

They have the standard pros and cons of online surveys. You can earn more cents than other offers, but you will often waste your time on surveys you are not going to complete because you will not be eligible for all of them.

Tasks: These are some Crowdflower tasks. They pay a few cents per task, but you can complete them fast. So, your goal here is to complete as many as possible. It has different levels for the members. The higher levels have better and more available tasks. The only way to advance on the levels is by doing a good job. There is a bonus for the tasks as well. For every 1000 cents, you earn one extra dollar.

Referrals: You can invite your friends or promote your referral link. When your referrals earn 100 cents, you get 75 cents as a bonus. Also, you make 10% for every cent your referrals earn on the site.

Bonus: When you complete a task per day, you earn a weekly bonus of ten cents. Also, there is a daily bonus. You earn an extra 10% of your earnings if you complete a few requested tasks.

Contests: There is a contest for those who will send more referrals on the site and one more for those who will complete the most offers per month.

How To Get Paid

There are two ways to use your rewards. The first one is to send your cents to your PayPal account and the second one is to get an Amazon gift card. The minimum payout limit with PayPal is 530 cents, and the limit through Amazon is 1000 cents.

You cannot use these options without phone validation. However, you discover that phone validation is needed only when you want to ask for a cashout. The process of validation is not available if you have not collected at least 400 cents. The site sends the payments in a few business days. You can see a page with testimonials in the members’ area who have published their PayPal earning proof.

Pros and Cons


  1. Crowdflower tasks: There are many types of offers and ways to earn money in the members’ area, but most are the same on many similar sites. However, only a few GPT sites include Crowdflower tasks. Also, this is a good thing for people from countries without many available surveys who want to get bonuses.
  2. Bonuses and contests: While you will not get a big sign-up bonus, there are many other ways to get bonuses and win contests. Of course, they take some work, but it’s a good way to get rewards for your efforts.


  1. Payout fee: Most people will see that when you want to get $5 to their PayPal accounts, you must give 530 cents. With a few words, there is a 30 cents fee with no explanation.
  2. Low potential earnings: The bad news is that you spend your time for cents. Even if you choose the best offers and surveys on this site, it will not improve your experience. The fact is that the GPT sites are good for a while, but they cannot be a permanent solution for those who want a better income.

My Final Verdict: Scam Or Legit?

Gift Hunter Club is a legit site. Most of the reviews you can find from users, and other bloggers are positive. You can be sure you will get paid. The page with the testimonials shows us a few payments.

Comparing to other alternatives, it’s a good site. The members’ area is user-friendly, and you can easily find many opportunities to earn some cents. Also, even if there are only two options to get paid, Amazon gift cards and PayPal are two popular choices.

I would like a better sign-up bonus or a lower payout limit to make it easier for a member to get the first payment, but if you are willing to put the time, there are always available tasks even if you do not find surveys and offers.

For two other quality alternatives, you can read my list with the best GPT sites. They are similar websites, but I rank them higher than most GPT sites because of the available offers, tasks, surveys, and referral programs.

Of course, you can be active on multiple sites and check for the best opportunities. There are many options out there for side-income sites. If you are looking for a full-time opportunity, you can read what I do to earn money online.

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Thanks for reading my review on Gift Hunter Club. You can leave your questions and comments below.