Get Paid To Like Facebook Pages

Get Paid To Like Facebook Pages – How Does It Work?

Recently, I have seen many people ask questions about social like exchange websites. You may want to get paid to like facebook pages or you may want to pay people to like your posts.

The good news is that there are many sites that connect people to exchange likes. These sites are not only for Facebook but they have more services. You can do the same thing on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

The bad news is the low quality of the services. While they are legit (they will pay you and deliver the likes), the likes are not like the organic likes of Facebook. Also, you cannot make a lot of money. You will usually earn a few cents per like.

These websites are similar to many Paid-To-Click websites. I do not think they can help people who are serious about making money online but only those who want to earn a few dollars per month without much effort.

On this post, I will try to answer specific questions that people make, like how you can start, how they work and how much you can earn with this way.

How To Get Started?

I have created a list of social like exchange sites which you can use to get started. All the sites that are included on my list below are free. Most of them have a sign-up bonus usually on points which you can use inside.

But some of them are only for exchanging likes, views or follows and you cannot earn money. You can use them to boost your social media profiles and pages.

The process is really simple. You create a free account with your email and you start making likes and other tasks to earn money or points.

You can use your earnings in any way you want. If you are not interested in getting likes back, you can wait until reaching a specific amount before you are able to cash out.

If you want to get likes, shares, comments or anything else, you connect your profiles and pages to the platforms.

For those who want only likes and they do not want to work for them, you can always buy points or directly likes.

How Much You Can Earn

It is not the best way to make money online. While it is an easy one, you will need to make a lot of likes, follows and shares to earn a few dollars.

Many sites will just pay you 1 cent per like or even less. I am not an active member of these sites but the only way I can think to make a few dollars per day is by creating multiple accounts.

If you are not interested in spamming just find another way to get started online.

If you stick to it you must make 100 likes per day, to earn almost one dollar.

Another way to use these websites is by promoting them. They have a referral system where your earnings depend on the activity of your referrals.

Sure, the people who can promote these sites effectively, they can earn more than a few cents. However, if you want to learn how to promote products and websites, there are much better opportunities on the internet.

Quality Of The Services

Some people will use these sites to boost their social media account so if you pay for likes, you will only get likes.

I mean that you should not expect people to care about your products or your business. They will like your page to earn 1 cent or a few points.

Also, some of them have multiple accounts to make even more money.

The likes may help with the numbers of your Facebook page however you have a better alternative. Use the boost button on your Facebook page and give some dollars for Facebook advertising.

Yes, you will get fewer likes but they will be real people who are interested in what you have to say.

7 Social Like Exchange Sites To Get Started Today


There is a marketplace on the platform where you can make 1-3 three cents per action. Most of them are about Facebook likes but sometimes you can see projects for other social media sites.

2. Likestool

You earn points to get likes, there is no way to earn money here. Also, you can use the referral program to earn even more points.

You can add accounts from many social media sites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

3. Addmefast

You earn points to get likes and follows to your profiles like the Likestool above. When you sign up there is a 50 points bonus to use from the beginning.

4. Dollarsincome

You earn $0.005 per Facebook like but it is not only for social media tasks. You can also make money from your referrals and you can buy other people’s referrals.


A simple website where you can exchange almost anything relevant to social media. You get 100 coins when you sign up to use them in any way you want. You can only make money with the referral program.


You earn on average $0.0025 per action and there are many available social media sites to use. You can earn both of money and points on this site and you get a sign-up bonus.


You get points with likes, follows and shares but you earn money only with the affiliate program. It has a signup bonus of 100 coins to get started. You can add profiles and pages from multiple sites.

My Final Opinion

You have many options to choose from. The likes are from real people but they will not be interested in your products or services. You can get lucky and get something more but I would bet for it.

If you have tried of these sites where you exchange your time for cents, I am sure you often feel frustrated. Well, the same will happen again.

There are better alternatives. For those who are interested in learning how to make a full-time income online, you can check the link below.