4 Ways To Get Paid To Read Books At Home

Get Paid To Read Books At HomeIf you like to read books, you must be excited to learn that you can get paid to do your favorite hobby at your home. Who does not want to earn money by doing something he/she loves?

There are more than one ways to achieve that and you can choose the one you prefer.

How does it work?

Below you can see four different ways to get started. The first one is with sites that they will actually pay you to give your honest opinion about specific books that you will read.

Usually, it will be for new books. The author wants the opinion from some readers and here you get into the game.

Of course, you will not tell your opinion about popular books so make sure you like reading. On that list, I will add a few information for every site.

Next, there are some sites for real reading fans. You will not get paid but they will send you a copy of the book when you review it.

Lastly, you have the option to start a new career or an online business by starting a blog or a site. These are full-time opportunities which you can do at home if you have internet access and enjoy reading.

How Much You Can Earn

It depends on the type of the site or the job you will choose. If you prefer the first and simplest category, you can expect a part-time income.

It would not be realistic to go full time even on the sites with the highest paying rates because they will not give you enough books to review. The resources are limited and other people want to review books just like your.

The online jobs can be both part time or full time. You can see people all around the internet to do some of these jobs successfully. I will give you some information to get started which is based on my research and not personal experience.

However, I have experience on the last part where you can start an online business writing reviews. This is what I do and I have thousands of visitors on my articles per month.

I do not review books (even if I had made 2-3 reviews on business books) but I write reviews for online business programs and ways to make money online. You can do the same thing. Read some books and share your experience. Anyway, this is a full-time opportunity that can generate passive income after a while.

1. List of sites to get paid to write book reviews

Any Subject Books:

Any Subject Books is a popular site in this category. You need an account on Amazon, Goodreads or you can have your own blog to get started. The payments depend on the book and there are other relevant ways to make money on this site too.

The USA Review Of Books:

A website with a huge list of books on many different topics which you can see by yourself when you visit the homepage. When you read a book, you must provide them a summary with your opinion.

Online Book Club:

Another site that looks for reviewers and pays from $5 to $60 per review. You can check some of the available titles here. The site also gives free books in exchange for your reviews. You may need to prove them that you can do the job to give you paid jobs.


Kirkus is a company that hires people to write reviews of books. This is a regular job unlike the other opportunities on this list.

Wellesley Centers for Women:

According to their homepage, it’s a gender-focused institute. They pay $100 for every review that is assigned and published.

2. List Of Sites To Get Free Books

You can get free books on the sites of this list for your review. Some of them are big publications, magazines or sites focused on the reviews. You may need to search on the sites to find the page where you apply or join but usually, you can find it easily.

Also, there are some sites for a specific audience like the last one which is for women only. I avoided adding new sites. All of them are in the business for some years and we can assume that they are legit. I have not tried all of them.

3. Online Jobs That You Can Do If You Like Readingonline jobs

Only one warning before getting started. If you like reading but you do not like a job relevant to the reading, you may stop enjoying your hobby. However, you can take a look below and test them to see if they are good enough for you.


If you are confident about your grammar and spelling skills, you can become a proofreader. You will get a piece of content (article, ebook) and make sure that there are not any errors. It would be better if you are a native English speaker. Most people will not hire you if English is not your first language.


It is quite different from proofreading. Your job is to make sure that the piece of content looks nice and it’s readable. You will make these changes and the good editors may change big parts of content. With a few words, the editors improve and rewrite some parts of the content. Some copywriting skills would help you to become a better editor.

Copy Editing:

It’s a combination of the two skills above. You are an editor and a proofreader.

Layout and Design:

It can be anything from the cover of the book to the images that you can add inside. There are many online jobs on the specific topic which you can try.

How To Get Started

Google can be a good resource if you are looking for an online job. You just type relevant keywords and you will find many ideas and opportunities.

Also, there are few sites that you can try with many members who look to hire new talents.

A good idea could be Upwork for long-term jobs and Fiverr for short-term gigs. In my opinion, the best way to get started on these jobs is as a freelancer. You can have many clients, increase your fees through time as you develop your skills, and treat it as a business and not as a job.

Of course, it’s your decision. If you want only one job and a part-time income, you can do that as well.

If you have not any experience and you cannot prove some skills, you will start with the lower fees which $5 per hour or per gig on the most freelance platforms.

Lastly, there are many similar online jobs like these one above. Many times virtual assistants do some of these tasks. Also, you may be interested in getting started with freelance writing. There are many options to consider and many opportunities in the online world.

4. Start Your Own Website

I mentioned above that if you like to read books and write reviews, starting a business is the best opportunity online to make money.

I guess that you have already read many books. You can write your opinion about these books on your own site.

There are millions of people who look reviews online for every type of products you can think.

So, if you start today and write some reviews on books you have already read and keep doing the same on the future for every book you read, in a few months you will start getting visitors who will be highly interested in reading your articles.

How you can make money in this way:

When you have a website, you can make money in many different ways. The easier ones are by adding some advertisements (there are many advertising programs) and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketers earn a commission every time one of their visitors buy their recommendations. For example, if you have reviewed a book and liked it, you can add a link at the end of your article to show your visitors where you bought it. If any of your visitors visit that site through that link and buy the product, you earn a commission.

It’s the simpler type of marketing and works well for many people. Many top affiliate marketers make over $10 per month.

The best place to learn about affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. An established website that has helped thousands of beginners to make money online.

Last Thoughts

I am sure you did not expect to see so many available ways to get paid to read at home. All these ways above are legit and you can do all the job on your computer.

Now, you only need to take action and start making some money. I would recommend starting with the one that makes you me feel more excited.

If you enjoy what you are doing, you will not feel it as a job at all.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or any additional ideas about this topic, you can leave your comment below!

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