FluxRewards Review: Legit Online Rewards?

FluxRewards Review: Legit Online Rewards?Welcome to my FluxRewards review.

There are many sites on the internet that you can make some extra money by completing simple tasks but some of them are not legit. So, on this review, you can read how FluxRewards works and if you can really earn some extra money on the members’ area as they promise.

What Is FluxRewards?

The best way to describe this website is as a GPT site. There are many different ways to get paid on the members’ area and it does not focus on a specific one.

The homepage mentions online surveys, clicks, sign-ups, and other offers or ways to earn money. However, these tasks are not provided directly on the members’ area. The process is similar to other top GPT sites like Swagbucks and ClixSense.

Your job as a user is to choose the offers you prefer (there are plenty of them), connect on the third party sites, and then complete them to earn rewards. The rewards will be credited to your FluxRewards account and you can get paid from it when you reach the minimum cash out limit.

The legit GPT sites can help you to earn an extra income. Usually, you earn a few cents per task as you will read below. However, many people prefer them because the process is very simple.

The fact that you connect on other platforms to do tasks can have a few negatives. Many of them will ask for your contact information or you will create a new account on them. It is not a good idea to share your good email address and other contact details with so many offer and survey sites. You can solve this issue by creating an email address only for these sites.

How To Make Money With FluxRewards

On the members’ area, you can choose tasks from four different categories:

1. Offers: Before choosing an offer, you can see how much you will earn from the specific one and a small description to understand what is all about. There are some external servers to connect for online surveys and a few simple tasks. For example, you can earn money by creating a YouTube video for FluxRewards or following it on Twitter.offers fluxrewards

2. Video Offers: There is a list of sites where you can watch videos to earn a few cents. It’s not one of my favorite ways to make money here, but almost every GPT site includes similar tasks. The videos have length 1-2 minutes and you earn 1-2 cents for each one. Sometimes you have to watch more than one video to earn a reward.

3. Offer Walls: This is mostly about joining on other sites. It can be platforms to play games, other side income sites, applications, contests and more. The rewards depend on the task.offer walls - fluxrewards

4. Referrals: You can invite friends to join FluxRewards and earn a 10% commission from anything they earn. If your motivation is to send traffic on FluxRewards and earn commissions, there are some pros and cons. On the pros, it’s a legit site that will grow in the future. On the cons, there are much better referral systems to get started.

How To Get Paid?

When you complete a task, you earn the reward in points. Then, you can redeem the points into money. 100 points = $1 or 1 point = 1 cent

The payments can be made via Bitcoin, PayPal, and you can get Amazon gift cards. They send your payments in a few days. The minimum cash out limit is at $1. Most users can find a way to reach that limit easily.

With a few words, if you are looking for a site where you can earn some quick bucks and get paid fast, it’s a good option.

Pros and Cons


1. Fast payments: Many GPT and surveys sites delay the payments for no particular reason. On FluxRewards, it takes only a few days to get paid.

2. Low cash out limits: Big names in the industry like Swagbucks, FusionCash, and InboxDollars have huge cash out limits at $25 or $30. As a result, many users complain that it can take forever to get paid. On FluxRewards, you can withdraw when you reach the $1. You can achieve it even in your first day on the site.

3. Payments on Bitcoin: Many users ask transactions on Bitcoin these days but most sites do not offer this option yet.


Low income potential: There are opportunities to earn some money but they are not consistent and the rewards are low. I would not expect something more than a few extra dollars per month here. The referral system can give some consistent earnings but as I mentioned above, there are better referral systems on the internet.

My Final Verdict – Is FluxRewards Legit?

When you reach the cash-out limit, you get paid. There are not many complaints and it’s easy to complete a few tasks to earn $1. Based on these facts, FluxRewards is a legit site. If you are looking for extra money opportunities, you can join this site.

On the internet, you cannot finda lot of information about this site. It seems that many people have not discovered it yet. For this reason, you cannot find a BBB ranking or many reviews out there. I would not worry about that because it’s a new site. From the user reviews on forums and social media, we can read many positive comments for FluxRewards.

Lastly, there are no geographical restrictions. Your demographics may reduce or increase the number of the available tasks and surveys but they will not limit anyone to join the website and get paid with any of the available ways.

For other legit GPT sites and more side income opportunities, you can read about ClixSense, Swagbucks, and CashCrate.

My Top Strategy To Make Money Online

There is one big negative on any GPT site. You exchange your time for a few cents. It’s fine to earn money but if you want to go to the next level, here is a plan:

I am an affiliate marketer and this is what I recommend to any beginner who wants more. Affiliate marketing is the simplest online business model. It has work to be done but there is nothing complicated.

The good news is that you do not need a product to start an online business. You can make money by recommending other people’s products. To achieve that you want people to check your recommendations. Here is how you can do it in a few easy steps:

1. Choose an interest (sport, hobby, something you like, anything you want to learn). Your interest is your niche.
2. Find what the people in your niche search on the internet.
3. Create content about what they search.
4. Recommend relevant products and earn a commission per sale.

To publish your content, you need a website. To find what people search, you need a keyword tool. For website hosting and keyword tool I use the services of Wealthy Affiliate but you can use other resources as well. I have written a guide where I describe all this process in more details.

Read more information about my strategy to make money here!

Thanks for reading my review on FluxRewards. It’s a legit site where can earn some extra money. Feel free to share your experience with the site or ask any questions below.

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