Freelance Writers Den Review – Is It Worth The Price?

Freelance Writers Den Review:

Name: Freelance Writers Den
Price: $25/mo
Owner: Carol Tice
Make Money Bay Rank: 83 out of 100

What Is Freelance Writers Den?

Freelance Writers Den is an online website for different types of freelance writers.

The purpose of the site is to provide beginners and more experienced writers the knowledge and the skills to find better jobs, earn more money, and if you are a complete beginner to find your first jobs.

The owner of Freelance Writers Den is Carol Tice, a rewarded blogger who helps writers to find a job and make a leaving online.

How is this program going to help you?

This program is not similar to other scammy online products that sell a guide and then, you are alone.

You can find a community inside the member’s area and the owner is an active member. She answers questions of other members daily.

Freelance Writers Den helps the members in many different ways. You can find good training, learn new skills, get feedback, and more.

If you have some experience as a freelance writer, you know that many people who look for jobs online do not make money consistently or they do not make money at all.

I have worked as a writer before and I have hired writers for my sites. Most writers cannot get a job because they do not market themselves properly or they do not get paid fair enough for their services.

At the same time, some freelancers promise things that cannot deliver. So, they fail and lose their job.

All these problems result in not earning what you deserve as a writer or you cannot find a job at all.

Freelance Writers Den promises to help you with all these issues and hopefully, you will dramatically improve your hourly rate and overall, your earnings.

Who Is It For?

Freelance writing is a great way to make money. I include it in my top recommendations for those who want to go full-time online.

I do think that there is a limit on how much you can make but you must be willing to work hard. Also, you need to enjoy writing.

It can be treated as an online job or as a business. You decide how you want to work.

It is obvious that the owner of the program has turned her success as a writer into a super profitable business. However, other great freelancers earn thousands of dollars per week only from their writing.

Freelance Writers Den is for anyone who has decided to become a freelance writer.

The only requirement is to know how to write or at least, you must be willing to learn.

You may find my experience motivating. While I am not a native English speaker, last year I decided to build this website. I was writing daily and a few months later I got hired as a freelance writer for big websites while I earn money from my site too.

So, if you want to learn, you will be fine.

It is a great program for people who are complete beginners and for more experienced writers.

There are always new skills to learn or to master and you can use the program to find more jobs.

There are job listings inside the platform and an employer can use the search feature to find writers from the platform.

In my opinion, you can get help on every part of your freelancing business from this program.

Features and Training

The first things I liked were the live events and the 4-week bootcamps. They provide you top training for different skills that will help you to make more sales and improve your work.

Below you can read some titles from the live events and the bootcamps:

  • Secrets of persuasive online copywriting
  • Build a writer website that works!
  • How to use social media to get freelance gigs
  • How to be a well-paid blogger
  • Make money in content marketing
  • Great Niches: Writing about technologyevent - freelance writers den

When you join, you get over 100 hours of webinars, recordings, and Den meetings.

It is easy to understand that if you master these lessons and the skills that you can learn by watching them, you can improve your ability to find more jobs, better jobs and create quality content that your clients will love.

I mentioned above the job listings and the Hire a Writer feature.

You have an opportunity to use the reputation of the program and the owner to your advantage.

It is easier for a website owner to trust a writer from Freelancer Writers Den than another freelancing platform where many spammers and scammers apply to their job proposals.

They know that the program has writers who pay a monthly membership for their training and this is a huge benefit for many members who have a hard time finding a job.

Can You Expect Quality Support?

I believe that quality support is important for an online program. If you are a beginner or when you learn something new, you will need some help sooner or later.

Carol Tice is aware of this idea and has created a helpful website and a community of writers.

While the almost 1200 members are not enough to claim a big online community (my top recommended program has over 1 million members), the experts of the program are really active and you can get help even from Carol Tice.

The forum is active with many threads and questions. You can also get feedback on your work and ask any questions you want.

Lastly, you can send private messages to other members and ask for help if you do not want to post on the forum.

Overall, it is a great system to support and help the new members of the platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you visit the homepage, there is a waiting list for those who want to join. They will get your email and later, they will send you to join.

The cost of the program is at $25 per month. In my opinion, it is a fair price, and comparing to other worthless programs that ask the same or a higher price, it is a much better option.

If you do not like what you see inside, you can ask for your money back in 7 days. Just send to the email address you can find on the homepage and you will get your money back.


  • Beginner-friendly training
  • Great support
  • 100 hours of recordings and webinars
  • You can contact the owner
  • Low joining fee


  • No tools to build your site (hosting, website builder, keyword tool)
  • No free trial or membership

My Final Verdict – Is It Worth The Price

Overall, Freelance Writers Den is a legit program and can help you to find more jobs as a freelance writer.

You can also use the information on the platform to start from zero. It offers quality training and the price is affordable for most people.

Many experienced members of the site will help you to get started and make money.

The only negative is that it does not include in the membership some necessary tools to build your site like hosting and keyword tool.

If you decide to build a site to support your writing business, you will need to invest more money in these tools.

As a freelance writer, you can work anytime you want from your own home and it’s your decision to work part-time or full time.

Also, it is one of the fastest ways to make money online. So, if you are interested in getting started online as a writer, this program will help you to start faster than trying to learn everything by yourself.


Name: Freelance Writers Den
Price: 25/mo
Owner: Carol Tice
Make Money Bay Rank: 83 out of 100

Thanks for reading my review of Freelance Writers Den. If you have any questions about the program or you want anything to say about this post, leave your comment below.