Five Minute Profit Sites Review: Secret Software Or A Scam?

Five Minute Profit Sites ReviewWelcome to my Five Minute Profit Sites review. A program that I believe it is not worth the money and I will explain the reasons below.

The Five Minute Profit Sites program is listed on the Clickbank’s network.

It promises you quick and fast earnings with no effort. Also, you do not need any skills or experience according to the homepage of the product.

We do not know the owner of the site but only the spokesperson with the name Sam Smith. Again, it is not possible to learn more about her or the program. Only the claims of a video and some screenshots.

Lastly, the homepage and the claims are similar to the programs below:

I have written negative reviews on these programs because of the unrealistic claims and the really poor training on the member’s area.

Some of them have fake testimonials and pre-made websites or promise money on autopilot.

The Five Minute Profit Sites works in a similar way to Profit With Alex and The Az Code.

There are pre-made websites and ways to get traffic that does not work anymore like article marketing, blog commenting, press releases, etc.

In my opinion, the Five Minute Profit Sites has not any real value for the buyer and if you buy it, you are not going to learn anything that can help you to make money online.

Below you can see what you are going to get if you buy the product.

What Is Included In The Members’ Area?

The sales video talks about a software that kept secret from the public. The owner is so generous that gives it to us for $37.

Well, there is no secret software. The only software is an outdated website builder. This is the Five Minute Profit Plan:

One pre-made website with some free guides for the potential visitors. The only thing you can change on your site is the domain name of the site.

The website includes one video and a button below the video. When someone clicks the button, he can see another page with the free guides.

These free guides are some PDFs where it is added your Clickbank affiliate link. When someone buys a product through your links, you earn a commission.

When you buy the program, you complete the following steps:

1. Add you Clickbank nickname
2. Choose your domain name (there are a few available options)
3. Add your email service

Then, you have your website where you can send traffic. Yes, the process does not take over five minutes but it is obvious that it’s not enough to earn money.

You must send traffic to your site here are the suggested methods from the program:

  • Solo ads
  • Article marketing
  • Guest posting
  • Forum marketing
  • Blog commenting
  • Press releases

Solo ads, guest posting and forum marketing can work if you do them properly.

Article marketing, blog commenting and press releases just forget them. They used to work some years ago but not anymore.

But no matter which one of these ways you will choose, the training is really poor to get started. You will need more information from other sources.

Another problem is the quality of the site and your freebies. There is no value and no reason from a visitor to download these things even if you find a way to send him to your site.

Unrealistic Claims

Many programs who do not add any value to the buyer try to make sales by claiming earnings, sales, and secret systems. Many times there is no proof or any explanation about these claims.

Please check the image below:Five Minute Profit Sites Claims

This a screenshot from the sales page. Now please check the screenshot from the sales page of the program 60 Minute Profit Plan:

60 Minute Profit Plan claims

You can see similar claims, words and presentation if you take the time to watch the videos of both of them.

It is obvious that these guys use the same strategy. Also, it would not be a surprise if these programs have the same owner.

With a few words, the people who create these programs earn money by selling these low-quality products and not by following the methods they teach.

There are people who earn $500 a day online. However, they did not achieve it overnight or without effort.

If you want to learn about affiliate marketing which is the business model of the Five Minute Profit sites, you must learn from an affiliate marketer who apply what he teaches.

There are ways to be successful as an affiliate. It is a real business but it does not work with duplicated websites and scammy offers.

You cannot build a business and make tons of money in a few minutes. It takes effort and there is a learning curve like anything new you want to learn.

How Much Does It Cost?

The program costs $37 and there is one downsell and many upsells.

There are different types of pop-ups on the homepage, one of them sells the program for $7 per month.Five Minute Profit Sites Downsell

About the upsells:

If you buy all the available offers inside the platform (there are more upsells and downsells) the cost according to the affiliate page can be up to $600.

The same applies to all the similar programs that are mentioned above so it’s not a surprise.

While the price is not expensive, I do not think it’s worth it. You will just waste your money and time.

The pre-made site and the freebies are worthless and it is not easy to make any sales with them.

My Final Verdict

The Five Minute Profit Sites program includes a software and some very basic training.

So, I cannot say this is a complete scam because it gives what you buy. However, I do not think it will work for most people who will buy it and there are a lot of misleading claims.

In my opinion, this program is not worth the money and it will be frustrating for those who will put effort to make it work.

There are better ways to get started and I will show something that really works these days.

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