freebie commissions review - scam or legit?

Freebie Commissions Review: Scam Or Profits In 30 Minutes?

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Welcome to my Freebie Commissions review. You probably want to learn if this program is a scam or can actually give you profits 30 minutes and hundreds of dollars for products that you share on the internet.

On the sales page and the video presentation, many things sound too good to be true, so here is what you can expect.

What Is Freebie Commissions?

Freebie Commissions is a new product that we can find on Warrior Plus. Like many other products from this marketplace, it claims fast and easy earnings with a new system. Of course, most of these products and systems do not deliver, and you can check some examples as ViralTek, Commission Map, CB Money Vine, and Easy Pro Webinars.

The only difference between these products is that they promise a different system and business model. However, they just give you a few funnels, and it’s your job to figure out ways to get traffic.

In Freebie Commissions, they have created funnels that give some worthless products and then promote their products. This is not something new but a quite standard process for many websites. However, the results depend on the quality of the funnels and traffic.

Before getting in details on how it works, there are some interesting claims on the sales page. The creator of the product promises profit in 30 minutes and viral traffic with no work from your part. This is get-rich-quick hype, and it gives an idea of what type of product we can expect.

I can tell you right now that there is no viral traffic and no plan to get it. According to the sales page, you choose a funnel, add a link, and get viral traffic. They have some social media buttons that you can use to share your links. There is nothing else relevant to social media or any type of traffic.

The presentation of the product is very misleading in all parts. They show you screenshots from big marketplaces, but no proof that they have made them with this product. Also, the testimonials are some guys who create similar products.

With a few words, the process is not as promised. It is not possible to make money with no work from your part, and there is no real system.

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How Does It Work?

The owner of the product has created a funnel. The funnel includes a very basic landing page that claims that the visitors can make $1000 per day, the freebie is a low-quality PDF, and there are promotions for upsells.

The funnels are not unique because every member uses them, and the quality is not good. The sales page mentions that you can customize the funnels and add images that it is true. However, it is not something special to be able to customize a funnel.

Your job will be to send traffic on these pages. If your traffic converts, you will make commissions.

I have mentioned many times that the biggest missing element on most programs is not the funnel but the traffic. There is no actual traffic strategy that you can follow and get results. Instead of that, they give you some links and ask you to find traffic.

There are some videos that explain how to set up and use the product. Then, you are alone to figure out how to make sales. Then you have only two options, you will search for information on other sources and programs, or you will buy the upsells.

In the beginning, I mentioned that there are many similar products because it’s not difficult to create a simple landing page and create a product around it. We see new products with funnels and ridiculous claims multiple times per week.

They work for the owners who earn money with each product and upsell that you buy, but they do not any real value to the buyers.

How Much Does It Cost?

While the starting price is $24.97, there are multiple upsells on the members’ area. The same strategy that they recommend to you on the sales page, they use it to get your money. However, they do not care to give you something for free, but they have set a starting price.

Without the upsells, you miss important features. They give you more funnels, a page builder, and they include traffic training. There are six upsells inside with a total cost of over $600.

In my opinion, when you buy a product and can’t get anything back, you will lose more money by buying the upsells. There are no other systems in the upsells, and the quality of the information or the tools will not change.

If you don’t like the product after your purchase, you can ask for a refund because there is a 30-day money-back guarantee by Warrior Plus.

About The Owner

The name of the owner is Glyn Kosky. He is an online marketer who has created many digital products in various ways to make money online. I recently reviewed High Ticket Hijack. It had funnels, and the concept was to sell high-ticket products.

In Freebie Commissions, you can see a different type of affiliate marketing strategy when it comes to the products and the commissions. All the other parts are almost the same.

These products may work for him, but I can’t see how they could work for those who may buy them. I think that his main business is product launches, so he tries to create as many products as possible without a focus on quality.

Is Freebie Commissions A Scam? – My Final Verdict

If you expect to get viral traffic and profits in 30 minutes as they claim, you will get disappointed. The presentation mentions award-winning products that they give for free, but they are so good as they say.

When you get started, you don’t get viral traffic or any traffic at all. You can only share the links of the funnels on social media.

The actual product is very different than the one that is described on the sales page. So, you can decide for yourself if you rank it as a scam or a low-quality product. In both cases, this is not what you expect to buy, and with no traffic, you can’t get results.

The only positive thing is the 60-day money-back guarantee because you can ask for a refund. I would not use the landing pages of the program to monetize my websites or send any type of traffic. Also, giving away bad products and promoting them with upsells is not a strategy that I like.

For all these reasons, I do not recommend Freebie Commissions to anyone. There are much better programs on the internet. It is not worth the price, and I am quite sure that you can get similar funnels and information at a lower price or even for free on other sources.

You can find better alternatives to learn about affiliate marketing, and you can read about another option below.

Here Is Something That Works

Affiliate marketing is a beginner-friendly business model because you can start with a low budget and no product, experience, or technical knowledge.

While all the above are true, you must treat it as a real online business and not as a trick to make money. It is not about getting money with spammy or unethical ways. At least, you have the option to add value and help people. I prefer to promote products that actually solve the problems of my visitors.

Another part is that you must do the work before you start getting any traffic. There is no such thing as viral traffic in 30 minutes, and no one will give you a system that makes hundreds or thousands of dollars for a few dollars. All these products that promise everything for nothing do not make sense.

You need the right strategy, and then it’s on you to make it work. You must take action, learn new things, and work on them. Affiliate marketing is not complicated, but it cannot work with no action and weird tools.

Lastly, an online business can generate income for years and long-term results. It’s the right time to get started online, and there are tons of opportunities.

For a legit training program on affiliate marketing, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. It has step-by-step training and an active community to help you along the way.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on Freebie Commissions. Below, you can leave any comments or questions.

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