Build business online for free

How to Start a Business Online for Free

Start a business online for freeIf you want to find a way to make money consistently, working the hours you wish either part time or full time while you are writing about something you love then you are in the right place. I will not promise you a quick rich program but you should put effort to achieve your goals. You can start a business online no matter your experience, age or nationality and you can start now. In this article, I will show you how to start a business online for free and keep in mind that this is the method I use myself to make money.

Find a niche

A niche is a group of people interested in something specific. For example, many people are looking to make money online, lose weight, learn to play guitar, buy a laptop. All these are niches and we can make more specific, the “buy a laptop” niche can be like ”buy a laptop under 500$”, ”gaming laptops” and more.

Build a Website

build a websiteThe first step is to choose your domain and then to find a host for your website. The domain should be relevant to your niche. If you have chosen the ”gaming laptops” niche you should take a domain like or something like this. For a free domain and host I highly recommend the Other alternatives are Blogger, WordPress and Weebly. Setting up a website at SiteRubix is easy and it takes only some minutes and you can find on their site many guides and videos to help you with your first website.

Click here to choose your domain.

Create Website Content

Also important as the previous steps is to create quality and helpful content for your readers. An easy way to learn about what your audience is interested is to search at forums, sites like Reddit, social media etc. A second way is to look for keywords, the words that people use to search in search engines. Go to and type your niche word. When I am typing ”laptop” it shows me three more words below I can use. More keywords will be shown up on the bottom of the page when you push the search button. For ”laptop” word it shows these keywords: laptop best buy, laptop apple, cheap laptops for sale, laptops Walmart, laptops for sale Walmart, target laptops.

These words can be a good start for your website pages, categories or articles. Also, there are tools that can help you but the most of them are not free. A good keyword research tool with free 30 searches is Jaaxy. You can learn how to use it with google’s tutorials or youtube video guides.

The Next Steps

Now, you have a website with useful content for your readers. The next step is to get traffic for your website. The most effective way is to optimize it for the search engines. Search engines have very targeted traffic and if you followed the step above then it is possible to get high ranked for the keywords you are are interested in. Other effective ways for targeted traffic is through social media, you can make a facebook business page and a twitter account, participate in a forum, write articles and publish them on article directories and make videos for youtube with a link to your website.

The last step is to monetize your website by recommending other people’s products and get a commission from the sales they make. The best places to find products to promote are amazon affiliate program and Clickbank. Another way is putting some ads on your website and every time someone clicks on them, you earn, or you can try to sell your own products or services.

Get Some Help

As I mentioned before, these are the steps I follow to make money online and the next thing you need for a successful online business is to get some help. When you build a website, especially for the first time, you will make mistakes and many times you will be stuck. Where can you get help? There are training programs for internet marketers that offer guidance and sometimes support like Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama. I mention only these two programs because, in my opinion, they are the best on the internet. I am a paid member at Wealthy affiliate and I will explain the reasons below.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a training program for online marketers and a place where you can have support and guidance. Their community is activeIs Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners and there are many people to help you. I still remember my first day there, when I made my first question and three other members answered to me in the next five minutes. The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are active members in the community, unlike similar programs. There are training videos and articles, online courses, keyword tool and everything you might need for your websites. Also, you can start for free and the paid membership is in affordable price which is very important for beginners.

Does Wealthy Affiliate fit you?

First of all, Wealthy Affiliate is the best training program on the internet for beginners. You will learn everything step by step and if you ever stuck, with a simple question you can always find someone to help you. Also, it is for internet marketers, people who want to sell their products online, website owners, bloggers etc.

I hope this article helped you. Don’t hesitate to start a business online for free as there is nothing to lose and much to win. Join on Wealthy Affiliate for free here.