Explode My Payday Review: Scam Or $1000 Per Day?

Explode My Payday Review: Scam Or $1000 Per Day?Welcome to my Explode My Payday review. It’s another money making program from the listings of Clickbank that promises huge earnings without effort. On this review, you will read if this is an online scam or a legit program that delivers what it promises and how it works for a new member.

What Is Explode My Payday?

Explode My Payday is a money making program. According to the spokesperson on the video and the different claims, you will get a system that works without you.

This system generates thousands of dollars per month. So, you are not going to learn something new. They give to their members only a system that is supposed to make thousands of dollars per day.

It’s the same old story that you can see on many quick rich schemes. The users will work just a few minutes per day, and they will earn money on autopilot.

To get your details (name, email) and later your money, the owner uses a lot of fake scarcity. The spokesperson does not talk about the system so they must find a way to keep you around.

Limited time, limited spots, and the program will close up to midnight are some of the things that can make you rush a decision. The fact is that anytime or day you go back on the homepage, you will see the same video and site.

Next, some testimonials claim random money numbers as their earnings with this system, a few screenshots and other things that are used as a proof of the program. You will read more about the testimonials later on this review.

If you decide to give your email address, there is a second video with more unrealistic claims, scarcity, and popups with different offers. There is no legit way to earn so much money in a few days when you start from zero. It’s not how online marketing works.

Many programs promise systems but they never work. For other similar online programs, you can read my reviews on EZ Bay Payday and Million Dollar Replicator.

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How Does It Work?

When you fill in your email and proceed on the next page, the spokesperson mentions that they have created your website and in the next few minutes you will see how much you have earned.

This is what you are going to buy here, a website that is supposed to work for you. Many low-quality programs offer a secret website, software, or app.

If you have never heard about a program that sells secret sites before here is what you can expect:

These guys sell pre-made sites (sometimes you can see a software that creates copy-pasted sites), on a subdomain that is hosted from the program. They have not unique content, and they promote affiliate programs. Next, they ask for their members to send traffic on these sites to make sales.

According to the video on the homepage, you just need to work 15-20 minutes per day. Later, it mentions that you do not have to work at all. Just buy the product and make money.

I can tell you that you are not going to earn money with pre-made websites. It takes work to build a profitable online business. You cannot push a button and expect results.

This program works only for the owners. They get your money and your email address. If you decide to get a refund, they sell your email later to other people who want to promote similar programs. Below the form where you fill in your email, it mentions that “By clicking the “join now” button you agree to us renting or selling the data you provided above.” So, the owner of the program always wins.explode my payday - sell emails

Owner And Testimonials

On the video, you can see many screenshots and people who say about their earnings with this system. The screenshots are supposed to be the earnings of the owner.

The spokesperson mentions the name, Meaghan Harper. Chances are that this is not a real name. You can search anywhere you want about her. There is no multimillionaire online marketer or someone with this name that has any connection with that program.

About the testimonials:

Many online scams hire actors for a few dollars to create videos like the ones you can watch on the homepage. For example, you can check the woman on the image below. It’a testimonial on Explode My Payday.fake testimonial 2 - explode my payday

On the next image, you can see her Fiverr gig where you can hire her as a spokesperson.fiverr testimonial - explode my payday

The fake testimonials on Explode My Payday make many claims about their earnings with the system. Also, they say how fast it worked for them. It’s obvious that they did not test the product and these guys do not earn $1000 a day.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the program depends on the upsells and the downsells you will buy. The starting cost is at $47. But there are two downsells, the first one at $37 and the second at $17. You can find them on the popups of the second video.

When you get on the members’ area, you can expect many upsells and affiliate links to other programs. The total price for someone who will follow all the funnel, it can be hundreds of dollars. Some programs include one-click upsells so be careful on where you click when you are inside or you will spend hundreds of dollars without even noticing it. The 60-day money back guarantee is real and you can use it if you have bought the product and did not like it.

My Final Verdict – Is Explode My Payday A Scam?

There are a lot of random money claims and misleading information. A website to generate money needs unique and informative content. It must add value to the visitors. These “secret” sites are not unique and there is no reason for a user to visit them.

You cannot build a legit online business with 20 minutes of work per day. If that’s not a proof of a scam, we can add the fake testimonials as well. The legit programs do need fake testimonials. They have real users who apply their methods. In my opinion, there is no value on Explode My Payday. Even the downsell of $17 is not worth your money and your time.

How To Make Money Online

The good news is that there are many legit ways to make money online. My top recommendation is to learn more about affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, I have created a simple guide to get started with this online business model even for free.

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The most important ingredients to make any online business to work for you is to put the required effort and be willing to learn new things. You can start in your free time but you must be consistent and expect your results to get increased when you increase your effort.

There are many “gurus” who say about passive income, secret systems, and businesses that work on autopilot. They just want to sell their products. To build an online business, you must add value. You can learn how to achieve that on my link above.

Thanks for reading my review on Explode My Payday. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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