Fast Cash Club Review: Scam Or Legit Ecom Profit System?

Fast Cash Club Review: Scam Or Legit Ecom Profit System?Welcome to my Fast Cash Club review. The owners of the program claim that is the only a drag and drop e-com profit system in the world and you can earn up to $2000/day in 3 steps.

In this review, you will find out if these claims are real or it’s another online scam.

What Is Fast Cash Club?

If you watch the video presentation of the program, you can see from the beginning that this is an e-com system. While it does not give us more information on this video, I can tell you that it is based on Shopify.

The problem here are the claims about the possible earnings for those who are going to buy the product. Is it a drag and drop e-com system? Or is it the only system of this type in the world?

The answer is no. Most of these claims are misleading. In my opinion, there is nothing unique or new on these program about Shopify.

Many people earn money with e-com business models like dropshipping or selling on big online retailers. But it takes real work, and you need to learn some new skills.

The creator of Fast Cash Club talks about a simple process that you can set up with a few clicks and you can earn up to $2000 a day from the first day. Sorry but this is not how you build a profitable online business.

Fast Cash Club is another low-quality product that promises everything on the sales page but it cannot deliver the promised results. In my opinion, it’s not even a system and you cannot set it up in three steps or a few clicks.

If you decide to buy it, they owner will promote you tools with his affiliate links, upsells for more information and the cost will go up at every step.

Lastly, Fast Cash Club is a Clickbank product like other online scams that I have exposed recently. For example, you can read my reviews on Club 365 and CB Cash Code. There are fake testimonials, tons of upsells and misleading information as well. I do not say that every Clickbank product is a scam but some of them are really bad.

For a legit online program, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. I am an active member on this one and it’s my top recommendation.

How Does Fast Cash Club Work?

There are three steps to get started according to the homepage of the product:

1. Register (buy)
2. Activate your account
3. Profit (earn up to $2,000/day)

Soon you will discover that it’s not so simple to earn money online. Three steps are not enough to follow the affiliate links on the members’ area and buy the upsells.

So, the truth is that you are going to get a few ebooks on how to make money with Shopify. If you have some experience with drop shipping, you will find them very generic and a little outdated.

In my opinion, the information on these ebooks has not any real value. Shopify has tons of information on their website that are updated and tested from real people. Also, there are many free blog posts and videos on this topic that help to start a Shopify store.

The bottom line here is that there is no system at all. No drag and drop e-com profit system, there is no such a thing like three steps to earn money and the claims about $2000 per day do not make sense.

This program works only for the owners and those who try to earn money by promoting it. The buyers will get disappointed and give up sooner or later.

About The Owner and The Testimonials

There are a few people that talk about this product and their successes with it. They confirm the previous claims on the sales page or they thank the owner.

The problem is that they are not real members of Fast Cash Club. They have never tested the product but they are paid testimonials who make money by creating similar videos for online scams. It’s a common strategy on many low-quality digital products.

Below you can see the testimonial of Fast Cash Club:Fake testimonial - fast cash club

On the next image, you can see the place where you can hire her for a few dollars:fiverr testimonial fast cash club

Spokesperson video is a big category of Fiverr gigs from people who sell videos to the owners of worthless digital products.

The last issue I want to mention is the owner of the program. It is mentioned the name John Harris and there is an image of a man who is supposed to be John Harris.

Like the fake testimonials, the name and the image are fake. This is an effort to build trust with the visitors and make them buy this product.

In the beginning, I searched for information in every possible place for this name but I did not find anything. Later, when I took a look at the disclaimer of the program, I discovered at the last line of the disclaimer the sentence: “The name John Harris is a pseudonym used by the author and owner of the site”.

Fast Cash Club Pricing

The starting price is at $37. You can see it on the sales page and there are no tricks on that part. However, when you are inside, you can expect a lot of upsells and affiliate links that promote other products.

According to the page for the affiliate marketers, someone who promotes that product can earn up to $398.25 with a 75% in affiliate cash club pricing

If this number is real, the total cost of the buyer is over $500 only for the upsells. I cannot estimate the total cost of the recommended products and the money you must spend to apply what these ebooks write.

As a Clickbank product, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. If you have already bought it and you did not like it, you can ask for your money back in that period of time.

In my opinion, the $37 starting price is not an expensive one but I do think it’s worth the price. If you don’t agree with me, prove me wrong and share your results in the comment section at the end of the page.

My Final Verdict – Is Fast Cash Club A Scam?

The owner of the product hides behind a fake name and make promises that he can’t deliver. Fast Cash Club is not a legit product. The fake testimonials confirm my opinion as well.

I would not follow the instructions of a program like this one even for free. There are better ways to get started online and I have reviewed much better programs on this site.

You want to learn from people who know the business they teach and apply it in their daily life. This product is created from people who make money online by selling products like this one and no with Shopify stores.

Here Is Something That Really Works

Starting an online business is really simple these days. It takes work to earn money, you must learn some new things but the good news is that it’s on you to make it happen.

I can share what works for me. Then. it’s your job to get this information, apply it, and make it work.

So, I am an affiliate marketer and the process I follow to earn money is the following:

1. Find what people search on the search engines (keywords)
2. Create helpful content
3. People visit my site from the search engines and social media
4. I recommend products that solve my visitors’ problems and I earn a commission when someone buys my recommendations.

It’s a really simple process but you need to do it in the right way.

You do not have to write reviews in the internet marketing niche as I do. You can choose your own way. To learn that process and figure out what people search, check my link below.

Click here to learn step by step how I make money online!

On the guide above, I use the tools and training of Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for reading my review on Fast Cash Club. For any questions or any relevant to the product, leave your comments below.


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