Get Paid To Test Websites

Get Paid To Test Websites – 22 Companies To Start Today

woman-laptopThese days online marketing is at its best. Many new website owners and bloggers build new sites daily. It makes sense that they want to know if the users like their site and find what they are looking for. The best way to deal with this problem is by hiring people to tell their opinion.

If you want to get paid to test websites, you must find those jobs. The good news is that you do not have to search for every place on the internet for available jobs.

Many companies hire website testers and their clients (website owners) contact them if they want user feedback about their work.

To apply for a job you should have a computer, a fast internet connection, a webcam, a microphone, and a screen recorder. They are not necessary requirements for every company. But usually, you will need them.

I would recommend the Lavalier Lapel Clip­On Microphone. It is cheap and works well for screen recording. An also cheap and professional webcam is the Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000.

If you have already a microphone and a webcam, there is no reason to buy new ones unless the quality is low and they prevent you to do a good job.

Also, you must speak English fluently.

You will not need any other investment. Just join the companies you can see below to get started.Get Paid To Test Websites

22 Companies That Will Pay You To Test Websites

1. UserTesting

UserTesting is a standard option for many people who try to earn money by testing websites. You will need a microphone and a screen recorder (download from the site directly) to apply as a tester.

You will earn 10$ per site or app and it will take you 15-20 to complete all the requested tasks. They will send your payments via Paypal.

2. TryMyUI

Similar to the UserTesting, TryMyUI is a popular user testing site. You will be notified by email when there is an available job and you will get paid weekly via Paypal. The requirements are also a microphone and a screen recorder.

3. StartUpLift 

You will earn $5 per website feedback but there are not any requirements. If you have an internet connection and a computer you will be fine. There is not a standard way to review the sites so you will not get approved all the times.

4. TestingTime

You will need a Skype account, a webcam, and a microphone. When a job is available, you will be notified by email. The email will include all the important details. If you click the link, you will answer some questions and you will learn if you are qualified for the job.

The tests last more than the other sites on this list but you will earn more money per test.

5. WhatUsersDo

They pay 8$ per test via Paypal. It takes several days the approval process and you need the last update of the Windows and a microphone.

Once you have been accepted to their system you will receive emails when there are available tests.

6. Analysia

You complete a simple form and you are ready to get started. On the requirements included a webcam and a microphone. The payment is $10 per 10-15 minutes test.

Many people have not heard it before but it is a legit site as the other ones on this list.

7. UserFeel

You need to complete a qualification test and after that, you have to wait until two months to get approved. You will earn $10 per test via Paypal and you will need a microphone.

8. Enroll

You can join if you are over 13 years old. A website that is different from the others on that list. You will make many fast reviews and you earn from 0.10$ to $1.50 (rarely you will earn more) but the tests last a few seconds or minutes. It is definitely worth trying even it is not a standard user testing site.

9. Userlytics

Like most websites, 10$ per 10-20 minutes task. You will need a webcam and a microphone. This site is not only for testing websites but you can also test applications, prototypes, and more. However, do not expect over 3-4 tests per month.

10. Validately

Your earnings depend on the length of the tasks. They usually last for 5 minutes. You will get an email when there is an available job and you will receive your payments via Paypal.

11. UserZoom

You will need a webcam and a microphone to take 10-20 minutes of tests for 10$. Also, there are surveys for $5. You will get your money into your Paypal account in 21 days.

12. TestBirds

An interesting website where you get paid to test apps, websites, games, and much more. The average payment per test is at $20 but it also has experience and community points that you take from your activity on the website.

You can use any device like your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. You can connect them when you are in your account dashboard.

13. UserTest

UserTest pays the testers almost $10 and you only need a microphone. But you should be able to download the screen recorder of the company. The approval process is not easy and many people do not get approved.

14. UserInput

They pay people to review apps on Android and iPhone for 5$ and websites testers for $10. It is not a well-known site but it pays as the other user testing sites and you will find some job opportunities.

15. uTest

You complete your profile and they call you to an audition. If you get approved, you will be able to test websites, apps, and more. The payments and the duration of the tests are not standard.

16. MyCrowd

On this site, you are looking for bugs on websites or applications and you get paid when you find a bug before someone else. An interesting approach that makes you work fast and improve your skills.

It is available in 240 countries and supports Paypal.


You will get paid up to $50 per bug you find. The average will be much lower and only with the important bugs, you will make so much. However, you can try your skills with some extra money. You can also review apps.

There are available tests for smartphones and tablets too.

18. UserBrain

You download their Google Chrome extension or their iOS app and you need a microphone. If you get accepted to their system, you will make $3 per test (length 5-15 minutes).

19. Apptourage

It is a website to test apps and not websites but I add it on this list because it is really easy to earn some money in a similar way with the other sites. You make $1 per review and you can send them to your Paypal account when you have earned $5 or more.

20. Erli Bird

You connect your devices and you test websites, apps, and gadgets. Then, you complete some tasks and you give your feedback. You make 5$-$15 per task but you can earn higher rewards if you provide quality feedback consistently.

21. UsabilityHub

On this site you earn credits but you can convert them later to money. You can cash out when you reach the limit of 200 credits ($20) via Paypal. Another interesting alternative to standard testing companies.

22. Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can find almost any type of online mini job on this site. So, you can find some tester jobs too. I have written an extensive article about Amazon Mechanical Turk. You can read it here.

What’s Next

The companies on this list are the best you can find in the industry. Now, you need to find a job. If you join many companies, you will have more chances to get hired than joining only one.

They are looking for people who have a professional attitude. For this reason, you need to add as many details as possible when you apply for a job or you want to be accepted on a site.

If you are completely inexperienced start with the sites that have not any requirements like Amazon Mechanical Turk but still, you must do a good job if you want to get paid.

How Much You Can Earn

When they say $10 per 10-15 minutes, you expect to be able to make a full-time income. However, the testers are more than the clients on these companies.

In the best case, you will earn a part-time income consistently. I think that $200 per month would be a realistic expectation if you make a good job.

For more testing jobs, you need to search as a freelancer on sites like Flexjobs and Upwork.

Testing jobs are definitely legit but there are other alternatives also to make money online. Below you can see some ideas:

Business Ideas

Extra Income Ideas

If you have any questions or you want to share your experience as a tester, you can leave your comment!