eazy dollars review - scam or legit?

Eazy Dollars Review: Scam Or Legit?

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eazy dollars review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my Eazy Dollars review. You will read if this website is a scam or a legit way to get paid for using social media.

You can find the website on the domain name EazyDollars.co.

At the first look, it’s quite similar to some other websites that promise different amounts of money by getting referrals.

What Is Eazy Dollars?

Eazy Dollars is a copy of other online scams that promise huge rewards with simple offers like clicks, referrals and surveys.

This is a free website that is supposed to pay $10 per referral. If you have some experience in online marketing, it’s easy to figure out that something goes wrong. Free websites can’t pay $10 per referral and be profitable.

For a few copies of the same scam, you can read about Clout Bucks, Referral Pay and MVP Bucks. There are many other similar websites and we will find more of them in the future.

The homepage and the members’ area are almost the same and promise different amounts of money. However, the tasks inside and the process to earn money is exactly the same.

That means they may have the same owner or company behind them. All these websites do not pay their members.

While Eazy Dollars is a free website, you can be sure that they will make money from your activity.

They get the email, log in details and any other personal details that you will use to create your account. Then, they will sell it for a profit.

This is not a legit strategy, but many times we see it on various online scams.

Almost everything that is described on the homepage is fake like payment proof, stats and information.

Eazy Dollars is a new website. It has not paid $55 million dollars to the members as they claim and there are not 250k members inside.

There are some people who promote it on social media. But they are people who have fall for the scam or created the scam in the first place.

Many of the similar sites had big exposure in the past but they did not deliver what they promised.

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How Does It Work?

There is a simple members’ area with a few simple pages. They just ask for an email and a name.

The first thing you can see inside is the referral link and the $25 sign up bonus:

members area eazy dollars

But they do not let you to request a cashout in the beginning. So, there are three ways to meet their requirements and earn money.

Before asking for a payout, they add to your account any earnings from the following ways:

1. Referrals: They give to the members $2 per click and $10 per referral. If you share a link to any social media account and one of your followers clicks to it, you earn $2.

It does not require any other action. The same applies for the referrals. Even if they do not take any action inside, you earn $10.

These are huge commissions for a free site as I said above. The legit referral programs have a different process.

2. $30 TaskWall: They include some offers that you must download apps or participate in contests. At least, this is what the links say.

If you try to complete any of the tasks, you will visit a third-party website in which you must complete a phone number.

However, they will charge you for every SMS that they will send to you.

Another thing to consider is that the regular rewards for tasks and offers on legit sites are less than $1.

3. YouTube Submission: If you create and upload a short video, they add $50 to your account. On this video, you promote Eazy Dollars.

So, if you see any positive videos on YouTube about that site, the creators just follow the instructions of the site.

Can You Get Paid?

The answer is no.

After completing some tasks and getting referrals on the website, you may reach the requirements. It will not be easy for sure because you must put some work and spend money.

If you ask for a cashout, they will just wait for a while until disaproving your request. It’s possible to close your account as well.

This is the strategy that all the other copies of this scam have followed in the past.

Another reason why you can’t expect any payments are the fake proof of the website.

They show you screenshots that are made up. We can understand that because there is no name from any known payment processor.

fake proof eazy dollars

These are not PayPal payments but they write only EazyDollars. If they had any real payments, they would not need the fake ones.

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No Owner Or Fake Testimonials

The last problem is the lack of information. First, we have no information about the persons behind Eazy Dollars.

The first thing I check on every new site is the name of the owner. We should not trust an unknown guy on the internet. They do not give a name or something helpful.

There are no other contact details or support too. You can see only a FAQ page that suggests spamming your links on personal messages. They want to get referrals without being exposed in the public.

The other questions do not answer anything important.

If you try to send to their email of the contact page, you will get any reply and the links to their social media accounts are broken.

Lastly, there is a YouTube channel with a few videos. On these videos, we can see two fake testimonials.

You can see the two guys below:

fake testimonials

And here are their Fiverr gigs:

fake testimonial 2
Fake Testimonial

They are not real testers. But the owners of the program hired them for a few dollars. For an unknown reason, they have not included them on the homepage.

These guys have created fake testimonial videos for other websites and programs as well.

My Final Verdict – Is Eazy Dollars A Scam?

The creators of this website do not pay the members and they just try to mislead you.

For this reason, Eazy Dollars is a scam.

There are fake stats, testimonials and screenshots. It’s obvious that someone wants to trick the users.

Also, it is not enough to get your email. But he wants your log in details, name and payment details too. It would be much easier for the owner to ask for an email to redirect you to another website.

However, it is clear that he tries to get as much as possible without giving anything back.

If you share the referral link inside and get any referrals, they will get data from even more people.

The only way to lose money directly is through these tasks. After reading this review, there is no reason to fill in your phone number on these third-party sites.

The best thing you can do is to find a way to unsubscribe from these tasks and stay away from Eazy Dollars.

You may visit other websites like this one in the future that promise $10 per referral. They are all scams.

The legit referral programs pay per action. For example, you can make commissions when your referrals buy something or complete tasks. You can’t earn $10 for a referral who does not take any action.

Here Is A Legit Way To Make Money Online

The good news is that there are plenty of legit ways to get started on the internet.

But you need some realistic expectations and be willing to do the work. If you have the patience to find referrals for scam websites like Eazy Dollars, I bet you can do anything on legit programs.

I will suggest you start your own online business. These days, you don’t have to own a product, no experience or technical knowledge is required and you can start at a very low budget.

The online business model that I suggest and apply every single day is affiliate marketing.

You just send traffic to other people’s products and make commissions.

Of course, you can join on affiliate programs from legit companies like Amazon and eBay. Unknown websites are not recommended.

As an affiliate marketer, I create websites and help people with my content. If you get traffic, you can offer your visitors some quality products that will solve their problems.

This is how the real online marketers make money. You don’t worry about online scams when you follow this process.

You can learn my strategy in the following ways:

First, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate that is a top training platform with over 1 million members. It has a free trial and helps beginners to learn about affiliate marketing.

Second, I have created a free guide in which you can see how I build my websites step by step with some resources and tools from Wealthy Affiliate.

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Thanks for reading my review on Eazy Dollars. Feel free to share this article with anyone who needs to read it.

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