What Is A Fast Way To Make Money Online Without Much Effort?

What Is A Fast Way To Make Money Online Without Much Effort?This is the most common question from people who want to make money online. Also, this question has many variations.

Some people search for easy ways, how to make money on autopilot, or they search how to go full time with a specific way that sounds easy.

There are many myths and misconceptions on this topic. Many of these myths help some people to earn money so they keep repeating them on their sites.

Let’s be honest, when you hear about easy ways, you usually visit sites where you earn cents in exchange for your time or you must pay a scammer for a secret system.

If you agree with the sentence above, you can get some real answers on this post.

Do You Really Want To Make Money?

It is human nature to look for easy solutions to our problems. We want to do anything possible to avoid the painful situations.

However, if it was easy to make enough money online to see significant changes in our lives, everyone would be rich and wealthy.

So, let me go to the next step. If the effort and time that is needed to achieve something can prevent you from taking action then, you are not as motivated as needed to reach that goal.

Some people have no problem to work but they start looking for easy ways when they listen to some “gurus”. Other people do not want to work hard at all.

Anyway, it is a mindset issue that can be fixed. You must think why you want to make money or more money. If your why is strong enough, you will find the motivation to get started.

When someone really wants to achieve a goal, he does not care about the effort.

You must be willing to do anything (legit and ethical) it takes to achieve your goals.

So, find your goals and think your why.

Here are some common reasons why people want to make money:

They want to support their family, change their lifestyle, get out of debt, or want to buy something expensive like an car or a new house.

It can be anything that motivates you.

Can You Make Money With No Skills And Investment?

When you get rid of the idea of the easy and fast, you can consider how to get started.

Yes, skills and money can help you but you will be fine without them too. If you are ready to put some effort, you will solve any potential issue.

There are two ways to get started with no money.

1. Find an online job
2. Start an online business

You need some skills to find an online job or you must complete micro jobs for cents. I do not like this option and there is not any benefit for you here.

So, you need to find a way to start an online business.

I have already written on previous articles about free ways to get started. Below you can see two ways to start today:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the simplest online business model, simple does not mean easy. You can start for free or you can invest some money on a domain name and website hosting.

If you want to start for free, visit Wealthy Affiliate and create a free account. You will get access to a training and two WordPress sites.

Follow the training and create at least one free website. Work hard to create a lot of content until start getting traffic and make sales.

2. Drop Shipping

It is similar to affiliate marketing but drop shippers have to handle payments and customers while affiliate marketers just promote other’s people products.

To get started for free, create a free account on Shopify. It has a 14-day trial. Read the guides on the site, build your store and you have 14 days to make the first monthly fee.

You can do it by promoting your store everywhere (social media, forums, YouTube, Q&A sites, etc). Here is an article with the best free traffic sources.

There are no secrets

Many beginners believe that the experts or the high earners know something that they do not know.

It is just another myth. Everyone with a computer and internet access has the same resources as an expert or a superstar blogger.

However, the experts have already put some effort into creating an online business and build an audience. The experts are consistent and create content on different platforms (social media, YouTube, blogging).

Their secret is the hard and effective work.

My suggestion here is to learn how they work instead of searching for a secret.

The recommended sites above have guides that are tested on thousands of other marketers. If you follow them, they will work but you must be consistent.

You Can Make It Easy

When you start something new, you will learn some new strategies and skills.

When I wrote my first article, it took me hours for 200-300 words. Now, I can write thousands of words in one hour.

As you work on something, it will be much easier through time.

The second important thing is to enjoy the process. It is the best way to make something looks easy. When you enjoy what you are doing, it is not work.

Think about creating a site about your passion or your hobby. You will be excited, proud of your site and you will enjoy the process.

Many millionaires and billionaires say that they do what they love. You can try their advice.


Many people waste their time by searching for something fast and effortless because of some guru’s promises.

These gurus usually work hard to mislead their visitors and sell their products.

If you want to make money online, you need to work hard. I have mentioned in this article two ways to find the motivation to put the necessary effort.

1. Find your “why”
2. Turn your passion on a business

The first way will help you to be motivated by thinking your goal. The second is a much better approach because you will enjoy the process and you will not feel it as work.

Thanks for reading! If you want to ask any questions or share your opinion, you can leave your comment below.

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