Fast Profits Review: Scam Or $1700 Per Day?

Fast Profits Review: Scam Or $1700 Per Day?You can visit Fast Profits on the domain name, There are some sites with a similar name so I make sure that you read a review for the program you want. On this review, you will learn if it’s another online scam or you can really the money that is promised by the owner.

What Is Fast Profits?

Fast Profits is a money making program you can find on the listings of Clickbank. Chances are that you have learned about the program after receiving a promotional email.

The owner claims that you can earn up to $1700 per day within 8 clicks of your mouse. This is supposed to happen with a weird trick and a secret system. On the video presentation, the spokesperson uses many different words to describe the program as something - fast profits

On the internet, there are no secrets these days and there is not any hidden secret on Fast Profits as well. When someone promises quick and fast money without work, we can assume that something goes wrong.

The spokesperson claims earnings of two million a year with one-hour workdays. This is not how you can build an online business. No matter what business model you want to follow, it takes work and time to build something great.

Another important issue to consider is the other similar low-quality products in the same marketplace. You can read my reviews on Wealth Project, Voice Cash Pro, Explode My Payday, EZ Bay Payday. If someone promotes Fast Profits, he may promote some of these programs above as well.

You can see the same structure on all of them. Unrealistic claims, fake scarcity, fake testimonials, and many upsells on the members’ area.

The fake scarcity here is a little obvious. The limited spots are just a trick to make you buy the product. You can revisit the site whenever you want, it will be still available for everyone. Also, there are no geographical restrictions as he mentions at the beginning. It’s available worldwide.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

While the spokesperson avoids mentioning more information about the system or the trick, he let us know that it’s an e-commerce system. Most people when they hear the word “system” expect something that it’s ready to work for them. There is no such a thing here. You will get only a few guides.

It’s a drop shipping model that works with Shopify stores. The good news is that Shopify is a legit site and you can definitely build a store on this platform.

The bad news is that there is nothing secret or mystical about this method. Many people already use it. It does not work in one hour per day or on autopilot. It takes real work and commitment. Also, the guides on Fast Profits are not very helpful.

It’s not the first time that we see a bad product to offer guides about Shopify. In my opinion, you do not need it. You can go directly to Shopify and read the resources on their site.

You can find guides and information from people who had success with drop shipping before. These guides are provided by the owners of the platform. Shopify has a free trial and a monthly payment after that. On the other hand, if you decide to get started with Fast Profits, you will pay $37, and then, they will send you to Shopify with an affiliate link.

So, you will not get a real system on Fast Profits. The spokesperson does not tell the truth about the effort and the time it takes to work. The worst thing that can happen is to learn wrong information that will lead you on costly mistakes. Just make sure you get information from the right source and no from random products.

Owner and Fake Testimonials

The spokesperson mentions the name, Michael Carson. While he claims earnings of 2 million dollars per year, I bet you have never heard about him before.

Also, I bet that you were not able to find any information about this guy on the internet even if he is an online millionaire. I could not find anything about him or confirm his earnings too. However, I know that the image on the sales is not a real one. You can find it on sites with stock images.

Next, there are a few other guys that talk about their successes with the program. All of them are fake testimonial. You can hire them on Fiverr and they will create a similar video for a few dollars.

For example, you can check a testimonial from Fast Profits on the image below:fake testimonial 2 fast profits

Below you can see his Fiverr gig:Fake Testimonial

The same person is a fake testimonial on the programs, Million Dollar Replicator, EZ Bay Payday, Cash Money Sites and much more. On the second sales page of the program, you can see all the testimonials together. There is no reason to show you here each one of them. The legit sites do not need fake testimonials at all.

How Much Does It Cost?

There is some bad news here as well. The starting price is at $37. It’s not an expensive one, but the problem is the many upsells you can find inside. According to the listing of the product on Clickbank, an affiliate marketer can make up to $420 per sale on a 75% commission. It means that a buyer can pay over $500 if he decides to trust the program and follow the profits upsells

Many people believe that on the next upsell will learn something to take their initial earning back. In my opinion, even if you decide to buy the basic product, there is no reason to put more money when it does not work. On the positives, there is a one dollar trial for seven days and then, you pay $37 per month. You can cancel your trial in the first week.

Also, the 60 day money back guarantee is a legit one provided by Clickbank. You can ask and get your money back in a few days without questions or any complicated process.

My Final Verdict – Is Fast Profits A Scam?

There is a product on the member’s area but it’s not the promised one. You will not make $1700 per day within 8 clicks. I think it takes more clicks to skip the upsells and find the product on the members’ area.

If this is a legit product why they claim fast earnings with no real effort? Why do they need fake testimonials?

I cannot answer these questions. My concern is that there is a lot of misleading information about internet marketing and e-commerce business models. Also, keep in mind the similarities on other programs that you can find in the same marketplace.

If you want to get started on Shopify, you do not need another site to tell you about Shopify. Just go directly on them. They will give you enough information to get started.

Many gurus promise huge earnings with similar systems. Some of them are even more expensive than this one. If you want to learn from a specific person because you know he has some great results, I guess it’s ok to try a program.

However, I would recommend staying away from unknown gurus and programs like Fast Profits no matter what they promise.

Here Is Something That Really Works:

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Thanks for reading my review on Fast Profits. If you have a different opinion about the program or want to ask any questions, leave your comment below.

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